Niacin Drug Test Method Explained

how to pass a drug testHow to pass a drug test with niacin pills

Does the Niacin Drug Test Method actually work? We get to the bottom of that and more about passing a drug test with niacin pills…

The niacin drug test method has been around for years. It’s now the stuff of legend. So in this article we’re going to answer two very important questions about it; what is niacin and how does niacin help pass a drug test? But before we begin let’s first talk answer what’s really on your mind. Does niacin help pass a drug test? The answer is yes. Passing a drug test with niacin works. But you’ll need at least two to three days before the drug test to perform a niacin detox. And niacin will only help you beat a drug test on urine. Niacin ain’t going to help you with a mouth swab drug test or a hair drug test, man.

PRO TIP—Use synthetic urine to pass your drug test. We recommend Sub-Solution.

What happens if you only have a day before your drug test? Here’s how to pass a drug test in a day get some synthetic urine. Synthetic urine, aka fake pee, fake urine, fake piss is exactly what it sounds like. You might think synthetic urine is gross but real pee is what’s gross. Fake pee, not as much because it’s toxin free. Plus because it delivers consistent result it’s what drug test labs use to calibrate their drug testing equipment.Worried about fake urine being detected as synthetic? Won’t happen if you purchase a quality product like Sub-Solution. It’s undetectable and by far the best fake pee we’ve come across. What makes it the best synthetic urine is that you can use the included chemical heating powder to warm it up in a matter of seconds. The temp is usually the only thing that tips drug testers off to fake pee. Real pee comes out of your body warm. Anyhow this stuff comes with a 200% money back guarantee so you know it’s gotta be some real good fake piss, right?. Check out our page on using fake pee to get an idea of what to expect at a ua test, tips on smuggling fake piss and our best synthetic urine reviews. Okay back to what does niacin do to help with passing a drug test.

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niacin foods
Niacin is found naturally in many foods

What is niacin?

What is niacin? Well it’s simply vitamin B3. In fact niacin is one of 8 B vitamins. It’s found in every B-complex multivitamin. So don’t worry about drug testing labs finding it in your urine. It’s probably in your urine right now.

What does niacin do?

Okay so what does niacin do? Like all B vitamins niacin helps the body convert food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose). Your body then uses that fuel to produce energy. To boost energy is one of the main reasons why people take niacin pills.

Niacin uses?

Like we said aside from using niacin pills for passing a drug test, niacin is also used to help boost energy. It’s also taken to provide healthier skin, eyes, hair and liver. Some people think because of the benefits provided by niacin that taking niacin pills each day leads to a longer and healthier life. Sounds great, but how does niacin help you beat a drug test?

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Niacin pills
Niacin pills are just vitamin B3

Niacin pills and passing a drug test

How does does niacin help pass a drug test? Because taking niacin pills has been widely used to break down fats many people think that it can help your body get rid of THC stored in the fat faster. This is what helps in passing a drug test. Just don’t overdo it. Taking too much niacin could lead to negative side effects from a rash to liver complications.

Niacin detox process

Here’s how to use niacin to pass a drug test. You’ll first have to stop smoking weed at least three to five days before your test. Remember if this is too much for you or you don’t have the time you can either use synthetic urine or try a detox drink. Liquid Stuff One Hour Cleansing Drink will temporary flush your body of toxin metabolites for about six hours. This should give you enough time to give a urine sample and pass your drug test.

Niacin flush drug test steps

  1. Buy niacin pills and take ’em
  2. Drink lots of water
  3. Pee. A lot.

We’re not kidding that’s basically the niacin drug test method in a nutshell. You’ll want to take about 1000 mg of Niacin a day and couple that with about two gallons of water each day as well. Don’t drink it all in one session of course, space it out during the day. Also space out taking those niacin pills too while you’re at it. Do this for at least two or three days and up to five days prior to your drug test.

Now on the day of your test take about 1000mg of niacin and drink a couple bottles of water. Try and pee at least three times before the test. Pro-Tip—always capture mid-stream pee. That means pee into the toilet for 2-3 seconds then inside the cup and then back inside the toilet. Mid-stream piss is always the best to use when trying to pass a urine drug test.

Another Pro-Tip—test yourself using a home drug test prior to the big test to see if you’ll pass. You can even try the niacin for drug tests method above and test it out prior to the test. That’s it. Good luck with the Niacin Drug Test Method and using niacin pills to help pass your piss test. Let us know how it goes, eh?

Have you tried the Niacin Drug Test Method or have any questions or comments about niacin and drug tests? Please leave ‘em in the comment section below.

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  1. Bert

    ill give it a shot! have 2 weeks, im not fat but i have a home THC drug teast and will monitor it daily.not real active now but i need to get my motabilism up.on probation and dont want to go to jail either. havent smoked in 2 weeks,tested today and im getting nervous. ill let you know!,Thanx!

  2. Angel

    Niacin givin me all types uncomfortable feelings. Head spins. Diarrhea.

  3. Angel

    Niacin givin me all types uncomfortable feelings. Head spins. Diarrhea. Only popped one yesterday. Ima just do certo drug test method the day before.

  4. Erell

    I’m trying to enlist in the military and I just recently smoke. I’m suppose to be getting tested next Thursday and I’ve been taking Niacin for a few days now. I hope I pass

  5. Daquarius Brown


  6. Susan Santilli

    I have only smoked 3 times in the last 4 weeks. Tonight being one of them. Tomorrow I have a drug test at 10am. I’m not worried. I’m taking my first pill rt now and then one at 8am. I’ll drink lots of water and pee a lot. I have done this twice before, and let me tell you, back then, I got high everyday, I just took niacin 2 hrs before my test. I passed both times! This method is a truckers favorite. That’s how I found this method out. I was told by one that they keep it in the glove box and radio down the interstate when police do random pull overs. So they are warned, take em, and pass.

    I’ll come back and let you know my results…

  7. nina

    did it work out for you?

  8. jayzon e

    im an old truck driver/equipment operator and niacin always worked for me. you can take 500mg daily or 1200-1500mg the day before your test but never take more than that cause you will end up in the hospital and take years to recover completely.Also drink plenty of water…Another truck driver tip;if you drink keep ketchup packets with you swish a couple packets around in your mouth and swallow this will let you pass a breathalizer

  9. DangerDan77

    This article is a little confusing because your “How to pass a drug test for marijuana” article says that niacin doesn’t work. So does it or does it not?

  10. Mustang

    I’ve recently got into trouble with the law… Being put on probation… I’m an overweight female… Been smoking herb for well over 30 years… Daily… Failing my 1st piss test, He’s giving me a 2nd chance… I NEED TO PASS MY UP COMING PROBATION ON JULY 19TH!!! I’ve read all prior posts… Just need alittle more info from an over weight person before I fire one up… Anyone out there to help me out?

