Marijuana Mania Plagues Another Kansas Case

Kansas Marijuana
In Kansas marijuana related offenses were added to the list of inherently dangerous felonies & they’re being abused

We’re just now hearing about another horrible marijuana related miscarriage of justice. Kyler Carriker from Kansas faces a trial for felony murder simply because he told a former classmate where he could buy some weed.

To make a long story short the dude looking to buy the weed from Carriker was in a gang that intended to rob Carriker and his friends. Shit got serious and a friend of Carrker’s friend, Ron Betts—the brother of Donald Betts the Democratic member of the Kansas Senate—was killed.

“Within 60 seconds of entering the home, one of the gang members opened fire, shooting Kyler first and killing Ron Betts, and attempting to kill Kyle Belts and his girlfriend Kelly Touchton,” reports Kansas Exposed.”

Carriker now faces first degree felony murder because Kansas added marijuana related offenses to the list of inherently dangerous felonies. Apparently these felonies are considered “crimes where death is most likely to occur” and they result in mandatory minimum sentences.

You might remember another corrupt cannabis-related case in Kansas that’s making major headlines. Shona Banda of Garden City, Kansas not only lost custody of her son, she’s facing over 30 years in prison after the little boy spoke out in favor of weed at a D.A.R.E meeting on March 24. Her attorney, Sarah Swain, recently announced that she intends to challenge cannabis’ classification as a Schedule 1 drug as a part of her defense of Banda’s case—and she’s willing to take the case all the way to the Supreme Court.

Shona Banda
Shona Banda lost custody of her son and is facing 30 years for using cannabis

Because of the “felony murder rule,” if found guilty, Carriker faces a mandatory 20-year minimum sentence—without the possibility of parole. And get this—most of the gang members who planned and committed the robbery that resulted in Bett’s death were granted significantly lesser sentences in exchange for their testimonies. Not only was Carriker not offered a plea deal (allegedly because he was not involved in the robbery) his testimony was considered less valuable because he was a victim of the crime! What bullshit.

The “felony murder rule” was originally established in the United Kingdom with the goal of prosecuting getaway drivers with murder when robberies they participate in result in deaths. The UK abolished the law shortly after it was enacted because it was ridiculous and being abused. Unfortunately the State of Kansas continues to use the ridiculous law to abuse stoners.

We’ll keep you posted on this case as well as the Banda case as they move forward. You can donate to Banda’s GoFundMe page here.

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  1. Pissed off Kansan

    The judges are shit, the senator is shit, your “rules guidelines and laws” are shit. No wonder people hate Kansas and want to move out. Cops are fucked up retards. Making rulings that are ass backwards. FUCK YOU GUYS. Give him minimum for the weed alone, he didn’t kill anyone. Send the punk ass thugs to jail, kill them for all I care, they killed someone.

  2. Anonymous

    Please sign and share! My husband has been harshly sentenced for a first offense non violent drug crime. He deserves a second chance! The system is bias and abusing power by locking people up for majority or all of their life for a single mistake when they could be contributing citizens

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