How To Hide Weed Smell 101 – Tips and Tricks So You Never Get Busted

How to hide weed smell 101

Need to know how to hide weed smell in your room, car or on your person? There’s really no good way around it. Some of us smell like weed ad some of us don’t. Some people enjoy the smell, while others won’t. It’s usually how you can tell the good people from the not so good people. I’m kidding of course, but honestly, I would much rather spend my days hanging out among the stoners than the boozers. Are they called boozers? I don’t even know anymore. Alcoholics? Consumers of poison? I’m just kidding, we’re all drunk on some poison or another.

Regardless of the label the outcome is usually the same. A lot of people want to know how to not smell like weed, so just like we were here last time you all hollered at us wanting to know how to get rid of the smell of weed and how to hide the smell of weed, we’re here for you this time with some more helpful tips and advice.

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How to smoke weed and not smell

In some states it’s totally ok, and even expected that some of the people might smell like weed. Hell, I think here in Oregon it’s actually encouraged. So you don’t really need any how to hide weed smell lessons if you live there. In fact there’s some parts of town that have a beautiful floral smell as you make way down the path. But even though we are living in the most modern of times so far, there are still some parts of the map that consider cannabis to be criminal. I don’t know why there are still people living in those parts, but that’s the way it is, and for those people, this one is for you.

How to get rid of weed smell

First off, you want to make sure you are always changing your clothes. Also a shower every now and again wouldn’t hurt either. But seriously, the longer, more consecutive days you wear the same clothes in the same weed smoke filled environment, the more your clothes are going to have that weed smell to them, and the harder it will be to get it out.

Don’t put smoked joints into your pocket. As someone who smokes spliffs, I don’t mind the smell of cigarette smoke, and I love the smell of weed. But when you smoke half a cig or joint or whatever, then put it out and put it into your pocket, that smell is going to hang out with you for the whole day, and probably stay the night, and get up with you the next morning to go to work. Yeah, it’s that smelly. So avoid doing it if the smell of weed is a problem.

How to get the smell of weed off you

Febreze air freshener is always a huge go to when trying to not only get rid of the weed smell, but lots of other unwanted smells. You pet owners and ciggy smokers know exactly what I’m talking about. You can either cover up the smell, or remove it, and depending on the end goal you have in mind, you might want to choose different products for the job.

There’s also a few things you can do while you are smoking to reduce the smell of weed that lingers on your clothes. Ventilation is key. The more you hot box a given space, the more you, and everything in that space is going to smell like weed. Smoke outside when possible if you are that worried about it, keep the window down, turn a fan on. All those things can help you cut down your skunky smelly smells.

How to not smell like weed after smoking?

If the smell of weed is on you, as I said earlier, take a damn shower. Please don’t try to cover the smell with Patchouli, because that shit smells so bad and only brings more attention to the situation at hand. If you just finished smoking a joint or something, wash your hands really well with some sort of perfumed soap.

Or better yet, pre plan and have some nitrile gloves with you so that you don’t get the sticky smoke all over your hands in the first place. This isn’t a cure all, but utilizing all of these things at once will go a long way in making your life a lot easier when trying to ditch the smell of marijuana.

How to make your breath not smell like weed?

A lot of you ask this, and I figured it was just common sense. Like duh, how do you ever make your mouth not smell like gross shit? Mints yo. Lots of mints. Or just be really good about brushing your teeth after meals and smoke sessions. Gum is always a good one if you like chewing on things. But just having a more self aware attitude and smell-centric mind set can be a huge help when you are trying to figure out how to hide weed smell. Weed breath yo, it can be a killer.

How to make your room not smell like weed?

This is another one we get asked quite a bit. You guys, dudes, bros, dudebros, please tell me how to make the room not smell like weed. Well dudebro dudeson, the only obvious surefire way is to get a more weed friendly room that is ok to stink up. I get not wanting to live in the sticky filth of weed smoke residue, but I also dab indoors more than I smoke flower. That’s not to say dabbing doesn’t also leave some sort of residue, but that’s beside the dab point.

Just keep the windows open if you can and a fan blowing and you should be fine. After every sesh use some incense or febreze and try to eventually one day live in a place that you can actually be an adult in and not have to worry about covering up the smell of a plant. If you can’t move, then you must learn how to cover up weed smell, and we completely sympathize and are here for you.

By Mat Lee

*Photos by AP

Have any tips and tricks on how to hide weed smell on your person, at home or in your car? Leave ’em in the comments section below. We know other stoners will definitely appreciate it.

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