  11. I smoked yesterday two Blunts and hit a bowl twice today. I already took 10 500 mg or niacin drinking nothing but water I'll do same tomorrow should I've able to o pads drug test by wemsday I'm 5'9 weighing 140

    Please help

  12. Anonymous

    Niacin work

  13. David

    I know this isn’t a weird question but I need to pass a drug test for the Xanax and Klonopin any advice will the niacin drug test method work plus adding B-Complex to it and I don’t know if anyone knows of milk thistle is that as well

  14. Vic

    I have taken niacin since 96. Haven’t had no reason 2 take it in the past 5 years though. I’ve had times it worked and times it didn’t. Ive even burned a blunt going 2 take a piss test and passed. The itchy tight skin heated feeling is what sucks. I was put on to niacin back in 93 from a officer i was in the army with. I didn’t smoke back then though but i had friends that did. I personally know some1 on probation now that took it and failed. Now she has to go back through task. She’s a heavy girl so i figured that might of had something to do with it or just didn’t drink enough water. I have a nephew that just got off probation and he passed all his test due to niacin. So from my experiences is sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

  15. Mater

    Larger people, with a higher fat content, Niacin doesnt work so well. If you have a low fat content, and exercise regularly (at least 1hr a day with the niacin) technically it should help flush out your system at a faster than normal rate. Heavy smokers will start to pass after 1-2weeks depending on metabolism. Stop exercising the day before the test, drink plenty of water


    THC is mainly metabolized back through the system in your digestive tract, make 1liter of green tea with some Sure-gel pectin in it and drink it. The sure-gel fiber coats your digestive tract and makes it harder for the THC to metabolize back into your system so if you are heavily detoxing this helps with keeping it from being absorbed.

    The only guarantee that you’ll be clean is time. Those people with a higher fat content in their bodies will take a longer for the niacin flush to be working. I take 500mg extended release and 500mg of immediate release with breakfast. 5’8″ ~155-160 and I pee clean after 7-10days depending on exercise and how much I’ve been smoking.

  16. KrackerJackJoe

    Been a HEAVY smoker for about a year and a half. Stopped smoking at least 3 weeks ago, possibly 4 by now, and taking 2500 mg of niacin a day and drinking a gal of water a day. 4 days ago i failed a home piss test and have drank minimum of 2 gals of water each day. I have a piss test in roughly 7 days, give or take a day. Suggestions?

  17. Jb

    It really works

  18. Brittany

    I’m fat , will the niacin flush help me ? I weigh 259 . I have a job interview in two weeks .

  19. Amanda

    Yes niacin really really joke

  20. Jake

    Starting niacin today, been working out and doing intense cardio for a week now, and only took a couple puffs of a joint. Have to take a drug test in the next couple of days. Luckily I’m quite slender and have only had a couple puffs and before that not for a long time. I’ll let you guys know of my outcome.

  21. Tae

    I did this all the time when i was in the army and never got caught. Just make sure you aleast 2 days to clean out dtink a lot of water and pee a lot and your good. Try to get the no burn kind or you will feel like you’re on fire. You get used to it after a while though.

  22. Mai

    Yo…. I got a drug test tomorrow and I just smoked a blunt like a hour ago… They just told me that I had to take it first thing tomorrow…. I’m about to go to the gym for 3 hours and take 1500 of niacin and drink a detox drink 2 hours before my test…. Let you know if it works guys…. And exactly everything. I did. Step for step…. I have about 12 hours to get clean…. Pray for me yall.

  23. Stonermed

    I took a drug test about an hour ago. I been taking niacin for about 3 days and been testing negative with a home test. My problem is that my pee was damn near clear…. Will they consider the test tampered with? Its been 3 weeks since I smoked and I need a joint BAD but I don’t want to smoke if I’ll have to possibly do the test over…. Anyone else had this issue??

  24. Kkk

    I have a rest tomorrow I hope I pass u been clean for a month taking niacin and alot of other things I hope I pass

  25. KTH

    I’ve been a smoker every day for the last few years some weeks more some weeks less. I recently decided I wanted a new job, haven’t smoked since August 15th. First few days I took 1000 mg niacin and drank and drank water then Thursday night I ate about 30 minutes after taking some and it made me vomit. I have been worried about taking more but still drinking plenty of water. I’m 5’5 130 pounds. How soon should I be showing up negative?

  26. Bob

    It’s a pretty easy method if you follow it as it’s outlined. You just have to make sure that you give yourself a week before the test. I don’t recommend getting so close like 2 to 3 days as the article suggests.

    I’m about 6 foot tall, 165 lbs. and live an active lifestyle (weight lifting and cardio about 4 – 5 times per week). I always take at least 1 a day leading up to the test. Then one about 2 hours before the test so I won’t have that itchy feeling going into the test.

    Lastly, I do recommend doing some type of physical fitness about 3 to 4 times leading up to the test to give your body a good sweat. If you can do all those things, it’s fool proof.

  27. Lynnette

    I havent smoked in about 2 going on 3 months now.. I weigh about 175-180.. I have to take a test on monday today is friday will i pass? Took a test on wednesday but i failed but i also took niacin nd drank water maybe not enough???

  28. Dustin

    I burned 2 hits one day then 2 days later took another 2 hits I have 11 days from last session till my UA will i be clean if I have been taking niacin everyday about 500 mg or more a day and went biking 4 days in a row sense last session and drinking water ? I was clean completely before I smoked also

  29. Dustin

    Also 5″11 165 as body type

  30. dat loud

    If this shit doesn’t work im going to juvie. Do me a favor and wish a fellow stoner good luck. I got 10 days hope it works.

  31. Drew

    It’s been 2 weeks since I stopped using dab and used up niacin much as I can, like 2 to 5 pills for 4 days out of week with detox pills for liver or whatever it is called, I still failed at home test. Guess dab got me pretty good for while. Good luck.

  32. Drew

    I’m 6″0 and 155 lb as well. My metabolism is fairly high. I’m assume dab oil has aleast 80 percent thc level while high quality bud has 35ish percent thc level. So it takes twice times to clean my body. So any of you who use bud 2 weeks before test has more likely chance to pass using niacin flush one. I’m still using it and I’ll update in a week.

  33. Drew1

    I’m 6″0 and 155 lb as well. My metabolism is fairly high. I’m assume dab oil has aleast 80 percent thc level while high quality bud has 35ish percent thc level. So it takes twice times to clean my body. So any of you who use bud 2 weeks before test has more likely chance to pass using niacin flush one. I’m still using it and I’ll update in a week.

  34. Stacy williams

    I’m just curious does it help you pass a drug test for any other drugs besides marijuana??? Need to know asap

  35. Stacy williams

    I’m just curious does it help you pass a drug test for any other drugs besides marijuana???

