5 Drug Test Myths Debunked

how to pass a drug test5 Drug Test Myths Debunked

The drug test is definitely stuff stoners don’t like. The dreaded drug test comes in a variety of intrusive forms. Drug testing labs can look for traces of THC in urine, blood, hair, whatever…it’s all forensic and shit…like a freakin’ episode of Special Homicidal Investigator Crime Scene Victim Unit or whatever the fuck that show is called. Undoubtedly, the most common drug test for weed is the pee test, though. The urine drug test is cheap and well not everyone’s got hair, but everyone’s gotta pee sometime. The pee test has to be one of the most un-cool, embarrassing and downright violating tests in existence. Well, that and anything the fucking DMV throws at ya. Just a paper-thin, tiny, plastic cup is all that stands in the way of a stoner and their dream job, or staying outta jail, or keeping a gold medal in snowboarding…not to mention a full-bladder’s worth of urine.

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Anyhow we’ve found 5 myths about drug testing that need to be dispelled. So like some drug testing myth-busting stoners we’re here to reveal the truth behind drug testing. If you’ve got a drug test coming and you need to know how to pass it check out our post.

Pro Tip. If you have a drug test coming up, buy a home drug test and test yourself. What’s that? Where can I buy a drug test. Amazon, man. Or the local drug store. Over-the-counter Mouth Swab Drug Test and urine drug test
kits are readily available.

Myth #1 – You can beat a urine drug test by drinking lots of water

Drinking lots of water before your urine drug test will help flush out the THC in your body. It won’t however do it fast enough. Plus too much water in your urine could send a red flag to drug testing dudes because they also test levels of creatinine in your urine. Creatinine is a byproduct of the digestion process that’s found in your urine. Diluting it will also dilute creatinine which would most likely lead to more testing.

Myth #2 – Synthetic urine will not beat a urine drug test

Actually synthetic urine does work to pass a urine drug test. It’s the stuff drug testing labs use to calibrate and test their own equipment. But you need to purchase a quality product for it not to be detected as fake pee. If you can bring it in with you, either using a Whizzinator, fake penis, or just in your pocket we recommend Sub-Solution a 100% effective synthetic urine. It’s designed to be undetectable and completely toxin-free and by far the best fake pee we’ve come across. What makes it the best synthetic urine out there is that you can use the included chemical heating powder to warm it up in a matter of seconds. The only way stoners have had fake pee rejected is if the temperature is off.

Myth #3 – Mouthwash will help you beat a Mouth Swab Drug Test

This is true. But you can’t use any ordinary mouthwash like you find at the grocery store. You need to get a special detox mouthwash made specially for the mouth swab drug test. When it comes to the question, how to pass a mouth swab drug test for weed using a mouthwash we hear that  with a 500% money back guarantee Ultra Kleen Salvia Cleansing Mouth Wash is a great one. Another we hear that works is Supreme Klean Saliva Detox Mouthwash. These both will detox your saliva near instantly and keep you covered for up to  of 60 minutes.

Myth #4 – You can fail a drug test from second hand smoke

Can you fail a drug test from second hand smoke? Well according to research positive tests are “likely to be rare” from second hand weed smoke, says the authors of a study published early last year in the Journal of Analytical Toxicology. Apparently researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine got people to hot box in the name of science. They paired several stoners with nonsmokers and put them in a sealed compartment together for an hour. One smoked a joint. The other just watched.

Myth #5 – A saliva drug test can not detect weed

False. Weed can definitely be detected by a saliva drug test, also know as a mouth swab drug test or a spit drug test. Because the saliva drug test is so cheap and easy to administer it’s becoming more popular than ever as a way for employers or law enforcement to detect marijuana use. Plus the swab drug test can be deployed anytime and anywhere making it super easy for employers or law enforcement to randomly test for drugs. What’s worse is that the results of a saliva drug test are extremely accurate and immediate.

If you know ahead of time that you’ve got a saliva drug test coming, the best way to pass it is to stop smoking pot a couple days prior to the test. Since weed can only be detected in your system by a saliva test for 12 to 24 hours you’ll be fine. It’s the randomness of the saliva drug test that’ll get ya. So one way to beat the saliva drug test is to keep a saliva neutralizing gum handy. Carry some in your purse or backpack, the car’s glove box or keep a pack in your desk at work—just in case. We’ve heard that Clear Choice Saliva Neutralizing Gum is the best solution available because it clears out nicotine and all other toxins in 30 seconds and will last 30 minutes. Does it work? It comes with a 200% money-back guarantee so it better.

Have a drug test myth that you’d like us to bust? Let us know in the comments section below…

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  1. The brother

    What if I drink the urine of a smoker? Can I fail a test?

  2. Antonio Mora

    Well the solo action of touching cannabis, inncrease your change to fail a drug test?

  3. Kale

    Can you pass a urine test by drinking mouthwash

  4. crystal

    ok here is my question. i have a drug test on Monday an its a mouth swab test. i smoked yesterday but dnt plan on smoking again till after the test. i using mouth wash (dollar store kind) brushing my teeth 3-4 times a day same with the mouth wash, eating ice, keeping myself hydrated. what are my chances of passing this test Monday can anyone tell me?? Thank you!!

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