Help Lifted Industry Deliver the Raddest Vape Ever

Rize vaporizer
Lifted Industry need your help to create the raddest vape ever

Our buds at Lifted Industry, a Seattle based start-up company, want you to help them deliver the raddest vape pen ever. You see they’ve developed a slick new portable vaporizer called the Rize—it rocks a fresh design, it’s hella durable, versatile and customizable—and they need some cash to bring it to market. Take a look at their indiegogo campagin and let us know what ya think of their stuff in the comments below?

No combustion, no tar, no ashes, no stinky-ass clothes—you know that’s why you love vaping. That’s why the dude’s at Lifted Industry love it too. But they took their love for vaping a bit further and actually designed a vape pen themselves—it’s made to work with oils, waxes, e-liquid and dry flowers. And just listen to how they describe this thing, dude, they’re hella into it:

“We didn’t just use an off-the-shelf cylindrical body like the standard vape pen clone. We custom-designed the form and function to the exacting needs of the modern vaporizer user. The shape starts from a bold rectangular profile at the bottom. Then, it gradually morphs into a ovular profile as it organically transitions into the mouthpiece where the soft texture meets the user’s lips. Everything is intentional and meant to make the entire vaping experience better.”

The Lifted Industry guys say that the Rize “is the last vape you’ll need.” And that might be true. Because not only is this thing versatile, you know it’ll work with oils and waxes and shit—it’s also really solid and well-built. This thing feels like it can take a lickin’ and keep kickin’ down tasty hit after hit. That’s because the RIZE is made with CNC-machined, stainless steel components and the battery housing, mouthpiece and cap are custom made of lightweight, rugged, injection molded PC/ABS plastic. One cool thing about the Rize’s unique design is that the pen won’t roll of the counter. The Rize vape will lie flat or upright. Sure that doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it demonstrate’s these guys attention to detail and determination to deliver a functional vape pen that’s durable and stuff stoners like.

For more information check out their indiegogo page, they’ve got some pretty cool perks, and follow Lifted Industry on twitter.

2 Responses to “Help Lifted Industry Deliver the Raddest Vape Ever”

  1. mat

    Sounds like I should meet up with them in Seattle and show them some beautiful vaping material and some ideas.

  2. Mat Lee

    I want one bad. We just had Derek on the Hot Box and man, these things are super cool. I hope they reach their goal.


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