LA Confidential Weed Review

LA Confidential WeedLA Confidential Weed Review

Name: LA Confidential
Score: 7/10
From: This LA confidential bud came from Growers Outlet.
Farm: This LA Cofidential was grown by Two Heads.
Harvest Date: This LA Comfidential was harvested on 9/22/16.
Type: This lovely LA weed is an Indica dominant strain.
LA Confidential WeedAlthough I should say that some sites list LA Confidential weed as a 50 / 50 hybrid. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t think that indica vs sativa matters all that much at this point. If you like the way it smells, then it’s got something good in there you need. Trust your nose. Anyhow the LA Confidential marijuana strain is pretty popular, one of the 35 Most Popular Weed Strains on Leafly.
Content: LA Confidential weed strain stats: THC 19.75% | THCV .4% | CBD .6% | CBG .38% | CBC .2% | CBN .6%
Sample Size: 4 grams of some tasty-ass LA Confidential weed
LA Confidential Strain Genetics: LA confidential marijuana is a cross between OG LA Affie X Afghani
LA Confidential WeedAppearance and Feels: Just look at those LA Confidential weed pictures would you! I mean it’s like some crazy gonzo photographer writer guy took them. For real though, this is some nice looking cannabis. This particular LA Confidentional sample was sticky as fuck with a cool green shade. The pistils are fiery orange which give a cool contrast to the trichome covered calyx. It’s some sexy bud for sure. Nice work Two Heads!
LA Confidential WeedSmell: This LA Confidntial smells really piney and earthy, almost skunky, and I would even go so far as to say borderline pungent and pleasantly primed. Not plump by any means, but definitely curvy. Vivacious and shit. This LA Confidential weed smells pretty damn vivacious. Figure that out.
LA Confidential WeedFlavor: I like the word robust for the LA Confidental. There’s no other way to describe it. Through sherlock, or bong, or recycler, it all comes out one way. Robust. She’s thick and robust, and a giver through and through. Be good to her fellas, and she’ll treat you like a king.
LA Confidential WeedHigh: The LAconfidential is definitely heavy, but fully manageable, especially if you do like Nate Dogg said to do, and smoke weed every day. It’s got a super comfortable buzz, and I could definitely see it putting you to sleep if you let it.

LA Confidential WeedBut stay active and keep moving and you’ll be fine. Just like with any strain around the 20% THC mark, if you are new to smoke cannabis, take it easy with this one. You might find yourself raiding the freezer then passing out in a pool of chocolate chips and shit. So you know, know thyself and know thy limits.
LA Confidential WeedOverall: This LA Con strain strain is new to me, and everything I read online about it uses the word psychedelic. Now, I’m not sure if those people have ever had an actual “PSYCHEDELIC” experience, and I’m definitely not judging here, but when I see the word psychedelic, weed isn’t exactly the drug that comes to my mind.

LA Confidential WeedIf I want to trip, let’s get psychedelic and trip. But if we’re talking about weed here, let’s save the higher level descriptors for the higher level drugs. That being said the Two Heads LA Confidential weed is definitely stuff stoners like. It’s a good solid flower that looks amazing and smells pretty damn good. Now if I can just find some Purple Confidential or LA Confidential Kush to review next.

LA Confidential strain review by Mat Lee. Also be sure to check out our other LA Confidential Strain Review from back in the day.

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