How Much Is The Most Expensive Bong Ever Made

Most Expensive Bong Ever Made 1 Kiebler

Most Expensive Bong Ever Made

How much was the most expensive bong ever made? Well continuing with our series on heady glass, cool bong and glass dabs rigs and, we keep getting this exact question. So when considering such a question there’s a few criteria one should think about. First of all, it’s art. Art is relative and what is worthless to one person may be priceless to another.

That’s neither here nor there. I also don’t want to hear a bunch of nonsense about how expensive a bong that’s for sale is. There isn’t really one that stands out among the rest of the best bong brands. It’s relative and depends on what you like individually. I can put a price tag on one of my heady glass bongs for a gazillion dollars. Does that make it the most expensive bong ever made? It sure as shit doesn’t. I want to see some receipts or some shit like that.

In this article I’m going to discuss some of the most expensive glass bongs and rigs made and sold to date. That being said, how much is the world’s most expensive bong? Is the worlds most expensive bong even something you would want to take a puff out of? Does the most expensive bong in the world even function bruh? Let’s find out.

Cool bongs, heady oil rigs, heady glass pendants, and heady glass dab rigs don’t necessarily have to have a thousand dollar smoke price tag on them to be the coolest bongs around. There’s a ton of stuff like that on IG and Etsy. People have a lot of heady glass pendants for sale. I’ve even seen some of the craziest bongs on social media sites. People are making some seriously dope shit these days.

A lot of people will find heady rigs or crazy dab rigs by an artist they like, then give them ideas and manipulations until the perfect piece for that individual has been created. When we’re talking about rigs and functional glass art, there’s different function for different folks. Some people like the recycler style, while others are more into the banger hanger steez. Some like opals, while others are more in it for the different colors of glass. It all depends on what you would consider, in your heart of hearts, to be heady and cool.

Buck fish makes the cool bongs listOr you can just listen to us and we’ll tell you what we think is super heady glass rigs and heady oil rigs. Just because it’s the most expensive shit, doesn’t necessarily make it the headiest or dopest shit around. Someone could find a 20 dollar bong heady as fuck, and someone could find a 20 thousand dollar bong heady as fuck. I’m sure the 20 dollar heady bong kid would get clowned by his friends all the time, but it’s all in good fun.

If you look around online you’ll find a lot of the same articles talking about a lot of the same expensive glass. The most expensive gong in the world isn’t even on most of these lists. That’s because robots have infiltrated the writing game and a lot of the content you are reading on the day to day was created for robots by robots. It’s nothing your human brain would get any sort of intellectual sustenance out of. It’s just spider fodder. Bot rot.

Starbucks Dabuccino is not heady glassWe get it, it’s a skull that has a bunch of gold on it. Sure that’s pretty cool, but I have a friend that made one out of dichro tube he hand pulled. Personally I like dichro a lot more than I like gold. Unless it’s gold fume work of course.

If you want a bad ass skull rig like above my friend Kiebler made one I’ll sell you for $5,000. Get ahold of me if you are interested. Heady glass for everyone!

Being somewhat immersed in the glass scene here in Eugene Oregon, I decided to ask some of my heady glass friends what they thought the most expensive bong ever made was. Most of my hippy glass blower friends don’t even really know what money is, so I had to ask them in terms of the barter system. What’s the most things you could get for one of these things? In terms of the most expensive bongs, as I said earlier, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or some such nonsense. Heady glass pipes anyone? Yes please.

In my own perusing, I found a couple of pieces that I would like to mention. I’m going to skip over the ones that are expensive for the sake of overpriced branding. Basically if you can find a chinese knock off of the same piece, it’s not technical enough to be considered heady and thus shouldn’t be fetching a top shelf, ten thousand dollar plus potential price tag. I know bruh, the Dabbacino’s are cool, but let’s save that for an article on most expensive glass lawsuits shall we? Also stick around till the end for a cool Q and A with my friend who owns Timeless Glass Gallery.

These three pieces, among others, were created for the Sacramental Vessels exhibit at the Gregorio Escalante Gallery back in October and November of 2016. Some of the art is still for sale if you are in the market to drop $30,000 to $300,000 on some new glass art.

Most Expensive Bong Ever made Gregorio Escalante GallerySedna by Joe P and Banjo

It’s rumored that the price tag on this 24 inch tall and 12 inch wide beautiful alien like beast is between $200,000 and $300,000 depending on who gets the finder’s fee, and was brought to life in May of 2014 during a four day class. This epic creation would complete any glass collection in any gallery the world over.

cool bongs Sedna by Joe P and BanjoFreija by Banjo and Snic
If you want to adorn your showcase, and your life, with something bright, flashy, and functional, Freija will not disappoint. Especially when you have a price tag of $250,000

Freija heady glass bong is a most expensive bongIsis by Banjo
Not everyone would feel comfortable inviting Isis into their home. At least not in today’s volatile political climate. Namaste ladies and bros, because this Isis is all about peace. Peace and about $225,000 in cold hard american cash.