  36. Anonymous

    It worked for me once I smoked Saturday then found out I had to do another test on Monday or Tuesday all I did was take those pills one at day one at night drink hella water piss -shit & piss at least twice b4 the test then drink hella water b4 the test u will past it jus make sure u drink some to put color back n it all u doing is diluting your pee but I’m 5’8 weigh 125 the real trick is drinking the water and this was with flush free

  37. Monte

    Just took a piss test today. Trying to get a job with tsa at Reagan airport in DC. I’m 6’2 and weigh about 240lbs. Stopped smoking last Thursday and took about 2-3(do not take over 3 pills at once your skin will feel like it’s on fire) niacin pills a day. Made the mistake of taking 4 pills all at once on Friday and regretted it immediately. But took two pills every night from Thursday until Tuesday night. Did not smoke at all. Drank more than a gallon of water each day and Gatorade so it wouldn’t be clear. Also took two pills about an hour and a half before the test and a lot of water. Also got a home test from Walmart 2 hours before my actual test just to see if I would pass and I did. Just waiting on my results from the real test and I’m pretty confident I passed. I will update as soon as I get my results.

  38. Darrin Lane

    Which kind of niacin pills should I buy

  39. Teirra

    So today is Wednesday 09/21/2016 and just got confirmation that I passed a drug test i was freaking out about so how it happened was from 09/11-09/13 I have not smoked weed only cause I ran out but the 14th & 15th i smoked heavily.. the 16th I went for an interview and got offered a job and the same day they wanted a drug test.. wasn’t gonna happen so i was able to get it pushed back until the 19th being that i had a few extra days I still smoked a few joints and stopped the 18th went and got some niacin ( spring valley green bottle yellow top and yellow label the 500MG capsules for about $5 at walmart) took about 7 of them (very dangerous) drunk alot of water and went and took my test Monday the 19th around 3pm .. didn’t experience any side effects like I have before but shit i passed and just wanna share that here oh & im about 5’6 230 lbs.

  40. Jordan

    I think I stopped smoking on the 12th… just bought these niacin pills yesterday (21st). Took two, tested myself at home, and failed. I took two today as well and failed again. About 6 hours after taking the initial two, I took 3 more. My head started to spin a little and I failed my at home test AGAIN. I’m not too confident in these pills, but I do have “QCarbo32” as a detoxing agent. I’m going to try one tomorrow just to test it. I will post again to tell you all if that helped at all. I’ll be told when my drug test will take place on Friday so I’ll post again then and let you guys know what happened (:
    I’m 5’9 145lbs pretty normal metabolism

    ALSO, be sure not to drink too much water and not to take too many pills at once!! You can die! Be careful, loves (:

  41. Lindsey

    READ EVERY SINGLE POST ABOVE ^^^ I used to a smoke quite a bit…an O every 3 weeks since 2010. May of 2016 I went cold turkey just to prove to myself I could. Come Fourth of July, I celebrated my independence ripping a 22″ bong. Filled that baby up and sent myself to the moon (OMFG I WAS UNBELIEVABLY STONED :D). July I hardly smoked…maybe a bowl or two every few days. The month of August and up until September 18th, I smoked every day (only two big bong loads each day). The day of my piss test will be a total of 13 days no smoking. And I started taking niacin only 3 hours ago (500mg flush free). My plan is to take niacin and drink water throughout the day tomorrow and only one 500mg pill Friday, the day. I’ve been taking at home tests and took one about 30 minutes ago. The second line which would indicate a negative (a pass) was very very faint. Feeling positive 😀

    P.s. A friend of mine in high school (heavy heavy smoker) passed a piss test many years ago after smoking that morning and taking probably what would be considered a not so safe amount. I’ll post again after I get my results.

    Good luck all, you can do it!

  42. Lindsey

    P.p.s. The at home tests I took was on day 10 no smoking and it came up positive (a fail)

  43. Anonymous

    Did not work, failed on home tests after a week of niacin pill method and being toxin free for 20days! Thank God I had some ultimate gold cleanse drink, and passed my UA with that!

  44. Monte

    *****FOLLOW UP TO PREVIOUS POST***** I Got my results from my urine test back a couple days ago. I passed the test, which was for a position with TSA in D.C.. I took niacin (2-3pills daily) and drank only water (gallon or more daily) for about 5 days prior to and on the day of my urine test. I took an at home test 2 hours prior to my test and passed that just to see what my chances were of passing. And also drank a gatorade prior to my test just to add color to my urine. Make sure to only catch mid-stream urine in the test cup!!!!!

  45. Love16

    I smoked a blunt Saturday and Sunday night, took one pill Monday, 2 pills Tuesday, 3 pills Wednesday . I have a drug test Friday and I drink ALOT of water and cranberry juice. Will I pass?

  46. Ben

    Heavy smoker, 6’3 about 250lbs. Need to pass a test in about a week. Stopped smoking last night. Taking Niacin and ALL the water for the next week. Will update with results.

  47. Becca

    I used synthetic urine to pass a drug test and they said my nitrate levels were high and it had to be sent out. I just starred taking niacin today and I need to know if it will work. I haven’t smoked weed in 2 Weeks and I’m going to try and see if they’ll test me again. Is it possible for me to pass a drug test in less than 24 hours using niacin. Need advice ASAP PLEASE! IM DESPERATE!

  48. Michelle

    What are the chances of me passing a drug test in 2 weeks? For the past month and a half, I’d say I smoked about 5 times a week once a night..these were small bowls and when I say small, I mean a SMALL amount. I’m 170 PDS and have started on niacin & water for that extra detox boost. The last day I smoked was 10/5

  49. Dippy

    I did this, but took way more than 1000mg. I have never failed a drug screen, and i smoke everyday. It works for me. But i am 6ft 165lbs.

  50. Joanne

    Will niacin flush out narcotics and benzodiazepines as well?

  51. Chris Powers

    I’m not sure if I will be taking a court ordered drug test. All that I know is that I’ve been slamming some niacin in hopes that it works. Please help me,I only took 9 hits,and I’m scared.

  52. Britt

    If I’m tryin to clean my system from meth how many 500 mg niacin’s should I take an how?

  53. linc

    I take 4 100mg niacin drink a gallon of water and im clean a day later after smoking lol. so if it dont work for you then you fucked up.

  54. Doc

    OMG please everyone be very careful with Niacin. Try a small dose first to see how you react. No more than 500mg (which is a ton!) at first, and make sure you have food in your stomach and you are properly hydrated. Niacin will KICK your ass if you are not careful!

  55. Ashley Stone

    I have a question I just smoked 2 days ago and I’m trying to get a job at a grocery store. I just wanted to know if drinking water and cranberry juice along with taking niacin pills will help flush this out quicker

  56. Melinda

    Yes niacin works I’m over weight bout 30lbs I smoke everyday n once a month I’ve gotta ua n I’ve smoked the night before n take 1000 to 1500mg a day starting 3 days before my appt n take em right up to my appt day w plenty of water n it works!! Really does so don’t stress just try it u’ll be surprised

  57. DaGod

    What niacin does is burst the fat cells so the thc metabolites can be released back into blood stream, but then were alot of people fail is the simply just drink alot of water to flush it out and not take something for the intestinal tract…

    Here how the true niacin flush should go..
    – Hydrate
    – Fast in early part of day
    – Take 200-600 mgs of niacin
    – Workout and break a sweat 10 mins after taking niacin
    – Take a hot bath to increase sweating or use a sauna(thc will come out your pores)
    – Then take activated charcoal pills to leech out the thc in your bloodstream to expel through your feces..
    – Drink a gallon of water throughout the day..

