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Mr Nice weed strain background

Mr Nice is a cannabis strain that is known for its balanced effects and mellow high. This strain was named after Howard Marks, also known as “Mr Nice,” who was a Welsh writer, drug smuggler, and cannabis activist.

Mr Nice is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that typically has a THC content ranging from 16% to 21%. It is a cross between the strains G13 and Hash Plant, and it has a sweet, earthy aroma with hints of spice and citrus.

The effects of Mr Nice are often described as relaxing and euphoric, with a mellow high that is not too overpowering. It is often recommended for use in the evening or before bed, as it can help to promote relaxation and sleep. Some users also report feeling creative and focused after using Mr Nice.

Strain: Mr. Nice
Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 7/10
Farm: Apollo Grown, Monroe Oregon
Dispensary: Miracle Greens 905 SW 3rd Street, Bend, OR 97702
Type: Indica Dominant
Content: 13.9% THC
Lab Test Date: 8-14-17
Tested by: ChemHistory
Sample Size: 3.5 grams
Genetics: The Mr Nice strain is G13 X Hash Plant

Appearance and Feels

The Apollo Grown Mr. Nice flower has a super sticky feel that is easily picked apart for tossing into your favorite bowl piece. The calyx has a purple hue to it with a lush green overtones surrounded by burnt orange pistils. The trichome coverage is solid with a winter wonderland sort of look to it. The bud is definitely looking like some stuff stoners like.


There wasn’t much of a smell when I first opened the container I had purchased at Miracle Greens when I was in Bend Oregon. But when you break apart the bud, that’s when the hidden terpene profile reveals itself. Strong pungent notes of gassy earthy sweetness. It almost reminds me of a mild Cinex terpene profile. The Mr Nice strain definitely has got a great aroma, at least according to my senses.


This Mr. Nice strain has a great hashy, earthy dank bud taste to it. It definitely tastes a lot better going through the DaVinci IQ I was reviewing. But that’s also half the point of using a vape. That taste yo. Chase it, catch it, then love it until it’s time to taste something else.


The high is solid, which you wouldn’t expect coming from a strain that’s testing at just under 14%. But if you follow my writing and reviews, then you’ll be educated enough to know that the feeling of the flower has much more to do with the overall terpene and cannabinoid profile, rather than just the cannabinoids alone.

That’s why strains like Mr. Nice that only test around 13% THC still pack a punch. In my personal experience, the Mr. Nice has a nice comfortable, couch locky buzz to it. It’s warm and calming, definitely something you might want to try if you have anxiety or something. Granted, I’m obviously no doctor, and I’m simply documenting my personal experience with what I review. Your mileage may vary.

mr nice strain

Howard Marks is Mr Nice

In addition to being a cannabis strain, “Mr Nice” is also the nickname of Howard Marks, a Welsh writer, drug smuggler, and cannabis activist. The strain was named after him as a tribute to his life and work.

Howard Marks was born in 1945 and grew up in a small mining town in Wales. He attended Oxford University and became involved in the drug trade during the 1960s and 1970s. Over the years, he was arrested multiple times for drug-related offenses and served time in prison.

After his release from prison in 1995, Marks became a prominent cannabis activist and wrote several books, including his autobiography “Mr Nice,” which was later adapted into a film starring Rhys Ifans.

Marks was known for his advocacy of cannabis legalization and his witty and entertaining writing style. He passed away in 2016 at the age of 70, but his legacy continues to inspire cannabis enthusiasts and activists around the world.

The Mr Nice cannabis strain is one way in which Howard Marks continues to be remembered and celebrated by cannabis enthusiasts. It has become a popular strain among those who appreciate its balanced effects and mellow high.


This Mr Nice strain by Apollo Grown I got down in Bend Oregon at Miracle Greens is some great tasting, fantastic feeling, stuff stoners like. It looks like straight fire, smells wonderful, and has a warm, comforting high that lasts for a good couple of hours. I definitely recommend giving it a try if you come across this flower in your travels. As I said before, the Mr. Nice is definitely stuff stoners like.

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