How to Make a Sploof in 1 Simple Step

SploofSploof is Stuff Stoners Like

The Sploof. It’s a stoner essential. No wonder it’s classic stuff stoners like. Why? Okay. Let’s say you’ve got everything you need to get stoned except a location—because people will smell what you’re doing. That’s where sploofs come in, dude. This thing allows you to smoke weed without stinking up the place. Plus they’re super simple and very cheap to make. Double bonus, right?

You’ve probably got the ingredients lying around to make a stellar sploof smoking device right now, man. That is if you do your own laundry. Want to learn how to make one so you can smoke in stealth? Read on stoner…

What is it?

A sploof is a stealth smoking device used to mask or eliminate the odor of marijuana smoke. A standard sploof is typically made out a paper towel roll and dryer sheets.

How does it work?

The way it works is that whenever you take a hit from a pipe you just exhale through the tube. As the smoke passes through the dryer sheet the smell of weed is minimized and at the same time overpowered by the crisp clean smell of the dryer sheets. Pretty clever, eh?
What do you need to make a sploof?

  • Paper Towel roll, wrapping paper roll, even toilet paper rolls’ll do
  • Dryer sheets
  • 2 fucking seconds

How to make it in 1 Step

Step 1
Shove some dryer sheets in the tube.

That’s it. You’re done, dude. Just pack a few and don’t pack them too tight. In an ordinary paper towel roll you can fit five or six dryer sheets in there no problem.

How to use it

Just exhale through the thing. That’s it. What could be easier? It’s like breathing. You know how to breathe right? The slower you exhale the better. If you exhale too hard the dryer sheets will move around and might pop out the end—no big. Just push ‘em back in and don’t blow out so hard next time. Your new sploof will work for several smoke sessions. When your dryer sheets begin to turn brown or they don’t cover up the weed smell as much, just pop the old ones out and replace ‘em or simply add a few more dryer sheets.

PRO TIP: Stuff a bath towel or dishrag under your door if you’re smoking inside. That’ll help minimize the ability of smoke to escape. And minimize your chances of getting caught. The more you know, dude. Weed knowledge is power.

Also if you’re gonna use a one, be like President Clinton and don’t inhale. Wait. Inhale the weed and blow it out through the sploof. Just don’t inhale through the thing. You don’t want to suck up any crazy dryer sheet chemicals, do ya? Good.

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Sploofy sploof
Is this the best sploof? Definitely has the best sploof logo we’eve ever seen.

We’ve come across a sploof without dryer sheets a few times. We still think the best sploof is one that you don’t have to pay for. But as far as the best product in this category for the money. This thing might be it. It’s called the Sploofy. And it’s a bad ass, hi-tech muffler for your marijuana that’s charcoal activated. It filters at 99.97% efficiency and looks like something you’d see in the kitchen section at Ikea. Does it work? Hell yes. Check out our review, Is Sploofy a sploofier sploof?

The GroovTube is a pretty dope sploof.

We also checked out another marijuana muffler device without dryer sheets and shit called the GroovTubes. The GroovTube is like the most modern exhaust for weed-smoking ever created. Take a hit and exhale through the permanent tube and the most awesome aroma of burning weed is instantly transformed into something really boring—but very safe—like pine trees or apple pie and stuff. It worked really well too. You might want to check out our review on the GroovTube Personal Air Freshener.

We also reviewed this super crazy expensive one called the Xzaler. Hands down it’s the best sploof ever created, but it’s like a sledgehammer when all you need is a pin prick. But if you want to talk about a next-level this thing’s got an engine that actually eliminates smoke completely. it’s crazy complicated and high tech, plus it weighs a ton. We actually held a contest and gave it away. If you’re looking for a serious way to eliminate smoke and got some cash lying around, fuck a sploof made from dryers sheets and go for one of these thing.

This is the craziest and most expensive weed exhaust ever created.

Anyhow the sploof is a stoner staple. Don’t spend too much time thinking about it. Just grab a paper roll and stuff some dryer sheets in it. Don’t worry about capping the end off with a dryer sheet and getting out the tape and scissors and markers and cutting plastic bottles and shit. Spend your time smoking weed first, then make with the arts and crafts and shit.

Have any tips on how to make a sploof? Or ideas on how to make a sploof that kicks ass all over the one we described above? Let us know in the comments below..

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