LA to Close More than 750 Dispensaries

The Los Angeles city council voted 14-0 to ban medical marijuana dispensaries in the city. This ban is scheduled to take effect in 30 days. All 762 dispensaries registered in the city will be sent letters ordering them to shut down immediately or face legal action from the city. Previously the city had to prove dispensaries were violating nuisance or land-use laws before they could force them to shut down.

Although the ban eliminates storefronts, which allegedly outnumber Starbuckscoffee shops in Los Angeles two to one, according to Councilman Paul Krekorian, it does, however, still allow patients and care-givers to grow medical marijuana. It also allows hospices and home health agencies to provide medical weed.

The issue was clouded when the council also voted to instruct city staff to draw up a separate ordinance that would allow dozens of dispensaries to stay open—granting immunity to shops existing prior to an ‘07 moratorium.

Anyhow this one’s far from over. There’s an upcoming ruling by the CA Supreme Court that should result in some clarity on whether cities can regulate and ban dispensaries in the state, but that’s pro’lly not going to happen for another year. In the meantime WTF?

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  1. mindstate one

    as a los angeles native, i say this is some bullshit…..i’m tired of the stigma that la’s dispensaries are all shady…i believe only a small fraction of shops should get shut down including some pre moratorium ones…..we do not need any more unemployed angelinos…honestly there are some very good people in many of these shops who have good intentions and provide medicine to people who really need it for their health and overall wellness…. just gotta see how this will play out i guess…..people might be fuckin pissed if all those shops close though… is fucking crazy; not it’s dispensaries….. it’s citizens need all these shops to deal with the madness, traffic,smog, stress, unemployment, and gangs that hellay provides… needs to deal with the tweekers, not the stoners damnit

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