Moving Cannabis Plants During Flowering

Moving Cannabis Plants During FloweringMoving Cannabis Plants During Flowering

Question: Hey guys I’ve got two big marijuana plants in the flowering/budding stage indoors, they seem to be about a month or two away from being done. But I’m moving in about a week and am concerned about moving them, mainly because of the risk of getting bugs, damaging the plants with an irregular light schedule, driving with plants etc. Plus the leaves are very feeble due to heat stress and I think a nitrogen problem. In the new house I’ll have a much better setup. Is there any safe way to move plants with buds on them to a new house? Or do u think I should just cut down what I have and start fresh when i move? I would hate to do that cuz the plants are still producing big buds and are far from being finished.  Thanks for your help.

Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy: We’ve lived through this. Since you wrote that the plants are still producing big buds you’re probably between week four or week six and probably have like and eight to ten week finisher—we’re guessing. So the thing is you can move the plants. We don’t know how far your move is or what the laws are like where you live, but what you can do is put the plants in black contractor bags, punch little holes in them and then get the long plastic beds from Lowes, Home Depot or the Container Store. They’re on wheels and you can put like two plants, maybe four plants depending on the container size your plants are in currently. When we made the move there must have been a dozen, but they were all in one gallon containers so your results may vary.

Lay your plants down in the plastic bags. Be gentle because their leaves are fragile. Make sure that as soon as you get to the new place take them out, turn the fans on, get the temperature right and leave the lights on for about 24 hours—then go back to your 12/12 light regimen.

As far as your nitrogen problem, right now you’re at the stage where you can kind of stop feeding your plants. They’re this far along and they probably look like they have a nitrogen deficiency because they’re eating well. At this point we don’t know if you’re hydro or organic, so just flush your plants a little bit and then go back to your regimen. Let them recover from the move first—the stress of that.

The 24 hour light schedule may screw them up a little bit, but you’re saving your plant. You may even get a couple beans because of it. The fact that you’re going to put them in the darkness for X amount of time will throw them off their cycle. So that’s why we say to put them on a 24 hour cycle of light because they’re going to sweat in the plastic, etc. Then go back to your 12/12.

Once they get to the new spot let them go for another week or two longer than you were planning on harvesting them. That will give your plant time to rejuvenate from the move. But have your new grow room set up before your bring your plants in or you’ll be kicking yourself.

If you have bugs…you have bugs. So cut the plants down now. You don’t want to bring bugs to the new spot. We understand that your plants are maybe not at the point of maturity and things like that but it’s best to cut your plants down now rather than bring bugs to a new spot and deal with the infestation. If you have a new spot start fresh with fresh new seeds. Good luck.

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  1. Rob

    I have a question. I can’t seem to find a definite. Answer to. I have several plants indoors that he been flowering for 3 or so weeks , I want to move them outdoors it is currently July and I’m afraid the extra light will either revert them back to veg or cause hermmies. Any facts about this would be greatly appreacated

  2. lilylove0420

    I have plants outside that are getting pretty big and started to bud. Can I move them inside and will it cause any bad effects? will this harm the harvest?

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