    If you do this twice before taking a test and drink plenty if water the day of the test and take a vitamin to color urine you should pass every time..

    Some peoples systems(liver to be exact) dont process the thc well so it either ends up back in fat cells or in your urine, this is why some people need activated charcoal or bentonite to make it bind in their intestines,,,

  58. Yes216

    Gave it to my friend a few days before his test and he passed I also know a nurses aid that uses it to pass her test they either got the job or kept their job but both passed

  59. Beca

    I am 5’3, 125 pounds, female. I used to niacin method and passed a drug test in my record time – 5 days. Took 2-3 pills a day and drank as much water as possible, probably 2-3 gallons a day. I also exercised to sweat out the toxins and ate healthy – lots of greens and veggies. I had a bet going with a co-worker who didn’t think I would be able to pass and welp he had to buy my lunch on my last day before starting my new job! I usually smoke a couple times a day, But I have another drug test coming up soon for a new job and I’m turning to this method again. Keep in mind its about body fat, so that’s the amount of time it took for me but it could be less or more depending on your body. Good luck!

  60. Sam

    Well I’ve got a drug test for my job on Friday and that will be a week exactly from the last time I smoked.. I started taking the niacin last night and we’re planning on getting a home drug test the day prior.. should I be clean while also drinking water? What are other things I can do to make sure?

  61. bree

    nician 500 mg does work !! i smoked all the way up till one day before my drug test popped two of them one at 10 that night and the other at 2 in the morning than drunk bottles of water with red bull . gnc brand tho . i’m 5’5 130

  62. Romper

    I have used niacin to pass multiple UA’s never failed one. And I wasnt just smoking trees either. It will make you feel uncomfortable hence when it’s called flushing. You are flushing your system and you’re pretty much overdosing on the dosage. It feels like you have a bad sunburn all over, you get red, and itchy but it doesn’t last too long. As long as you’re pounding water and taking these a couple to a few days before the test you should be fine. I’m also very active everyday and not fat but fit, that helps as well. Not sitting around.

  63. Donna Stephenson

    It works my hubby uses it all the time

  64. My

    Was clean for 4 months. Smoked for 5 days (2-3gs total) and then found out I gotta drop. Haven’t smoked in 7 days. I always workout 4x a week and I don’t eat fast food or junk food. 145lbs, 5’8″ low body fat. I’ve done 90mins hot yoga 3x the past week to sweat it out.. took a 7 day GNC detox kit, and been taking 1000th niacin for the 7 days. Drinking tons of water.

    Will I be clean this week?

    What should I do day of the test?

  65. Hey

    I took a pain pill yesterday witch I don’t tack them often!! But I do normally hit my pipe every night 3 to 4 hits b4 bed bc I have restless legs was wanting to know what all I do I have a drug test n less then 48 hours

  66. bree

    just take 3 500 mg GNC niacin pills the day before your test and drink lots of water , i had a gallon of water and didn’t even finish it but drank 2 bottles also . the day off take 2 like 4 hours before your test along with a red bull you will pee so so much !

  67. Jordan

    I’ve been taking 1000 mg a day and drink at least a gallon of water for a little over a week now. I took a home test and came up positive for marijuana. DO NOT TRUST THIS METHOD, it’s been two weeks since I’ve smoked.

  68. Roy

    260lbs 6’4′. Moderate use was still positive on 50ng/ml test strips (got 15 for about $8 at Amazon) after a week of non use. Then did some research. This is what I suggest. Drink lots of water/green tea/cranberry juice. A gallon a day or more. (Watch out. It is possible to overdose on water). Pee a lot. Take Niacin but not more than 1500mg per day. (Can cause kidney damage/failure). I did NOT want flush free/slow release. (Wanted to feel hot flash/dash and itch from each 500mg). Also got generic metamucil. (Some of thc metabolite released from fat cells may bond to fiber and leave with your poop instead of joining urine or getting reabsorbed into your body. But be aware it has a laxative effect.). Exercise and sweat/sauna as much as you can but NOT day of test or day before. Avoid sugar and fat in food. Eat healthy like you would for weight loss. Pee at least 3 times before urine test. (First of day is dirtiest). Use mid stream sample, not first or last part of urine stream. I also took a couple of aspirin because I heard it may block thc test. Finally got faint line on test strip indicating negative result for first time since I started home testing. Expect dark line in next several days as I continue regimen. (Note: green tea raises metabolism a bit – like coffee but not all of it due to increased heart rate). Expect it to take at least a few DAYS. (If you need to take test tomorrow then fake urine and/or masking is your best bet.). Glad I had the box of 15 home self tests to work with…

  69. Deeee Light

    Was on probabtion for a year using niacin. I am a moderate but regular smoker with moderate fat stores. Taking 1000mg niacin a few days then daily I anticipate a negative test result in just a few days. Quit yesterday when I scheduled an interview for Friday. NIACIN WORKS.

  70. ElCapitan

    As a laborer in the medical services, i can promise you that fake pee is not the way to go, at least when looking in to gvt or state employment. Your urine has a specific gravity that is measured in the lab once The urine is delivered and prepared to be processed. Be mindful that unless it is an instant piss test, you should not use fake pee, because it will be obvious and give you away. Try answering to your employer why you used fake dribble in the first place.. Hope this helps

  71. Niacintaker

    Niacin made me a little uncomfortable but it is definitely worth it and works like a charm!

  72. Nazir

    I’m on probation and ive smoked seven days ago . I finish probation in 8 days . Immediately after smoking two blunts to the face of sour diesel, I thought “what a dumb ass decision “. So after two hours of tripping paranoia , I did research . I found the niacin method . I bought the tablets, cranberry juice and the take home test. it cost me about 17 bucks for all three . I’m about 225 and 5ft 10 bmi like 64 (considered obese ) I’ve been on this regiment for seven days with drinking close to a gallon and a half of water each day mixed with cranberry. Been taking two 500 MG tabs a day . Today on the seventh day , I took the at home test and it was undeniably negitive.!!! It truly works !!! Wish I could post the pic of the results on here .

  73. Chornell

    Does niacin pills help for other drugs like benzos, codeine pils,hydrocodone, opiates I need to know asap!!

  74. greenco

    It wrks i kno i used it take d nacin pill on a empty stomach

  75. KittyLove

    The heavier you are the more niacin you need take. The more niacin you take the more water you need drink. Also drink lots of acidic drinks, orange juice, Apple cider vinegar if you can stand it, pickle juice. the acid aids burning fat cells. I took a bunch of niacin and drank a of ton water and orange juice the day of my test. Passed the home test, then went on to occupational health clinic for drug test.

