Jack Herer Live Resin from Oregon’s Dirty Arm Farm Review

Jack Herer Live Resin ReviewStrain: Jack Herer
Product: Live Resin
Score: 8/10
Review By: Mat Lee
Farm: Dirty Arm Farm, Ashland Oregon
Dispensary: Cannabend 3312 N Highway 97, Bend, Oregon, 97703
Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Content: 68.9% THC
Tested Date: 8-4-17
Tested By: Green Leaf
Sample Size: 1 gram
jack-herer-live-resin-dirty-arm-farm-2Appearance and Feels: The Dirty Arm Farm Jack Herer live resin has a glorious golden see -hrough look to it. No crystallization at all, which is usually what I think of when I hear the words “live resin.” The consistency is sappy, but if you are quick enough you’ll get it to snap. Definitely some beautiful extract.
Smell: It’s got that classic Jack Herer aroma to it. Terpy pine and sweet earthy goodness. It’s always comforting when you buy some concentrate or extract, or whatever they are calling it where you live, and it actually smells like something other than the container it’s packaged in. There’s a lot of booty ass dabs out there, but the Jack Herer live resin from Dirty Arm Farms is not one of them.
Flavor: Damn famsters, this is some super nice tasting live resin. I’ve had more than my fair share of dabs, and I’m always super impressed when I get a dab of something that hasn’t had terpenes reintroduced to it, that has such a powerful flavor to it. This Jack Herer live is exactly that. It’s Jack Herer on steroids when it comes to the flavor. Being a fan of Jack, I’m super pleased with every aspect of this oil. Nice work Dirty Arm!
jack-herer-live-resin-dirty-arm-farm-2High: In another testament to the high not just being about the THC number, this Jack Herer live resin only tested at 68%, but the clarity is totally on point. So why the low number? The terps baby! The more terps you have in your extract, the lower percentage of cannabinoids to weight you’ll have. Does that make sense?

So let’s say for example, we have 10% terpene content in the extract. I honestly have no idea what this has in it, I’m just using 10% as a nice round number. So let’s say the  concentrate tests at 70% THC, plus the 10% terpene content, which gives you a total of 80%. Now that’s good numbers for an extract that hasn’t been fully refined and turned into hot dogs with terpenes reintroduced.

All that aside, the high is good. It’s immediately felt after taking a nice dab off the Jred knot. It’s got a spacey feel to it that would let time fly by if you let it get away from you. Other than that, it’s exactly what I would expect from a nice Jack Herer live resin.
Overall: Personally, when I look for a live resin to dab, I’m mainly concerned with the terps. Any asshole can add thca to whatever they are dabbing to give it an extra boost, but you can’t always make the dab taste good. When you pay the premium for a top shelf live resin, it should have a taste that completely blows you away. This does that for me. Although I might be a little biased because I’m a huge fan of good Jack Herer anyway, but I’m also reviewing their Lemon Crippler, so we’ll see how that one does. As far as the Dirty Arm Farm Jack Herer live resin is concerned, it’s definitely stuff stoners like. I got mine down in Bend Oregon at a cool little shop called Cannabend.

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