Marijuana’s Positive Effects

marijuana's positive effects5 big benefits of marijuana

We, the educated stoners of the planet earth, have long known about marijuana’s positive effects and the positive health benefits of cannabis and it’s molecules and compounds in our own endocannabinoid system. Whether that knowledge was a gut feeling of some sort, or anecdotal evidence based on our own experiences, and those of our close friends. It’s always been there, and it’s always drawn us closer and closer to this amazing plant regardless of the inherent risk involved. There are a ton of marijuana benefits that are stuff stoners like.

Marijuana’s positive effects

When it comes to marijuana’s positive effects there are many health benefits of marijuana and even benefits of smoking weed on the daily, assuming you are the type of human that can do that and still be productive. Any given drug can have different effects on a person, depending on their system configuration. Just like if you give adderall to someone with ADHD, it can help to focus them. But if you give it to someone without ADHD, it tends to act more like speed, and maybe they have a bad time. In any event, it’s not the drug’s fault, it’s not the human’s fault. It’s just how shit works. It all depends on the person and their brain. That’s why it’s mucho important to know thyself, and know how thyself reacts to drugs. Some people can smoke weed all day and get shit done, while others just sit on the couch not doing a damn thing.

Benefits of medical marijuana

Marijuana’s positive effects can be as small as just helping to regulate the immune system and appetite, metabolism, and mood, or as large as aiding in or in some cases, causing apoptosis in cancerous tumor cells. It’s hard to say which positive effects of weed are large and which positive effects of marijuana are small. We do know this though, there are so many positives of weed, why would a government that supposedly has the best interest of it’s citizens in mind, say there aren’t any good effects of weed or medical benefits of cannabis? Perhaps they don’t have our best interest in mind after all.

As far as what we all experience in the health benefits of weed, it’s all going to be relative. But one thing we can all agree on, well most of us at least, is that there are true benefits of marijuana, and by the government saying there is zero medical efficacy is a bold, old, lie. There are not only recreational benefits of allowing an open cannabis market, but also many, many medical marijuana benefits.

For the individual that can’t eat and for which smoking weed benefits them, the appetite regulation can be huge. For someone else who has trouble sleeping, or who perhaps gets sick more than they should. Those marijuana health benefits for them are also going to be huge.

Again, there are far too many marijuana health benefits to write about in a post. Perhaps a living book is in order, as with all science, the more we learn the more we are able to change our ideas and perceptions about how reality works.

Positive effects of weed

We can break down marijuana’s positive health effects into a few different categories. Of course none of this is set in stone, and you can classify and label this shit anyway you like. I like to keep shit simple, so here it is. The medical benefits of weed can be broken down like this.

  1. Body
  2. Mind

I know right? It’s that easy. So many marijuana medical benefits for our system to take in and enjoy. We have an endocannabinoid system, which helps to regulate both our insides and our outsides. Our body and our mind. Something about first take care of head, and the booty will follow? I’m probably mixing up my song lyrics here. There are so many medical benefits of marijuana to count, but if we are trying to do some science, we definitely need to be counting.

Once you figure out if you are smoking to get advantages of marijuana for your body or for your mind, we can then go one step further and ask, is this preventative or active. Are you smoking herb and thinking the weed benefits are helping to stave off some of the nasty things other people around you that are your age seem to be dealing with? Depression? Anxiety? PTSD? Cancer? Glaucoma? Or is this to actively try and help some sort of symptom or ailment. Chemo appetite issues, pain of all sorts, the rate at which cannabis can help relieve some of these issues is amazing.

I feel like, and this is absolutely all anecdotal, but I think perhaps some of these diseases we see today that have an awful hold on humans when they get older, could be due to living for that long without a properly primed endocannabinoid system. We’ll see, as I turn the page year after year, I’m getting an awful lot closer to kicking 40’s door down than I would like to admit. But I’ve also been smoking weed for the last 20 years. So far so good I suppose.

Humans have been reaping the cannabis fields for ages to get at marijuana’s positive effects. I’m glad we are just starting to get that figured out as a society. But this is one of those things that we’ll never fully understand unless we start to get some good hard data written down. The benefits of smoking marijuana are all around us. Now if only those in charge would get off our dicks about it, the world would be a much happier place. That is some stuff stoners like for sure.

By Mat Lee

Have the benefits of marijuana touch your soul? If the answer is yes, please testify about your experience with marijuana’s positive effects in the comments section below.

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