  76. PRINCE

    I have the Spring Valley (yellow top)500mg Niacin but do I need the Flush or Flush-Free bottle or both works…becaue I looked on internet there’s no Flush-Nicain per say bottle, I’ll check again. I mean I take the test Friday by on have already chugged 5 pills of the Spring Valley brand.

    Please Help

  77. PRINCE

    I have the Spring Valley (yellow top)500mg Niacin but do I need the Flush or Flush-Free bottle or both works…becaue I looked on internet there’s no Flush-Nicain per say bottle, I’ll check again. I mean I take the test Friday by on have already chugged 5 pills of the Spring Valley brand.

    Please Help

  78. Catie

    I have a question, I live in a medicinal use state and am in pain management for damage from late stage cancer. I was honest w. my Doc and was never tested when I was receiving chemo. Chemo is now over and I was informed last week that when I pick up my script for pain on Monday, I will be tested (at least she told me). This is a new state law based on federal…crap. I am no longer exempt. It is important that I do not test positive for THC and I have used Niacin before, I know it works. But my problem is that if I test negative for what I am being prescribed, they assume I am turning them (I am not, it is barely enough to keep metastatic pain down, combined w. cannabis-I almost have a life). I am really nervous that it will also remove that from my urine which in the long run will be worse for me than testing positive for weed. Does Niacin remove that too (hydrocodone) or just the THC? Thanks for the help, I am just a sweet/harmless old lady fighting cancer and aftereffects as best I can, I would never have gotten thru 24 rounds of IV/IP chemo without it, it is what helps me sleep/eat, and continue living, I am retired now and I get a bit angry about this bs, I appreciate you taking the time to help me (PS, I beat late Stage IV Ovarian Cancer that had spread to a dozen organs, I rocked chemo and even gained some much needed weight).

  79. Stoner Stuff

    Who can help?!?

  80. B

    I usually smoke once i see my p.o then everyday for like a week – 2 weeks then i stop smoking, drink lots of Water and pass like that. Last month i only had 16 days to get clean. I took a home drug test and failed. Three days before my test i took a pill at night & a pill in the morning drinking tons of water all day long , tested myself everyday at home and failed on all 3 days. The morning of my test i took another one & drank maad water tested myself again and failed took two more and drank a bottle and a half of water, peed 3 times before i got to probation & i passed. So i failed at home & passed in office. Its scary but im pretty sure it works. I have another test in less than 10 days and am still smoking today… ill start taking niacin and drinking water tomorrow. Hopefullly i pass again !!

  81. Immastoner420

    Okay so I have a drug test on the 20th this month I stopped smoking a few days ago and I have been taking niacin two 500 mg pills . my face is so dry this better work . makes my eyes puffy . it stopped burning and itchy buy my face omg its so red and dry I have dead skin all over . its helped with my sinus infection as well so I hope I pass my test .

  82. Diamond

    I have a question I smoke a lot & I have a drug test tomorrow 😩 So I really need to know if these pills work I’m a female 5’6 I weigh about 125/130 I need to know

  83. Someone with advice ;)

    Ok so i have 2 chronic conditions so i take meds from a doctor for pain, and i also smoke maryj at night for sleep. I would say casual smoker. (For last 10 years) Well marj is not legal yet, and the doctors office started to randomaly drug tests. Well i failed 🙁 but good news is, i needed to pass before my next script. So i had 7 days to get clean. Im a small person (110lbs) but my at home tests kept saying postive. 2 days of taking niacin 1000mg day. Plus water! And more water!, pickle juice, and cranberry pills. Bam i was clean. They seem to make you feel alot more healthy as well. My advice is, it is a good idea to detox once in a while, and live a healthly life style with diet n exercise. IT IS POSSIBLE TO CLEAN UP IN 7 DAYS. HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE. 😉

  84. Experienced

    I recommend if you KNOW you have to take a test stop smoking as soon as possible. Take niacin and drink plenty of water to flush it out of your system. You can do some exercise too to help out. Also drink plenty of water and drink at least 3 times before you take the test and make sure it is clear. Then for the color to return to your urine drink Monster energy drink or some kind of energy drink or multi-vitamins. This will make your pee yellow in color and your pee will be clean. I always try to take at least 3 weeks before I take a test or as soon as I know I might have to look for a job or a test. I don’t understand why people would smoke a few days or even A DAY before your test. You’re just asking to fail then… even though some of you might pass it… my advice is to stop smoking if you know you have to take a test. C’mon be an adult and responsible and stop doing something that might not allow you to get a job you want or send you to jail if you fail it.

  85. Stoner Stuff


  86. Jay

    I’ve been using this since the mid 90s, take 5 an hour for 3 hours. You turn red and burn but it works. Worked once for me and once for my older brother. WEED ONLY from what I know. Take a few days before your test. I once took it the day of a test a few hours beforehand and it made the test come back inconclusive. Its funny I googled this a few years ago and everyone said it didn’t work, im glad people have finally caught up.

  87. Jay

    I’ve been using this since the mid 90s, take 5 an hour for 3 hours. You turn red and burn but it works. Worked once for me and once for my older brother. WEED ONLY from what I know. Take a few days before your test. I once took it the day of a test a few hours beforehand and it made the test come back inconclusive. Its funny I googled this a few years ago and everyone said it didn’t work, im glad people have finally caught up.

  88. J

    I smoked new years haven’t smoked since I take a drug test on the 19th… started taking 2pills at 4am… gonna take another 2 at 11 am then another 2 at 12 am… then another 2 next day and night… should I be clean ? I only took 3 hits new years

  89. Skywise

    I have to take a test within the next 2 weeks, haven’t smoked since probably the 11th or 12th. I’m still terrified I won’t pass. It’s the type they send to the lab, apparently a fairly sensitive one at that. Funny story actually, the last 3 guys who tried for this position I’m going for failed theirs and I’m not trying to be the fourth. Also I Turn 18 on the 23rd and this job will be at the same shop my Dad works at. So, if I do fail he’ll never hear then end of it and in turn neither will I. Anyways, I’m taking niacin and drinking hella water. Hopefully I pass. I will definitely follow up once it’s all said and done, wish me luck fellow Smothers Pokers!!!
    P.S. damn it feels good to be able to get that off my chest to people who won’t judge me 😅

  90. Shyguy

    Does it matter if it’s flush free or not?

  91. Carter

    I’ve been talking 1000mg on mia ian for three days and my WHOLE body is covered with a red rash. literally EVERYWHERE. i haven’t taken my drug test yet so i don’t know if it works but this burnnnns

  92. Cg

    I recently got a dwi and have to go to tasc and other alcohol/drug classes yes I smoked as well however haven’t smoked in almost a month but have a drink or two here and there at home only. Will it help with the breakdown of alcohol as well? A co-worker told me that it helped him after he got wasted the night before a Piss test… I can’t have a dirty test and they are random.

