Maintaining the Dust Shroom Air Intake Filter

Maintaining the Dust Shroom Air Intake Filter Maintaining the Dust Shroom Air Intake Filter

QUESTION: I’m setting up my latest marijuana grow room and am interested in a Dust Shroom air filter. I’m wondering if they’re light proof? Also do you have any tips on maintenance, how often should I wash it and how do I go about re-oiling it?

Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy: Basically we got the product description right here. It’s saying, “Horti-Control Dust Shrooms are air filtering caps for your intake fans. Use them to keep debris out of your air-cooled reflector, in-line fan, ice box or ducting. Air flow in a growroom is one of the most important factors to consider. In order to have an effective exhaust, you must also have sufficient air intake. Once you decide on a location for your indoor garden air intake, the Dust Shroom will positively clean all of the impurities from the air before it enters your garden area without any CFM loss. They’re reusable and they even come with a Cleaning Kit.”

So to answer the question, I think something like this you’d probably have to clean like once or twice a month and probably oil it every 45 to 60 days—you’ve got to maintain it. Also bear in mind that they’re trying to sell you something. And that something is about $80. If you really want to spend the coin we’d love to know how it works out for you.

Holla at Discount Hydroponics and they can assist you further. It looks like they have the cleaning kit (that comes with a bottle of biodegradable cleaner and an aerosol can of biodegradable plant-based rosemary and cedar oil.) The directions say when your Dust Shroom is dirty, just spray the cleaner on, rinse it with warm water, allow it to dry and re-coat it with the biodegradable oil. Therefore you’re good with that right there.

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