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The Source by ExactCraftSource by ExtractCraft


Stop Risking Death Blasting In The Backyard

This week’s DOPE DEAL is the Source by ExtractCraft. We’ve secured a limited amount of these awesome machines for Stuff Stoners Like readers so they can safely create solvent-free dabs at home without the risk of death! We’re also offering FREE SHIPPING and an exclusive SSL goody bag including a Source silicon container! *CA residents add sales tax.

Source by ExactCraft
Safely create your own concentrates with the Source

Closed loop on your counter

The Source is a complete closed loop system that sits on your counter top. It’s as simple to use as it is safe. And did we mention it’s hella smart? Use your phone or tablet to control it remotely! Drop in your dab ingredients and walk away. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the video below by the School of Hard Nugs. These guys show you how to use the Source with shake to create some shatter that looks super tasty! Also stay tuned for some videos from us. Our Source is on the way, dude! Can’t wait.

How’s the Source work?

The Source uses vacuum and gentle warming to extract and concentrate cannabinoids and terpenes. You can use any high grain alcohol including isopropyl or something like Everclear which is recovered and reusable! Have a dirty dab rig? Use iso to clean it then use your Source to capture all that unused wax. Boom! The Source is a reclaim machine! Plus because it’s fully enclosed the process is virtually odor free. Get this…drop a silicon container into the machine before it’s done and you can concentrate your herbs in it—eliminating messy clean up. Once the machine’s done doing it’s thing your concentrate is done too—waiting for you in its container. Now just toss the rest of the parts in the in the dishwasher and go take some dabs. Easy-peasy.

Make cannabis concentrates

Stop risking an early demise by blasting in your backyard! Now you can safely make cannabis concentrates, we’re taking shatter, wax, butter, BHO, etc. safely at home. We feel ya. We’re sitting on a ton of shake too and we too can only make so much weed butter and eat so many weed brownies. So turn your trash into a stash of super-concentrated THC.

Ready for rosin tech?

Not so fast, dude. We reported on rosin tech hella days ago. It involves crushing beautiful buds in shit like a hair straightener or a panini press. Crushing buds is blasphemous, dude! Don’t do it. Smoke that shit. You took the time to grow it properly now honor it by roiling it up in some papers and lighting it on fire. Use your shake to make shatter, man. That’s what it’s for, dude. Then take some dabs or make a THC e liquid and fill your vape pen cartridge for pennies on the dollar, dude.

C02 Extraction

Sure you could continue to buy C02 extractions or invest a ton in a professional closed loop system to make your own. You can risk your life and the entire neighborhood by blasting in your backyard. Or you can get the same results with the Source for a fraction of the cost and not risk blowing anything up.

Unlimited uses

Use the Source to create medicinal and recreational concentrates like Rick Simpson oil. Make weed balms and salves, for those achy joints, or other alternative medicines with lavender or rosemary and shit. We’re going to use our Source to make a marijuana tincture. Then we’ll use that tincture in our soda stream to make some tasty weed soda that’ll get us high AF. Speaking of tasty treats you can use the Source to make tasty stuff that you don’t have to smoke or vape. Yep it’s great for for cooking and awesome for fabricating fragrances or essential oils for aromatherapy. Dig booze and brews? The ExtractCraft is perfect for crafting crazy-unique cocktails, brewing beer, or even making wine. Here’s Troy Ivan from ExtractCraft explaining how to make cannabutter using the Source.

Make sure to get in on your ExtractCraft, dude and don’t miss that free shipping and free SSL goody bag. We only have a limited amount of these awesome machines so get on that buy button with a quickness.

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