    Let me know any help

  93. dkh

    I haven’t smoked in 14 days have dot drug test i haven’t done much to cleanse but just started niacin. I have an emergency bottle of assure detox hope i pass. So far failed two home test. I know after this experience i will not smoke til i retire not worth the stress good luck to everyone pls post if the niacin helped you.

  94. Cg

    Is there any follow up to previous post? Does it help breakdown alcohol as well?

  95. Anonymous

    I have stopped smoking for five days and have been taking niacin but still showing positive Am l doing something wrong

  96. Mp

    ridiculous. in every success story you see one common denominator..excessive hydration. thus a dilute.

    despite considering how long it actually takes thc to leeave your system niacin or otherwise, why would taking something that supposedly makes you produce MORE metabolites help you pass a test that detects drug metabolites the day of taking it? stupid fuckin stoners pretending to understand bio chem

  97. Mp's daddy

    It worked because your whore mother willed it !

  98. Kimmie

    Yes it works. I had to take a drug test for wally world..I had an hour n 1/2 to do so….I didn’t have time to take niacin everyday…so I popped 5 at once n drunk a gallon of water..and two cups of cranberry juice….guess what folks….I passed that bish. Now I have a drug test tomorrow at 8 am ..I just took two pills…then I will take 3 more in an hour…then before I go into the building i will pop 5. It does work. The only thing..I hate water jiggling in my belly. Drink plenty of water n cranberry juice. Boom!

  99. The Big Guy

    I started taking this today. I don’t know when I will test as I am looking at retraining and go back to Truck Driving. Right now I am on leave due to shoulder surgery. I am have been an MMJ patient for approximately 5 years. I have used a lot of concentrates. I don’t know if this works but I hope so. I am now quite a bit overweight by about 75-100 pounds now since surgery ( 2 months stuck in a recliner= over eat and binge watch Netflix) in PT now but I hope this will clean out my system. They said Coffee can help speed up the process. Thinking about adding Metamucil also. Hopefully I have another month minimum but I have no idea how much build up I have in my fatty fat cells!

  100. Daniel

    Hello all, Ive been on probation for about a year and get tested regularly twice a week. After doing research in the past i discovered that Garden Greens product 48 hour detox (best price at marshalls) works for light users and ive passed (with two days not smoking). I even tried QCarbo which helped with three days free of toxins but now questioning its legitimacy since i recently failed. I just asked my boy and he recommend i take niacin. Today is Sunday i took two I smoked heavily all week drank qCarbo 32 and been taking charchol activated. I will get tested tomorrow ill repost after i find out how i did. Hope this works

  101. Jacob

    Well I’ve been smoking from September to December and I smoked a lot and I have a drug test coming up in roughly four weeks and today I took a drug test and it was just a little bit but the person told me I wasn’t going to be clean by the time my actual drug test came around .. will taking two niacin a day and drinking plenty of water have me clean by the time it comes around

  102. Jacob

    Well I’ve been smoking from September to December and I smoked a lot and I have a drug test coming up in roughly four weeks and today I took a drug test and it was just a little bit but the person told me I wasn’t going to be clean by the time my actual drug test came around .. will taking two niacin a day and drinking plenty of water have me clean by the time it comes around??

  103. Phillip

    I know an easier method that really does work and has worked for me every time. 3 days is all it takes. Azo pills you can get them at wal mart. What you do is you take 3 the first day 2 the second day and 1 the day after that and drink a lot of water and try and pee a lot. The pills will make your pee look like a dark orange it’s only because the dye color of the pill so don’t trip just don’t get it on anything cause it will stain… but I swear to it you it work. I’m 19 I love smoking my parents would drug test me and I needed to pass and to get a job and it always works💯

  104. Vince

    I did this flush twice in my life. Both times successful.
    First time: heavy user (blunts everyday for months) I took 12-15 niacin pills my body got really red and I peed and drank water for an hour and the redness /itchiness went away. Passed! THE ONLY SCARY THING IS I DON’T REMEMBER IF I USED WATER SOLUBLE OR FAT SOLUBLE ONE WORKED AND ONE WILL KILL YOU WITH THAT AMOUNT DOES ANYONE KNOW.

  105. Stacy Lynn

    Okay question I was called yesterday to be told I needed to drop today on a wensday I don’t smoke much weed at all here and there maybe one two hits like 3-4 times a month. I weigh 94.5 Lbs I took 4 Niacin pills thru out the night and drank water. I took teat this morning, will I pass my drug screen? Please help I need an immediant answer. The test was for children services and case worker said she should have results in by tomorrow some time.. Will I pass my test? Will I be okay? Should I be worried about them trying to take my child over me smoking a little bit if weed?

  106. The Big Guy

    Only if your metabolism is truly high. Although at 95 lbs you might get lucky. Niacin helps flush fatty cells but is not the cure some on here claim. It takes me 3 weeks to flush my system. I’m 300 lbs though. Best idea in your situation it to keep it clean till your not dealing with the corrupt system anymore.

  107. Dude Lebowski

    Does this work? YES, it does! I am 6′ and about 200 lbs. I have been smoking daily in the afternoons and evenings and all day on the weekends. We’re talking the good NW shit here, usually at least in the upper 20% THC range. I found out I was going to have to a DOT drug test to get a new job. I still had a bunch of weed left and I’ll be damned if I was going to just get rid of it so I smoked it all. I finished it on Sunday night. On Monday morning I took 500mg of niacin and 500mg more that evening. I drank about a gallon and a half of water. I did the same thing on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday I took 500 in the morning and then at about noon, I took a home test (the best one I could find) and passed. Turns out I didn’t have to test till the following day so on Friday morning I took 1000mg (just to be on the safe side) and chased it with my morning coffee and some Gatorade. I passed the test with flying colors. It’ll probably take a little longer if you’re obese because THC is stored in your fat cells. Still, 3 and a half days is the fastest I’ve ever completely detoxed and I would recommend this to anyone. I suffered no redness of the skin or the burning sensation that some people experience with niacin so that was a bonus too! Definite thumbs up for the niacin cleanse! It works for sure!

  108. Danielle

    Do you have to use the niacin with flush in order to pass? I ask because I saw one article and it said niacin flush free.

  109. Danielle

    Do you need to use the niacin with flush or the flush free niacin? I ask because I saw an article that said niacin flush free and I would think the flush type would be the best way.

  110. Samantha G

    Smoked about two weeks ago almost, was told yesterday to come in and test some time today. I had ready clean plus niacin pills two-three hours prior to test. Took home one and barely passed,very faint line. But still positive. Probability of me passing hospital test? 5″3 282 lbs.

  111. Toni

    I took niacin everyday for 2 weeks. Taking 500mg in morning and 500mg at night. And it didn’t work for me. So now I’m waiting to see what I have to do next to get this job….. I’m guessing praying is the only thing that’s really going to work….

