How to Keep Weed Fresh

Pineapple Express 6Here’s how to keep weed fresh

Want to know how to keep weed fresh? Even if you consider yourself a serious stoner you might learn a little something here—because we cover it all—everything from how to store weed to the best way to store weed. You’re welcome. Why? Fresh weed is important, man. Nobody’s trying to smoke stale dank—especially connoisseurs. You took the time to either make the money to buy or grow some weed so you might as well take the time to store it properly. So that’s the focus of today’s pot post—how to keep weed fresh.

What’s the best way to store weed? In joints of course. And then immediately fired up and smoked. But your results may vary. So if you’re looking for more long-term storage here are a few things stoners should consider and keep in mind.

Terpenes, terpenes, everywhere

Ever wonder how weed gets its distinct smell? The short answer is: terpenes. Terpenes are excreted by your weed and this gives each strain its unique aromas. The terpenes in your weed depends on its phenotype, that is, its environment. Many qualities of marijuana, like its smell are pulled from the pot plant’s environment. Terpenes smell good, man.

Stoners have been known to describe hints of lemon, shades of pepper, overtones of pine and other phrases made with pinky out. Weed can be classy like that and this makes it worth the effort to keep your weed fresh.

Unlike the cannabinoids THC and CBD, terpenes have not received a ton of research and not much is known about these smelly, smelly cannabinoids. From an evolutionary standpoint, terpenes were developed by marijuana plants to attract pollinators and to repulse predators. It looks like weed has not yet developed any particular resistance to stoners, however.

Bettie Page WeedTips on how to store weed

If you are not overly concerned about keeping marijuana fresh, that is OK, just be prepared for increasing the likelihood of smoking stale weed which could lead to unwanted coughing fits. If you are, below is some advice on how to store weed.


If you prefer the sturdiness of metal, a titanium container is your best bet. Unlike some metals, titanium will not transfer its smell to your pot. Stoners seeking to store weed metallically, should head to their local head shop to peruse the various styles and options on offer.


Containers made out of wood might be a good option for stoners looking to keep fresh wood. Wooden containers might not offer airtight storage, so it is worth keeping this in mind if you want to keep that dank, dank.

Keep it glassy

Glass is a great option for storing pot. For one, glass will not transfer smell or taste onto your pot. If you are looking for a seal, you might consider getting a mason jar to store your pot. These glass jars might be on the bigger side for pot storage, but it is a quick, easy and reliable week to store weed.


Plastic will always do you good, but there are some things to keep in mind when storing pot in plastic. Since plastic bags are not hard, they offer no protection to your pot. If you’re trying to keep your bud intact, a plastic baggie will not protect your pot from being crumbled into bits.

Some plastics might transfer their smell and flavor onto the pot. This is gross and you should look out for that. Try using higher-quality plastics to store your pot.

Smaller bags. Better pot.

If you are storing your pot in a comically-large bag, know that you are also storing a lot of air. It’s always a good idea to try to squeeze as much air out of your weed bags as possible, but because you are also storing air, that air might lead to stale weed. Try to get in that Goldilocks zone of bag sizes: not too big; not too small.

Baggies don’t seal

If you’re relying on plastic bags for storing pot, air will always be your enemy, which sucks. But then, you have a way to suck the air out of that bag you should be golden right? Say no more: a vacuum sealer is probably give the best solution for long term marijuana storage. The bags are durable and the weed will stay fresh until you’re ready to unseal that bad boy and pack it in future joints and future bowls. Just don’t freeze your vacuum-sealed pot and you are golden.

Stoners like keeping weed fresh

Keeping weed fresh might not be a priority to all stoners, but it is worth keeping in mind to maximize enjoyment out of every nug and gram. There are many materials out there that will satisfy the weed storage needs of any stoner.

By Henry Calderón

Got any tips on how to keep weed fresh or opinions on the best way to store weed? Let us know in the comments section below…

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  1. Metronome

    How often does one have to take the lid off a mason jar to maintain freshness?

  2. Heather

    What about temperature? Is it best to store at room temp or store in fridge or freezer? Should I invest in some moisture packs?
    I have medical marijuana and would like to figure the best way to store separately in 3.5 g sizes.

  3. LowLow

    Mason Jar keeps it fresh and for storage or Transportation keeps the order down. No skunk smell in Vehicle. Store Room Temp or Freeze in Jar. Keeps it the freshest.

  4. Amanda van acker

    My dope is getting a real acid acrid smell any hints

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