Jack Herer Weed from Phat Panda Farms Review

jack herer strain from phat pandaReview By: Mat Lee
Marijuana strain:
Jack Herer
Score: 8/10
From: Growers Outlet
Farm: Phat Panda
Harvest Date: 6/24/15
Type: 55 / 45 (Sativa)
Content: THCA 22.7% | THC .6% | CBD .3%
jack herer strain from phat pandaGenetics: Haze X Skunk X Northern Lights #5
I also reviewed a version of Jack Herer grown by Liberty Reach here.
jack herer strain from phat pandaAppearance: Just like a good Jack should, this bud appears and feels on point. Lovely trichome coverage over light lime green buds. Halfway dense, halfway spongy, all sticky. So sticky. There’s fingerprints on my camera now from handling the bud while I was taking these pictures.
jack herer strain from phat pandaSmell: This Jack smells on point. Almost like Sprite. It’s a piney, lemony, limey skunk smell that keeps on giving. The smell is exactly what Jack Herer terpenes smells like. These isolated terps are found in certain labs. I am very familiar with this smell, as I work in one such lab. If I didn’t know any better, I would think they sprayed the bottle down with Jack terps. But nay, it’s just that good.
jack herer strain from phat pandaFlavor: It tastes exactly like it smells, I can’t tell you how much that makes me smile. This stuff is so good. The pictures don’t do the smell justice, if that makes sense at all. It’s like a crisp cool refreshing ice cold sprite on a hot day. It’s breezy like a Sunday morning getting blazed and listening to Dungeon Family. It’s all of the above and then some. This Jack is on point. It makes me want to gather up all the other Jacks around here in the recreational market and put them against each other in a Jack Off. A great Washington Jack Off. I’ll work on the name. Or maybe that’s exactly what we’ll call it.
jack herer strain from phat pandaHigh: Uplifting and heady. Just like Jack should be. Definitely not as potent as I had been expecting it to be, but then again I am the worst judge of potency. Unless of course, it really plants my dick in the dirt. But you know, the longer I keep a steady diet of top shelf goodies, the the stronger the bud is going to have to be for me to really feel that stoned satisfaction. I would definitely smoke on this all day if I had an endless supply. For now it’s reserved for the top shelf, and when my weed snob friends come over.
jack herer strain from phat pandaOverall: I haven’t seen anything under an 8 yet from Phat Panda. At least according to my scale. Remember, nothing can be a 10 until I’ve seen ALL the weed. Phat Panda definitely has their grow ops tight and dialed in. I’m excited to try more of their strains. I can envision a day where my whole top shelf is lined with Phat Panda goods. Or at the very least, other good weed stuck in Phat Panda jars. They should do some sort of trade in program or something. I have like seven of these jars now, and they are awesome. But I would definitely bring them back to Growers Outlet if there was a deal on refills. Just something to think about.
jack herer strain from phat pandaThis Jack Herer looks and smells like a skunky, lemon-lime-scented wet dream. If you got burned out on sub par Jack Herer strains do yourself a favor, fall in love again for the first time with one of the most notable strains around. I copped mine at Growers Outlet here in South Bend Washington. Find yours wherever Phat Panda is sold.

For Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

jack herer strain from phat panda
Phat Panda’s Jack Herer comes in a really cool jar with even cooler artwork

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  1. ColoradoJeno

    I want to try this one from Phat Panda. Where can I find in Colorado. It sounds great.

  2. mat

    I don’t believe they are in Colorado, but I could be mistaken. Next time I see someone from Phat Panda I will be sure to ask them. This was some tasty Jack.

  3. King Cola

    Phat Panda is in Washington state.

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