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Marijuana Strain Name: Chocolate Chunk
Review by: Mat Lee
Score: 7/10
From: Growers Outlet located at 613 Montana Ave #2 South Bend, Washington (360) 875-8189
Farm: Orgrow
Harvest Date: 7/8/15
Type: 100 (Indica)
Content: THC 17.7% | CBD .26%
Sample Size: 2 grams
I reviewed another Chocolate Chunk strain and got a terpene/cannabinoid profile done on it here.
Genetics: Afghanistan X Afghanistan
An interesting genetic cross originally said to have been done by TH Seeds.

Chocolate Chunk Strain
Chocolate Chunk is a cross of Afghanistan X Afghanistan—by TH Seeds


Chocolate Chunk Review

Appearance and Feel: Dark green heavy-looking buds with a light scattering of dark brown pistils. The bud itself is covered in a nice amount of trichomes and it looks like it was trimmed well.

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Pretty stuff for sure, I wouldn’t mind seeing some more, larger samples. The close-up pictures reveal a lot of beautifully tall, bulbous trichomes covering the darker bud. The lighter one is mostly covered in young white triches.

Chocolate Chunk Weed
Chocolate Chunk has lotsa crystals for a strain coming in at around 17% THC

Smell: It’s still weird to me how weed can smell like chocolate. This one has a particular earthy musky chocolatey smell to it, but when you break a bud open and stick your nose in there, it’s got a nice spice scent to it.

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Some of it is even a little sweet smelling, borderline fruity almost. It’s odd. It’s good, but odd to have such a difference. The spicey tones really come out when smoked in a spliff. That’s probably how I would smoke this stuff if I had a bunch of it. Chocolate Chunk spliffs anyone?

Chocolate Chunk Strain
Chocolate Chunk is some serious Stuff Stoners Like

Flavor: Thick and creamy the way a strain named after chocolate should be. It’s tasty for sure, pretty much like it smells, but with fire added. There’s definitely some spicy undertones when you exhale bong rips, but through a joint it’s mostly just musky leafly chocolate.

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High: This is fairly heavy considering the label says it comes in at 17% THC. It must have some nice terpenes potentiating it’s cannabinoid profile to give it this heavy of a buzz. It feels utterly comfortable and relaxing, with a hint of heady focus and motivation to get some shit done, which is funny considering it’s a straight indica strain.

Chocolate Chunk Weed
Chocolate Chunk by Orgrow

I think that more speaks to the fact that it’s quite possibly the pretext of the smoker going into the strain and the environment in which said stoners is smoking in, rather than whether or not the strain is a sativa or an indica. Of course you should also take into consideration your own personal endocannabinoid system, and how it reacts to different terpene / cannabinoid profiles. Like I’ve said before, know thyself, and thy ECS.
Overall: The Chocolate Chunk by Orgrow is right about where I feel like the previous Chocolate Chunk strain was at. A strong 7. This one has a decent taste, a nice look and kicks you solidly in the brain muscle when you take bong hits. It’s a good strain for new and advanced stoners alike, coming in at around 17% THC.

Chocolate Chunk Weed
Up close and personal with some Chocolate Chunk weed

It’s always a good one to have around in the Herb Boxx for when friends are over. Take one down, pass it around, and play some Exploding Kittens. The Orgrow Chocolate Chunk is a damn fine version of this tasty strain, and definitely stuff stoners like.

For SSL, I’m Mat Lee.

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