How to Smoke Wax Without a Rig Because You’re Too Cheap or Too Clumsy

how to smoke dabs without a rigHow to Smoke Wax without a Rig

So you got yourself some wax, but didn’t think far enough in advance to secure a rig. Or maybe you have a rig, but the nail broke. Or maybe you don’t have a torch because you got the wax before you read all about how to dab primer. Maybe it’s all or maybe it’s none of these things. Maybe you don’t even know how to dab or what the hell dabbing is? Actually you’re probably pretty smart and pretty stoned. You’re probably also reading this because you’re trying to find out how to smoke wax without a rig. Let me school you a thing or two on how to dab without a rig.

How to smoke dabs without a rig? Is that even possible?

Here’s the main thing to remember when trying to smoke wax without a rig. You don’t ever want the flame to touch the wax or dab material. It might be ok for a minute. But the flame will eventually catch your oil on fire. This isn’t due to any residual solvent left behind, or so we hope. But just like if you get a dab nail too hot, then put the dab on there, it will catch fire. It reaches a point of combustion. So in order to prevent this from happening, the best way to smoke wax without a rig, is to sandwich it in between some flower. Or break it up somehow in order to evenly spread it on some weed for a joint. Talk about how to dab without a nail, right?

how to smoke wax without a rigHere’s how to dab without a rig

So, you want to know how to take dabs without a rig huh? Check this out. If you warm up the wax it should almost start to drip. This will allow you to more easily get an even amount of oil on the weed if you are rolling it into a joint or wrapping it around one. You could even wrap that oil around a blunt too. This is always much easier when the oil comes packaged in a nice dispensing syringe of course. But some people still look down on syringes regardless of having a needle or just being a dispenser. More drug war brainwashing nonsense I suppose.

A little dab will do ya

Make sure when you are trying to take dabs without a rig, that you use a very small amount. As the oil warms up, it will melt into the flower you have it sandwiched between. As it cools, it will get more solid. This will make your bowl last for what seems like a lifetime. It’s always best to break up the weed for doing this. That way you aren’t trying to light a solid rock of bud and wax.

how to dab without a rigDab with only a knife

You can also try knife hit. That’s if you have a toilet paper tube or paper towel tube and a couple of knives that you don’t care get all scorched up. To do some knife dabbing or knife hits just turn on the stove and place the knives on there so you get them heating up. Get your wax ready. I’m sure you already know where I’m going with this. Once the knives are nice and hot take them and get a dab in between the hot knives. This will cause the dab to instantly vaporize. Then you can inhale the vapor and probably some smoke through the tube. It’s definitely some low rent shit. But it’ll get the job done in the event you find yourself trying to some wax without a rig.

BY Mat Lee

Have you ever had to show someone how to smoke wax without a rig? What did you tell ’em? Was it anything like what Mat just laid down right here right now? Why don’t you give us all your dab experience using something other than a rig in the comments section below.

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