Medical Marijuana Patients Ask President Obama to Save Harborside

How to Help Save Harborside Health CenterGet up…stand up and help medical marijuana patients ask President Obama to Save Harborside Health Center. Back on July 10, the largest medical marijuana franchise in the nation, The Harborside Health Center discovered a disturbing message from the DEA taped to the doors of their Oakland and San Jose locations—a notice threatening property forfeiture if they didn’t immediately shut down.

Threatening landlords with property forfeiture has been the latest Federal strategy to terrify patients and eliminate medical marijuana dispensaries, in states allowing them, since the DEA announced their crackdown back in October of last year. The reason for Harborside’s closure isn’t its proximity to any schools or parks, which was the reason cited by U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag to successfully shut-down other SF bay-area medical marijuana dispensaries like San Francisco’s Vapor Room or the Berkeley’s Patients Group. According to Haag, the Harborside Health Center is too large and as a result is “likely” to be violating state law, but she has yet to state which law.

Take a second to watch this video featuring Steve DeAngelo and hear the pleas of Harborside patients who depend on marijuana to function normally in their daily lives. Learn more about Harborside’s struggle by visiting


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