Sovereign’s The Pure Marijuana Strain Review

The Pure is actually a “pure” cut of the classic old school marijuana strain Skunk#1, which was a favorite of Cannabis Activist legend Jack Herer. The Pure comes to us from the Dutch Seed Bank and was bred by the breeder known as “The Flying Dutchman”. After decades of cloning and growing this generation of the Skunk#1 cut is a bit sweet then the classic sour skunky funk that we all know from those unpleasant drives on the freeway. This batch of The Pure made it quite obvious why it took home 3rd place Hybrid at the 2011 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco, CA. outright beautiful genetics can be seen within seconds of being introduced to this wonderful flower.

REVIEW BY: @XinckAlviso
Name: Sovereign’s The Pure
Score: 9/10
From: Harborside Health Center in San Jose. (Twitter and Facebook)
Cannabinoids: 17.25% THC, 0.43% CBD. Test results provided by Steep Hill Labs.
Type: (S/I) A heady Sativa dominant strain with nerve and body calming Indica properties.

Appearance: The 8th I received was comprised of 4 bulbous but calyx topped nugs. No shake, all bud, and beautiful ones at that! The compacted calyxes made them look like bundles of green and orange fox tails! The lime green color was even lighter on the insides of the buds, when broken up you can see the almost yellow interior bud structure covered what looks almost like a syrupy coating of sticky trichome sweetness.
Smell: A very sweet smelling strain, The Pure has a light and sweet skunky smell, but while the smell is light it is definitely not subtle. Squeezing into a nug the smell of pine-sol and lemons burst from the buds with overwhelmingly impressive terpenes. While the smell its strong it’s not over bearing, it has a clean and fresh presence. When broken up in my metal Slo-Vape grinder the piney-skunk and lemon terpenes are just amplified 10 fold with a distinct hint of a Vick’s Vapor Rub menthol like scent.
Flavor: After light a freshly packed bowl with some all organic BeeLine Hemp Wick the initial hashy and earthy flavor of the smoke washed over my tongue before expanding wonderfully into my lungs. The feeling of the strain’s smoke in your lungs makes you feel like you’re being hugged in the warm embrace of cannabis from the inside. The exhale of the smoke brings about a slight sweet skunky flavor with a sharp parmesan cheese after taste that left me with a face like I just smelled something mad funky!
High: One of my favorite Sativa dominant buzzes in a long while. The Pure had me feeling alert, clear headed, and motivated with a nice mood uplifting and enhancing effect. The buzz had my head feeling cool and calm while relaxing my body as well as my nerves. After taking the initial hit out of my HiSi Glass bong I get a head rush that left me glossy eyes and smiling before focusing in and leaving me clear and inspired. I smoked this strain after a few too many cups of my morning coffee and it actually helped calm my caffeine jitters, showing the extent of the Indica properties of this lovely Sativa dominant hybrid.
Buzz Length: 1-1.5 Hours. After medicating with The Pure in the morning I was focused and upbeat for a good half of my morning before I noticed the effects start to wear off slightly. But while the effects faded they didn’t leave behind any unattractive after affects like drowsiness.
Medical Uses: I’d recommend The Pure for anyone looking for a great Sativa dominant hybrid to treat: ADD, ADHD, Depression, Fatigue, Nausea, Anger and other mood issues. This strain will leave you in an upbeat mood while calming your mind of stress and helping you focus on the task at hand.
Overall: I hadn’t had much experience with The Pure until recently and now I am convinced that this is one of the finest strains available in the bay area. The awesome balance of a Sativa dominant high with clear and effective Indica properties is extremely hard to grow and even harder to find as a patient traveling from dispensary to dispensary. Sovereign’s The Pure is now my first pick if I need a Sativa dominant strain that won’t leave racy and that still retains a good amount of its Indica genetics despite being Sativa dominant. Try this award winning strain today at Harborside Health Center in San Jose where it’s known as a house strain. While they get it in often, they have a hard time keeping it on the shelf get it while you can!

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