  112. Chevy s

    Question… i smoked about 3 weeks ago but only a few hits maybe 4 will i be dirty if ive taken niacin (not the whole 1000 i dont think )once a day for a a week with cranberry pills … or should i just start taking the niacin 1000 i have a ua on monday….

  113. Rahman

    This definitely works.
    I’m 6′, 235 lbs., heavy smoker and always the best stuff (around 20% THC). I’ve done this in as little as three days before a test, but for piece of mind I prefer a full week.
    Only adverse effect it has ever had on me was souring my stomach a bit and taking my appetite away… and I actually increased my niacin intake to 2500mg/24hrs (hence, how I passed a test with three days’ notice).
    No flushing sensations, no rash, just a slightly upset stomach.
    However, 2500mg is bordering on the threshold of being toxic… do NOT exceed more than 2500mg a day. And by all means, slam that water back. Drinking all that water had to be the hardest part of it all.

  114. Elle

    I’ve never done a niacin detox before, this is my first. I’m going to post about myself first and then come back with the results. I have three interviews between today(Thursday) and Tuesday. I got the call about the first one yesterday at 1pm. Being a busy parent, it was 7:30 before I bought the niacin and 9pm before I took any. I am 6′ 1″ about 205-210 lbs. I came in ate a health dinner and took two pills. At 4:30 am I took 3 more. Between 7-9 (after coming back to the site and reading more testimonials) I started slamming them two at a time until I had reached a total of 15. I have coffee ready to drink in hopes that I can get some color back in my urine because it is clear right now. I have been drinking plenty of water and I also have flush free niacin. I smoke pot daily and it’s not garbage, maybe a little more than a gram a day, it’s really good stuff. I actually smoked a blunt after I started taking the niacin because it helps me sleep. I am not very optimistic about today’s drug test and really hoping that they don’t give it, but I will be taking a home test before leaving. I’ll update you guys on all of the results I’ve had between now and Tuesday!

  115. Jones mike

    Every time I’ve done the niacin flush method I have taken three or four 500mg niacin pills. Then drank about a half gallon of water and peed as much as possible the night before my test then I would get up the next morning start drinking water again until I peed two more times and after that I would take the test and have always been clean. I have never taken it for multiple days in a row to flush. I have always just done the night before between 1500 to 2500 mg and drinking half a gallon of water and the next morning made sure I peed at least twice before dropping urine for drug test period again never once failed

  116. SammiSam

    ******NEED ANSWER QUICK******
    Ok so im waiting to hear that i have to drop a ua any day now.. Did 7 day detox thing and it was total bull.. Still dirty. Im 5’1 and about 240lbs. Im assuming they are only going to give me a few hours notice before i have to drop.. How do i do this so im actually clean? Havent smoked in 2mos. But due to my weight im still dirty. Can i just take like 10 pills the day of and it at least mask it? Please i need an answer

  117. Jones302

    I know they work for a fact just took ten of em today. I’m 6-9 300 and they cleaned me out before in less then 24 hours hoping they do the same again I go today in a couple hours to piss

  118. Anonymous

    Did you drink alot of water or anything or just took the pills? I took like 7 yesterday and it made me feel alot of pressure in my head.. Let me know if you pass huh

  119. CptunDrpNtz

    So usually I dab about 2 and half grams every 2 weeks with my fiance we always take one with each other so it always pretty evenly split.i slowed down a lot over the past couple couple weeks and took about 2500 mg before bed.i smoked a bowl and a half 2 days before my screening then quit completely for 48 hours,within that 48 hours I took about 10 500mg pills and drank water and tee.i peed once before going in for my test and drank 2 bottles of water on the way,I’m about 5 8 male extremely thin about 115 lbs.think I’m good?

  120. CptunDrpNtz

    Results will take 3-5 business days so anxiety is starting to set in lol.and I actually took 10 500 mg pills per day for that 48 hour no smoking cycle

  121. Tooty123

    Been a smoker for about 8yrs thc based and blacks I drink occasionally. I haven’t smoked weed in about 3 weeks now and I am about 5 days away from a drug screen for urine as well as blood. Over the past weeks I have reframed from smoking bc I am going cold turkey to quite smoking and drinking altogether for good. However in the present I am about to start this Niacin theory in hopes to pass my screening and lab work next week for a great job I’m excited about but nervous about this test even though I haven’t smoked anything in over two weeks. I will be drinking lots of water and working out everyday until then and praying to GOD I pass. I’ll keep you posted if this works for me.

  122. Anonymous

    If it’s going to be ship off u will not pass it its only a cover up trust i kno i failed a disa test and u have to give it time to work i repeat its only a cover up

  123. ken

    I have heard many success stories from people that I know that have used niacin to pass drug tests. With low toxin levels it really does work. When you are more like me and find out last minute that you have a drug test in 7 days it may not help as much. I started taking niacin a few hrs ago, just to be safe I went to GNC and bought “Herbal Clean Ultra Eliminex” you’ll piss water out your butt for about 3 hrs before your drug test but you are guaranteed to pass if you are a heavy smoker that smoked multiple times a day such as myself. Doesnt Detox you so to speak, just masks the toxins in your urine. But it does work for about 6 hrs to keep it clean and with the niacin you should be all set.

  124. Anonymous

    I was wondering g if any one has passed a probation pee test this way? They did send off the pee so I was jw BC some one posted above that it only masks it n of they send it off it doesn’t work. Is this true? Has anyone passed a probation test w niacin?

  125. Quinine

    I’ve been taking 2-4 500mg capsules the past 2 days and I last smoked a week ago. My test is in 3.5 days and I’ve been drinking about a gallon or more water daily. I’m 5’8″ and chubby at 200lbs, I’ll let y’all know if I pass ! Fingers crossed !

  126. Iceeee

    I’ve been using the niacin method for 6+ years now. I’m a heavy weed smoker. A few blunts a day. I’m 150Lbs, I take 1 in the morning, one at lunch, and one before bed. Drink lots of fluids throughout the day. It helps with the burning. Do not get the one that says non flush ! *obviously* && it has to be 500mg. It only takes me about a day & a half. I’ve had a lot of short notice employment tests in the DC area. The morning of the test I don’t take another pill . Just make sure you pee before you go take the test. && as always if your not sure, go get test strips from a pharmacy or Walmart. That way you know before you go. If all else fails just use someone else’s pee. *keep it warm though

  127. Monet

    I been smoking weed almost 20 yrs plus fail one test but never tryed Niacin….So I have 15 days to get out my system 10-17-17 I started taking 14 days lefted…Do u think I’ll pass?

  128. Monét

    I been smoking weed almost 20 yrs plus fail one test but never tryed Niacin….So I have 15 days to get out my system 10-17-17 I started taking 14 days lefted…Do u think I’ll pass? They gave me 30 days but it was still in my system….So now they have given me 15 more days to rid it out….Do u think the Niacin will help me pass…

  129. Craig

    So if i smoke the day before my test but take lots of nicacin and drink lots of water will i pass?

