Macujo Method Could Help You Beat a Hair Drug Test

macujo method explained

Macujo Method 101

Macujo Method, the crazy hair-cleaning method, has helped many stoners to pass a hair drug drug test. Apparently the process takes about three days to perform, needs to be done repeatedly and is pretty harsh on your hair and scalp. But it’s all in the name of freedom, yo. It only involves one detox shampoo so it doesn’t break the bank. Anyhow there are a total of four products that you’ll need to successfully pull of the Macujo Method, perform your hair detox and pass that test. We’ll not only list them out below and link to places where you can purchase them we’ll explain the process step by step. So you ready to learn how to beat a hair drug test using the Macujo Method? Cool. Let’s do this.

PRO TIP—Skip this method and use Hair Follicle shampoo from TestNegative. It removes all toxins in minutes and lasts 8 hours.

According to the interwebs the Macujo Method has been around for more than a decade. It’s build off solid principles and several websites we found during our research including our own have comments from people who have employed this method and passed their hair test. So there’s some merit to this. If you’ve used this method successfully we’d like to hear from ya in the comments section below. Your experience could help another stoner. So if you can please take the time to leave a comment.

Allegedly it works best on light colored hair. And of course it works best on people who have just started smoking weed or haven’t been smoking much weed for a very long time. It can also be used on your body hair as well. Keep in mind that a lab will test your body hair if you are bald. And it’s not inconceivable that they’ll ask for some body hair. All your hair is fair game—except pubic hair. So you might want to get out those clippers and shave your arms and legs or just be prepared to perform this process on your entire body—which could lead to some serious skin irritation.

We cover all that and everything else you need to know about this method below. But keep in mind that we are stoners—not doctors. And we’re only relaying what we’ve heard from other people or read on other websites. So you’re on your own if you want to give this a try.

But first before you get your method on—we want to explain how and why this process works. So it’s time for—science. So if you don’t believe in science and somehow think that the Earth is flat or some shit—you might want to skip the next section and just go on down to the ingredients section.

macujo methodHow to pass a hair follicle drug test with the MM

The Macujo Method allegedly opens the hair cuticle allowing THC metabolites, the stuff drug testers are searching for that proves you’ve smoked pot, to be cleansed from the hair’s cortex. Okay, man, you’ll have to think back to science class to better understand what we mean.

Remember that your hair has three layers. Those layers include the cuticle—the outer layer which is a combination of overlapping shingles between five and ten layers deep. Beyond that hard layer you’ll find the cortex. This is where the place where THC metabolites are stoned, we mean stored, in the body. You’ll need to access this layer and clean away any bits of THC metabolites in order to pass your test. Oh and that third and deepest layer in your hair in case you’re wondering? It’s called the Medulla and its super thin.

So what the Macujo Method does is really allow you to scrub away any dirt and oils clinging to your hair. Then it allows you to deeply penetrate that hard-outer shell on your hair and scrub away any of those THC metabolites that are going to get your into trouble found in the inner layer. Sounds like it’ll work, right? Like we said it has worked for several people. And of course we’ve heard that several people have failed using it. Some people have been smoking weed every day for decades and some have just started. So successfully getting rid of THC in your hair obviously depends on how much you’ve been smoking and how long—that’s one reason why you’ll see varying results in comments sections on websites. Another reason? People just don’t follow directions.

If you are going to use this method just make sure to follow every single direction to the letter. Typically why people fail their drug test whether they are using fake urine or a detox pill is because they don’t follow directions. They make assumptions like guess at measurements or assume that they can just waltz into the testing place and not get caught with their contraband. Or they’ll do something careless like leave behind an empty vial of fake piss. Anyhow just follow the directions and realize that if anything is worth doing it’s worth doing right, right? Especially when we’re talking about passing a drug test to get a new job or something.

What ingredients do you need?

1. Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo

2. Heinz Vinegar

3. Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent

4. Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent

To perform the Macujo Method you’ll first need to purchase four products, one being a specially-designed (and slightly costly) hair detoxification shampoo and the other three being pretty much ordinary household products. Those common household staples are things you probably already have. They include Heinz vinegar, Clean and Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent, Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent and Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo Shampoo. Don’t skimp and get some cheap detox shampoo at Walmart. You want to make sure to get this stuff because it’s the basis for the method. It’l all revolves around an active ingredient know as propylene glycol. And this stuff has a lot of it. We recommend TestClear. Get your Aloe Rid from them because we know ‘em.