It’s hard to step away from Banjo’s work, but let’s chat about a couple more artists work whose price is right up there with the rising sun. This next piece is right out of my own collection, and it’s priceless. Sure everything has a price tag on it, but until someone comes offering six figures, this one stays with daddy.

The Rosenboob by B Hold Glass
This beautiful, one of a kind, priceless work of heady glass art paints a lovely picture of a glimpse inside a glass artist’s mind. If only for a fleeting moment, we are allowed to peer into the thought process of one of Eugene Oregon’s most prolific recluse glass blower. You may know him as the one who makes the swords, but he is also known for his more artistic and fancy pants one of a kind pieces. The Rosenboob is one such piece. How does one put a price tag on a one of a kind piece of art that is as eclectic as it is experiential. I had a chance to sit down with this one of a kind kid to see what he had to say about his process.

glass dab rigs by Banjo like this Isis are expensiveFrom our chat: The Rosenboob came to me in the early hours of a wet and rainy morning. I was sitting on the toilet, about to finish my morning duty and debate taking a shower over thoughts of stunting gravity and time, when it hit me like a shit ton of bricks. How does one capture the living glory of the rose, and the boob, before gravity and time takes it’s toll and wilts beauty into a saggy, wrinkly mess. By encasing it in glass of course! From there it was a couple of trips, a couple of flips, and like most epic art, ego gave way to the greatness that birthed forth this priceless jewel.

Along with being friends with a ton of hippy glass blowers, I’m also friends with people who own glass art galleries. I reached out to my friend who owns Timeless Glass Gallery, and asked him what the most expensive piece in his gallery is. This is our conversation.

Mat Lee: What’s the most expensive piece for sale in the Timeless Glass Gallery?

Timeless Glass Gallery: I would say the Eusheen / Kurt B upline, which I’m asking $6,000. But there are pieces without specific prices that are worth way more.

upline glass dab rigsML: I’m writing a piece on the most expensive glass rigs, and I found a few Banjo collabs that were created for the Sacramental Vessels show that are on the Gregorio Escalante Gallery with a price tag between $30,000 and $300,000.

TGG: That’s a gallery price which doesn’t mean anything. I’m 99% sure they’ll take $80,000 for any one of them, if not, they have no intention of selling for a fair price at all. For $250,000 you can definitely commission Banjo or Buck or anybody to make you a piece. But I’d say I could ask $50,000 for my America Buck fish in a similar manner. Although the real offers will probably not exceed $20,000 to $25,000.

ML: That’s a fantastic point.

cool ass heady glassTGG: There’s really no reason to buy from those galleries at that price, unless you’re connected to the gallery and trying to hype the price. None of the artists are dead and you can almost always get similar pieces from private collectors for much much cheaper.

ML: Well said, but most people don’t know that, so when they do the basic 10 result Google research, they don’t usually find the truth. They find shitty articles written by shitty writers or robots for mathematical algorithms that think they know what we are looking for. They find articles that quote these insane prices and link back to the galleries asking those prices, and they don’t know any better.

TGG: A lot of galleries want to act like they have the headiest pieces available on the market, but in reality, most galleries can’t even say they have a single piece that can be considered unique, or a 1 of 1.  Casual enthusiasts always look to galleries to gauge value on pieces, and galleries take advantage of that way too much. Consumers are also at fault for not properly educating themselves on their purchases, and rewarding artists for their PR skills rather than glass blowing skills or creativity.

TGG: It’s natural for galleries to try and get as much as they can out of a piece, and for customers to try to get it for as low as they can. I just think it always needs to be a good balance, otherwise even the top artists won’t be making a proper living, or the whole art pipe industry will diminish.

glass from the best bong brandsML: Do you feel this holds true for most, if not all art galleries? Not just the ones focused around the cannabis industry?

TGG: I would imagine it’s far worse in the genres of Fine Art that are far more established, although I wouldn’t deny that the art pipe industry wouldn’t be where it is today without being a great way for growers and dealers to launder money, or safely flaunt their wealth without paying taxes. The cannabis pipe industry still has that underground / degenerate vibe, and many galleries are run by people that genuinely love glass art and pipes in the community. But it’s starting to turn a lot more mainstream, and when a genre of art becomes mainstream, it will severely increase the income disparity between artists that are considered to be in the top level, and everybody that isn’t. I think a lot of people are starting to see that as the market gets flooded with mediocre pieces at random prices.

There’s some seriously epic work that you can actually afford over on his site. Be sure to check out all of the amazing work by several extremely talented glass artists over at Timeless Glass Gallery. Regardless of the price tag and the artist name and hype, if it’s a dope functional piece that you enjoy looking at and it brings you happiness, well then that’s good enough to be stuff stoners like.

By Mat Lee

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