  130. Q

    Would niacin help me pass a test that’s going to the lab ??

  131. LoDeez

    Niacin DOES certainly work for urine tests for marijuana. I hate when people don’t know shit n answer questions. I’m a heavy smoker, and it works. But u have to stop a day or so before the test. Take 2 pills 3 times a day, drink plenty of water. On the test day take 2 more a couple hours before drink plenty of water pee a couple time before, and VOILA!! Remember to catch mos stream in pee cup.


  132. Keeh

    So guys I have a quick question.
    I been detoxing for 3 weeks. Within those 3 weeks…I have took Niacin pills. 2 pills a day for a week…last two weeks I have took nothing. (No Smoking in three weeks) I stop taking them. Still haven’t smoked. As of today 11.23.17. I started back taken then. I popped 4 pills. I have to do a drug test Monday 11.27.17 do you think I will pass? It’s for my Probation. I weight 200lbs. Like I said I haven’t smoked week in 3 weeks. Am I safe?

  133. LoDeez

    Take 2 before you drop that morning and some H2O u good as gold. Always make sure u pee a couple times before.

  134. Jeffery

    So I gotta drug test this Monday I haven’t been smoking for about two days today being my third I’ve been taking 2 250 Mg (500 Mg a day) Niacin,drinking water, cranberry juice, cranberry/pomegranate juice, I’m 6’2 around 150 pounds and I have pretty fast metabolism I remember way back I took Niacin before a drug test I had the next day and passed lol but anyways so you guys think I have a good chance if I keep doing what I’m doing?

  135. Jeffery

    So I gotta drug test this Monday I haven’t been smoking for about two days today being my third I’ve been taking 2 250 Mg (500 Mg a day) Niacin,drinking water, cranberry juice, cranberry/pomegranate juice, I’ve been taking hot showers and also taking multi vitamins I’m 6’2 around 150 pounds and I have pretty fast metabolism I remember way back I took Niacin before a drug test I had the next day and passed lol but anyways so you guys think I have a good chance if I keep doing what I’m doing? Also is it safe too eat after you took the Niacin? Or will that effect it?

  136. Adam

    I was a heavy smoke and quit end of august 2017. I had 3 pipes sept 11 and 2 pipes on the 22. My next smoke was sharing a couple of joints late october and none since then with plenty of exercise. I have a drug screening in 2-3 days started taking nicacin 500 mg will i pass

  137. LoDeez

    No more smoke til after the test. 500 mg of niacin 3 times a day n PLENTY of water. U should be good. Take 2 pills bout an hour before test drink plenty of water u will be good

  138. smoke

    im 5’7 155 the last time I smoked was sat the 9th an today is wed the 13th ,I take my U.A on the 14th, I have took 2 azo’s an about 8 niacin like 2 ah day. im taking 2 more tonight an two around 11am, I also have drank like 2 gallons of water drinking another gallon tonight an some in the a.m I report at 1:30pm tomorrow so do yall think I will be clean?

  139. Michelle

    My job throws randoms at us, once I was warned by the plant manager that my name came up for a test the following week (how cool was he to let me know)! Smoked my ass off that weekend. The day before the test, I began my Niacin cleanse. Drank A LOT of water (62 ounces a day for two days). Took Niacin in the morning before the test, drank water (the 62 ounces were included in this water intake). Went to donate my urine, 2 days later I learned I passed. Last week, I was picked for another random (wasn’t warned) failed, was given a 3 day vacation, will be retested in 30 days, bought my niacin today (NOT FLUSH FREE, you NEED to flush). Will see what happens in 30, I’m sure I’ll pass. Good Luck to all!

  140. Lanae

    I Have A Drug Test Tuesday & I’m Thinking About Purchasing Niacin Tablets (500mg) How Many Will I Have To Take Daily? I’m only 5’6 & 155lbs

  141. Patrice

    Taking a drug test this week need to pass I’m only 5’2 and 112LBs How Many pills do I need to take

  142. Anonymous

    Can they detect niacin in a dip stick test

  143. Anonymous

    So I am worried that they can detect the niacin in A dip stick test

  144. Anonymous

    I take 3 1500 mg

  145. Spaceman

    I am 6’4, 215lbs and was a heavy smoker. Smoked about 2 blunts per day and stopped on Dec 8, 2017 to pass a drug test on Jan 10, 2018. I have taken some niacin pills, but not on a daily basis since Jan 1st. Will I pass urine drug test?

  146. Hillbilly joe

    I got aware on Monday morning prior to smoking 7g the night before that I had a drug screen on Thursday. I have taken 1 500mg on Monday and Tuesday I have taken too and been drinking a lot of water and Lipton green tea. Is there any chance that I will pass?

  147. Ryfh

    Yo that qcarbo 32 drink detox drink. Made me fail my drug test twice within six days of each test. They asked me if I took Keaton which I didn’t just that drink. So some tests can detect something in the qcarbo 32 detox drink. Drink beware!

  148. Michelle

    Good news! I passed my retest using the Niacin method! I started taking it 3 weeks before and smoked here and there in between! My last post about this was December 21st!

  149. Justin

    You people need to read. You can’t just take the pills alone. I once used the exercise, niacin, water, last day rest and eat, and midstream technique to pass a test on 5 days notice. Daily smoker. So yes it works,but I don’t think just taking the pills alone will be reliable, so make sure to follow the steps in the article.

  150. Tino

    Is your system clean from that day on? Well with out smoking of course. Or do I have to use it every time I drop

  151. JRo

    I used the niacin flush for a drug screen today….i was going to take one of those disgusting drinks I got at a smoke shop…I said fuck all that. I researched on the niacin flush. I took a walmart test yesterday was possitive today after my test went back to walmart got another was negative..anyway to make a long story short will see how my pee test results turn out

  152. Irby

    I’m 5’4″, 105lbs, and I just passed a UA using Niacin (1000mg extended release/non-flush, 3x day). I’d last smoked Sunday evening and my test was Thursday afternoon–When I found out the test was coming, in a panic, I’d asked a nurse friend of mine for suggestions and this was her recommendation… It ABsolutely works and has totally saved my butt!!!

  153. Brittany

    I’m really hoping this works because otherwise I’m screwed I started taking niacin yesterday quit smoking 3 weeks ago kept showing up negative my only issue with my drug test is I’m being watched and I also have to sit in jail for 2 days before hand so I really can’t do anything but take it today and tomorrow before I go in and hope for the best. It’s one of those instant result cups. I’ve drank so much water the last 5 days it’s exhausting as of last night I was still positive note i am 5’10” 140 lbs female

  154. that guy

    passed multiple test using this method even did at home test using a detox drink and then just niacin and the niacin gave me a longer window and passing score

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