How to Make Cannabutter With the Source Extractor

The Source by ExactCraftHow to make cannabutter with the Source

Here’s how to make cannabutter using the Source extractor by Extractcraft. In the video below, our buddy Troy Ivan from ExtractCraft, the makers of the Source, explains how to make a very clean cannabutter with all the THC, CBD and terpenes that you’re going to want for medicinal use. Looking to score a Source dab maker? You can buy one right from our site and get free shipping! For more information check out our exclusive Source By ExtractCraft Special Offer. Anyhow, let’s get to making some weed butter with the Source.

Concentrated cannabutter

In case you’re not in the know, the Source allows you to safely create solvent-free dabs at home without the risk of death! Seriously though the Source extractor removes the risk of making concentrates. No need to blast BHO if you’ve got one of these things. And having a complete closed loop system that sits on your counter top is pretty fucking cool.

You can not only use the Source to create cannabis concentrates to smoke or vape you can use it to make cannabutter really quick and easy. Then you can use that pot butter in shit like weed brownies. Of course you don’t have to stick to pot brownies. Once you know how to make cannabutter you can make space cake or weed cake or any other kind of cake that’ll get you high AF. Then drizzle it with weed butter.

weed butter
Can you eat weed and get high? Of course, but why would you want to?

Cannabutter recipes substitutes

Sure you can make cannabutter cookies and shit. But you can also use the Source to make cannabis-infused olive oil or coconut oil. Not everybody needs the added fat. Like our buddy Troy says, the Source is “very versatile.” He could have used the same cannabis concentrate in that he made in the video below to split between butter for baked goods and olive oil for an Italian dinner. “Any spice, botanical or herb—put them in the Source and you’ve got what you need,” he says in the vid.

Weed butter or canna butter, as some people call it, is actually the best way to get pot into your weed edibles. If you want to make things like weed cookies, a weed cake or even marijuana brownies it’s best to start by making weed butter. You can’t just mix some dried weed into cookie dough and bake it. Well you could but your pot cookies would taste terrible. Can You Eat Weed Raw and Still Get High? Click that link to find out. Anyhow if you want your weed cookies to reach their full potential using concentrates will definitely help. But check out this post if you want a quick and easy way to make edibles and weed butter without the Source—just a pot, pan, some pot and a box of instant brownie mix is all ya need, dude.

How to make weed butter video

In the video above Troy started out with about a full ounce of “pretty beat up” trim and in less than two hours had two tasty-looking stashes of pot butter, one infused with cinnamon. Each container of butter contained about 1400 mg of THC. Instead of cinnamon Troy could have also used rosemary, or thyme, or even chilies to make a spicy marijuana butter. Anyhow in case you’re wondering about the levels the cannabutter ratio for Troy’s terrific cannabutter recipe was based on trim that he estimated contained about 10% THC—as you’ll see in the video. Like he says, you can use flowers or a shorter wash to get less green color in the end cannabutter product. But like he points out, this method is not only simple, “for medicinal purposes this is the perfect balance of getting all the THC, CBD and terpenes along with some of the plant goodness.” In less than two hours from start to finish you’ll have tasty cannabutter. And with no waste. Notice that he was able to reclaim virtually all of the Everclear he used to make the concentrate? That saves hella money. We definitely dig that.

Anyhow, like we said above, if you’re looking to score a Source dab maker you can buy one right from our site and get free shipping. For more information check out our exclusive Source By ExtractCraft Special Offer. They’re expensive so saving money on it is definitely stuff stoners like.

Have any experience making cannabutter or weed brownies using a concentrate? How about eating marijuana brownies while dabbing concentrates? Anyhow give us your ideas on how to make weed butter, pot brownies or how to make edibles in the comment section below. Also if you’ve got a good space cake recipe, don’t hesitate to lay it on us.

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