You can find all this stuff online. We’ve linked to everything above and you could most likely find a lot of it at Walmart or the corner drug store. You might be able to find the aloe rid there as well but a health-food store or a head-shop in your town would probably stock it. But like we said, don’t skimp on the detox agent. We’ve heard some stuff about the “old version of AloeRid” being the only one that contains enough propylene glycol to be effective. Rest assured that TestClear has the old stuff or basically the stuff you need to pull of this process. Follow THIS LINK to make sure you score it from our buds.

macujo method 101Step-by-step directions

Here’s how to pass a hair test with the Macujo Method. You’ll need to do this at least five times 3 days before your hair drug test to achieve the best results. This is extremely important to understand. We’re not saying you need to perform this process five times a day for three days in a row. You just need to make sure you start this process at least three days before you have to give your hair follicle sample and that during those three days you complete this process at least five times. Six is probably overkill so just make sure you do this five times. Got that? It’s going to take some work on your part. So good luck.

  1. First you’ll have to stop smoking weed. We know that sucks but it has to be done to pass a hair follicle test using this method. You’ll also have to say goodbye, for now, to any hats or glasses, combs or brushes, headrests or hoodies, etc that have touched your weed-contaminated head, dude. No. You don’t have to go out and trash all of your stuff or light it on fire. Just avoid it after you’re done detoxing your hair so you don’t recontaminate yourself.
  2. Wet your really well with some warm water. Warm water should help relax your hair and help it expand. Now it’s time to grab that vinegar and start messaging in into your hair. Make sure that you don’t get this stuff in your eyes, man. Vinegar will burn the fuck out of them so take your time. Work that stuff deep into your hair all the way down to your scalp. Sure your head smells like salad dressing but acetic acid in the vinegar is stripping away all that dirt and oil clinging to your hair helping to trap that THC we’re looking to remove.
  3. Without rinsing yet apply the Clean and Clear to your hair by pouring a dollop into your hands and working it into your hair. This stuff contains another acid, this one is salicylic acid and it’s going to further clean your hair. This stuff is a little harsh as well so take your time as to not get it in your eyes or your mouth or ears. You might not want to get it on your clothes or all over the bathroom either, you stoner. Now you wait. At least thirty minutes. Wrap your head in a towel and go smoke a joint. No wait. You can’t smoke. Damn. Go watch some TV or something.
  4. Now grab that Aloe Rid stuff and get ready to open them hair cuticles and reduce those THC metabolites from the cortex. This stuff contains a high amount of propylene glycol so be careful to not get any of it in any of your orifices either, man. It does contain Aloe Vera, hence the clever and appropriate name, to help condition your hair and head. Lucky you, right?
  5. Now wash your hair with that Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent making sure not to get it in your ears, eyes, nose and mouth or all over the damn bathroom. This is going to remove everything you just put in your hair and make it super clean. And most likely help cut some of that funky vinegar smell. Now rinse and repeat. Like was said you’ll need to do this at least five times in the three days leading to your drug test for best results.

So that’s how it’s done. Your hair should now be free of any marijuana metabolites. You should be able to go to the lab. Get your hair tested and have it come back free of any marijuana metabolites. That is if you followed the directions.

When you drive to the testing facility make sure to either cover your head using a towel or shower cap so you don’t get any old hair on ya. You also don’t want anything on your old hair to contaminate you. You’ve come this far, probably damaged your hair and irritated your scalp, you don’t want to fail your drug test because you missed a step. For more information visit our post How to Pass a Hair Drug Test

Have any comments or experience on how pass a hair drug test using this method? Let us know in the comments section below. We’ll appreciate your input and you’ll be helping other stoners.

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  1. Amy

    I was a fairly regular smoker back in 2014 and thought the drug tests threatened by my babydaddy were going to be urine tests (which I have beaten numerous times with Surejell). I panicked, studied every method in every forum. This method calls for Aloe Rid, I used Blue Dawn. After three days of following the method, I had my haifrdresser bleach my hair. I passed four tests this way. I failed once when I believed the bleach alone might have done the trick and didn’t do the method. Luckily, I was paying cash so I spent the next three days doing the method, had my hair bleached again for good measure, and I passed. These tests were done at Quest Diagnostics.

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