How to Roll a Joint

how to roll jointRoll a Joint

Learning how to roll a joint is essential. Especially if you’re going to smoke weed around friends who don’t know how to roll a joint. Rolling a joint is easy. We’ll show ya how in just a few steps. And like anything rolling joints take practice to perfect. Speaking of perfect. We’re going to teach you how to how to roll a perfect joint. And what we mean by that is one that’s backrolled—to minimize paper, maximize flavor. We’ll get to that later. But first let us tell you about the best way to roll a joint.

Best way to roll a joint

Before we begin let’s talk about the best way to roll a joint. We give everybody this advice. The best way to roll a joint is to do it stoned. No we’re not kidding, man. Grab your glass bong or pipe and take a few puffs. That way you’re chilled, your hands aren’t so shaky, you’re not fully jonesing to get high because—most important—you’ve now got some patience. Good weed is essential to twisting the perfect joint and so is patience, dude. Well at least until you’ve practiced your joint rolling skills a bunch.

Weed joint only

Here in the States we don’t fuck with weed and tobacco. Why ruin a perfect joint with tobacco? If we’re gonna smoke weed in a joint, that’s all we’re going to put in it. Unless we’ve got some hash or keif or a nice Co2 extraction or to add to it. But when it comes to joints we keep it all weed all the time. So when we talk about joints we’re talking about weed joints. We shouldn’t have to explain this shit or create a step by step guide to how to roll a spliff either. Now what we’re we talking about? Weed. For a joint. That’s right. The best weed to use in joint rolling is something that’s nice and sticky and not very dry. That way you can compress without crushing it and it’ll stay in place and stick to the rolling paper.

Okay here’s a list of joint rolling supplies that you’ll need to craft the perfect joint.

What to roll a joint with:

  1. Weed
  2. Rolling papers
  3. Tips
  4. Weed Grinder

No that you know what you need let’s talk about the ingredients that go into making the perfect joint. Cool?

Rolling papers

We suggest using only Stuff Stoners Like rolling papers. All other brand of papers suck compared to these. Why? Because they’re not stuff stoners like obviously.


A good tip, filter, crutch, is crucial to crafting a good joint. It provides structural integrity helping your stoner friends not to crush the joint while passing it  increasing airflow. How to roll a joint without a filter or tip? Just don’t, man. Go find something that’ll work as a filter. Trust us, dude, it’s worth the extra effort. Avoid shit that’s full of ink and stuff, keeping in mind this’ll be in your mouth.

Weed grinder

A weed grinder is great for rolling joints. In fact we never roll a joint without using one first. Sure they’re expensive but they’re worth the investment if you plan on smoking joints. Don’t’ have one or would you rather spend your money on weed than a weed grinder? You’re in luck, man, because here’s how to grind weed without a weed grinder.

How to roll a joint step by step

As promised, dude, here’s how to roll the perfect joint in just a few steps…and with photos.

rolling jointsStep 1: Break down your cannabis

Don’t just toss your nugs in the grinder, dude. Bust ‘em up first. There’s no need to smoke all the little bits of stem that you’ll find in there. That shit ain’t gonna get you stoned and it’s going to detract from the flavor of your weed. So bust them nugs apart and separate the stem and get to grinding. Make sure not to grind your weed into powder. Imagine making a burrito with sand, dude, that shit’ll fall right out. So keep it chunky. What’s important here is uniformity, man. All the weed bits should be roughly the same size.

weed jointStep 2: Assemble paper & filter

This isn’t how to roll a joint for beginners, man, we’re going to tell you how to roll the perfect joint—one that’s backrolled. If you’re a beginner, don’t even worry ‘bout it, man. Backrolling a joint is just as easy as rolling a joint the old fashioned way. Our buds over at Black Rock Originals turned us on to this backrolling technique—BTW. It minimizes the use of paper and maximizes flavor. So forget what you’ve learned and start with the gum side of the paper near you and face down pointing towards the floor. Before you add the weed roll the paper back and forth a bit and it’ll start to take the shape of a cylinder—this’ll help keep the weed from falling out during the next step.

how to roll a joint step by stepStep 3: Shape the joint

Using the back of your pinky finger or the rolling paper pack knock the weed in shape. It’s best to do this while you’re cradling the joint in your hand. Be gentle, dude, don’t crush the joint. Once you’ve got a nice long snake shape going roll the paper over the weed a bit and press it into shape. Pressing the joint into shapes works better than rolling into shape? Why? Because it doesn’t crush the weed much and restrict airflow—giving you a better more full hit.

how to roll a perfect jointStep 4: Roll it

Now using your thumbs roll the paper over the weed. Keep things as tight as possible. As you continue to roll you should now see the glue side facing up. Now tuck that glue side under the paper and continue rolling until you’ve got a nice li’l cylinder. It’s best to keep your thumbs parallel to the joint as you roll and it’s even cool to use your lips to grab the paper right before you roll to help tighten everything up. Once you’ve got everything rolled nice and tight, while holding the joint tight look for the glue strip. You’ll be licking the glue strip through the outer paper. That’ll seal the joint and weaken the paper near the glue strip allowing you to tear it free.

how to roll the perfect jointStep 5: Pack it

Now’s your chance to inspect the joint a bit. Smooth out any wrinkles and make sure that the joint is sealed. Also gently pack the tip a bit that way you can twist the joint closed. Be gentle. Don’t tear it. Closing the joint makes it easier to transport since your herb won’t fall out and it also aides in lighting the joint evenly—a very important step.

To light your joint properly hold it in your hand and apply the flame. Don’t stick the joint in your mouth and light it like a cigarette—you’ll increase the chances of the joint burning unevenly. Make sure to twirl your joint in the flame to ensure it’s lit evenly. Once you’ve got a nice circular cherry take a few short puffs on the joint to make sure it’s lit evenly. If so—you’re good to go, dude.

Now that’s how to roll a perfect joint. Consult our guide on how to smoke a joint, including how to light one properly, before you move on. Oh and if you have any tips on how to roll a good joint give ’em to us in the comment section below, yo.

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