Is There a Weed Shortage or an Abundance of Poor Planning in Nevada?

Weed shot from LA TIMESNevada: Weed Shortage or Piss Poor Planning?

Some crazy shit is going down in Nevada. Hopefully what happened stays in Nevada and doesn’t make it’s way to California as we are prepping to come online with recreational sales this January.

The headlines are screaming about a state of emergency because the dispensaries cannot keep enough recreational/legal weed on the shelves. You would think the state would have been somewhat prepared for a “green rush” knowing how the people of Colorado reacted once given the right to legal weed.  But, no, Nevada was completely unprepared to handle the need and demand for weed.

Why you may ask? You are probably thinking there just isn’t enough product to sale. But, if you know anything about marijuana you know everybody and their mother are growing it and a “shortage” of weed is impossible. There will always be enough weed on this planet for the people to consume. Whether or not the states have a system that can get the people what they want is the issue.

This is how Nevada fucked up. The Nevada law allows medical marijuana to be transported from grower to dispensary without restriction. However, a provision in the initiative petition to legalize marijuana gave an 18-month monopoly on recreational marijuana distribution to licensed liquor distributors. And, when they went to sale on July 1 there were no licensed distributors.

The state is saying they reached out to the liquor distributors earlier in the year to tackle the issue but had no takers. The alcohol distributors are saying the state’s application requirements are fucked up and it’s their fault. Lawsuits are flying around and everybody is scrambling while the people who voted for legalized weed are standing in line for hours in the sweltering sun risking heat exhaustion.

As it stands now, Nevada’s Taxation Commission voted unanimously on July 13 to issue emergency regulations to fix their fuck up. The emergency regulations give the Nevada Department of Taxation the discretion to consider the situation and make a determination regarding whether more distributors are needed. In short, they are still dicking around with what to do and another meeting has not been set to discuss the situation.

Nevada has not run out of weed to date nor will they in the foreseeable future. Two licenses were awarded after the July 1 milestone, Blackbird Logistics Corporation and Rebel One and the state is getting ready to approve a third.

If you want our advice Nevada, you should have gotten your shit together before you opened the doors to the herb. The masses want their flower and the demand is only going to increase beyond your wildest, greenest dreams.

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