Top 5 Annoying Side Effects of Weed

how much is a gram of weed5 annoying side effects of weed

The effects of weed vary. But the are a few marijuana effects aka side effects of marijuana that are undeniable, undeniably annoying but aren’t a big deal.

The effects of weed vary. Marijuana effects vary based on too many things to list but to name a few they based on things including the individual strain, to how it was grown and how well it was cured, to how it was consumed, to what for it was consumed in. Of course eating a weed brownie delivers a completely different experience than smoking a joint. And taking a dab is a completely different experience than a simple bong hit.

Anyhow the effects of marijuana also vary per individual. Everybody is different. They all have different metabolisms, different tolerance levels and different and a lot of other variables that go into calculating the side effects of marijuana they experience. Sure most stoners enjoy the euphoria but we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about marijuana side effects that can be annoying but are often cited as dangerous. These supposed negative effects of weed can range from dry eyes to dry mouth. So before we get started don’t let the media or anybody else scare you. Whether you’re into weed smoking or not the only real negative effects of marijuana, we’re talking of all the dangers of marijuana the worst is marijuana prohibition. The plant has never killed anyone.

But the buzzkiles will show that marijuana can cause a few short term side effects. And they’re listed below. If you’re looking for things like long term effects of weed you won’t find any here. Well at least not any negative long term effects of marijuana. That’s because over time marijuana users figure out a way to use marijuana that works for them. So as long you grow and keep costs down just about all marijuana long term effects that we can think of are positive. Also keep in mind that most stoners develop a tolerance to many of marijuana’s short-term effects—so maybe that’s one more thing to add to the long term effects of weed? Anyhow here’s a list of the top 5 annoying weed side effects.

1. Cottonmouth

Of all the weed effects out there the most common and the most popular has to be dry mouth, often referred to as cottonmouth. A survey published in the journal of Addiction Research & Theory in 2003 found that 79% of marijuana users experience dry mouth. Smoking marijuana, vaping marijuana, even eating marijuana can cause conttonmouth.

Anyhow Xerostomia (zero-STOW-me-uh) as doctors would call it is the medical term for cottonmouth. It’s sometimes referred to as hyposalivation, but whatever you call it, it can suck. Its symptoms? A dry, sticky feeling in the mouth. Cottonmouth can also cause difficulties chewing or a sore throat even bad breath. Check out our article on how to get rid of cottonmouth if you need any pointers.

2. The Munchies

Another one of the most common side effects of smoking weed is an increase in appetite shortly after smoking or vaping weed. It’s commonly referred to as the munchies of course. Maybe some people might consider this one of the bad effects of weed, but none of those people would be cancer or AIDS patients or anyone else who is suffering with appetite loss or keeping food down.

Here’s something interesting to note scientists have yet explain the effects of weed on appetite. That’s because they’re still unsure of the exact mechanism behind why smoking marijuana or smoking hash causes users to get hungry. However a 2015 study points to certain pathways in the brain related to hunger that marijuana might activate.

Quasar Review3. Dizziness

Some marijuana users feel dizzy after smoking or vaporizing weed. Sometimes it could happen if someone eats too much weed as well. It can also happen if someone suddenly stands up after smoking some weed. In fact a study in 1992 reported that 60% of participants felt moderate to severe dizziness while standing after smoking a particularly potency joint. These individuals also showed decreases in blood pressure—providing a plausible explanation for the effects of smoking weed. Keep in mind that frequent users develop a tolerance to feelings of dizziness.

4. Sleepiness

It’s no secret that sleepiness is another one of the common effects of weed. That’s why many people smoke weed to help them fight insomnia. Certain strains that are indica dominant are more prone to causing sleepiness. On the other hand a fiery sativa would have the opposite effect on the user. It would deliver a more uplifting and energetic high.

Some people would relabel sleepiness with lack of motivation. Those people are called law enforcement or simply assholes.

5. Paranoia

It’s true. One of the more annoying marijuana effects is paranoia. In fact a 2015 study found that THC increased paranoia in individuals who had previously experienced the symptom. But the study also revealed that paranoia wasn’t a direct result of THC rather it was caused by having an unusual experience.

Keep in mind that not all marijuana strains are the same just as not all users are the same. While racy sativa strains are more prone to cause anxiety or paranoia that doesn’t mean all of them will. Perhaps a smoking or consuming marijuana that’s indica dominant won’t have the same effects.

What are some of the annoying effects of weed that you notice? And how do you deal with the effects of marijuana you don’t dig? Actually are there really any side effects of marijuana that you don’t like? Let us know in the comments section below.

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