How to Properly Review an Online Weed Dispensary

How to Properly Review an Online Weed Dispensary

Since cannabis became legal in San Diego, many weed dispensaries have opened in the area, hoping to cash in on the trend for smoking weed. How do you choose a dispensary that you know you can trust? There are certain factors you need to consider if you want to ensure you’re getting quality cannabis, so let’s have a look at those to begin with.

The first recommendation we have is that you look for a dispensary, online or otherwise, that is open and up-front about its product. By this, we mean they happily tell you about the following aspects of the weed you are buying

  • What strain of cannabis are you buying?
  • What is the THC content, and the CBD content?
  • Where was it grown?
  • What sort of high does it give?
  • Ask also for any customer testimony

If you can find all of the above on the website, or they are happy to inform you otherwise, then you’re on the right track.

Next, you need to know that the cannabis you are buying is a quality product. For example, are the growers they buy from licensed? This is a legal requirement in San Diego – in fact, it’s a legal requirement everywhere – and the dispensary should be licensed too. Ask about the extraction technique that is used to produce the product, as there are different methods that produce a different type of cannabis product.

Customer Support
A good cannabis dispensary should offer you various methods of contacting them. Online, for example, you should look for a website, social media presence, and also contact details for a physical shop if there is one. We also recommend that you take time out to read any San Diego cannabis shop reviews that you can find, and there are plenty online that make interesting reading and offer great advice. You’ll learn a lot more from them than you may expect.

Shipping and Delivery
If buying online, you will also want to know about their shipping costs, methods and times. Many online dispensaries offer free shipping if you order more than a set amount, so look for those deals in the first instance, and you might also want to ensure your delivery is shipped discreetly if you don’t want others to know what you’re buying! Check the time it takes to deliver, too, as you will want your order as quickly as possible.

Ease of Use and Payment
One of the most important factors that will certainly inspire you to use a website is how easy it is to use. Some online dispensary websites are very neatly designed, with easy navigation and simple tools that help you get around – look for a search option so that you can jump to the products you are looking for – while others may seem a bit clumsy. Check them out before you decide which to use, and also make sure they have a safe and secure payment portal that includes the payment method you prefer.

Enjoy Your Weed
If you take the time to find a dispensary in San Diego that ticks all the above boxes, you’re on the way to buying good quality weed that you can enjoy to the full. Forging a relationship with a supplier means that they will do all they can to provide you with the cannabis and the service that you deserve as a valued customer. Have a look around, check out the reviews and perhaps try a couple of dispensaries, and start enjoying your weed legally in San Diego.

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