Oakland’s Apex Extractions to Deliver Concentrates Door to Door

Oakland's Apex Extractions to Deliver Fresh Concentrates Door to Door

If there’s one thing that we learned while judging the Santa Rosa High Times Cannabis Cup concentrates category this year it’s that freshness hella matters. Think about it. If plants nowadays are literally harvested and immediately flash-frozen to preserve freshness and maximize flavor than the sooner products made from those plants are consumed the better, right? Right.

Unfortunately, however, distribution delays those products from getting into customer’s hands. We’re talking sometimes up to a month. The result? Cannabis concentrates that have lost lots of their intense flavors. The way around the time delay? Have that shit come to you, man. Skip the distribution all together—along with the long lines at dispensaries—and go with a subscription service.

And it just so happens that our buds over at Oakland’s Apex Extractions are launching a new subscription service today as a matter of fact. It’s called the Apex Extraction Fresh Club and for a small fee only the tastiest and freshest cannabis concentrates available will arrive at your door. 

“Our expert extractors work hand-in-hand with our cultivation partners to preserve the full spectrum of the plant’s properties creating the purest form of cannabis available,” Scott Benson co-CEO of Oakland’s Apex Extractions, explained recently. “So a subscription service will help us get our products in the hands of cannabis connoisseurs quickly—providing the best possible experience. Plus it’ll also be at an incredible price point.”

How it works
Customers visit apexextractions.com and sign up for Apex Extractions Fresh Club. For $139, including delivery and excise tax, California subscribers 21 and up will gain priority access to a curated selection of Apex Extraction’s products including disposable vape pens, cartridges and small batch concentrate runs from boutique growers. When Apex receives an online order it will forward each request to a local delivery partner where the product will be packaged and scheduled for home delivery in conjunction with a local partner.

Banana Pudding Live Resin Badder from Oakland's Apex Extraction

As you can see from the photos we were all over Apex’s amazing-tasting Banana Pudding Live Resin Badder entry into the Santa Rosa Cannabis Cup which actually took home the award for Best Sativa Concentrate—no surprise because it was FIRE. In fact Apex’s shit is so good that they’ve already won a slew of High Times Cannabis Cups this year including awards for: 

  • Bacio Sauce – Best Hybrid Concentrate
  • GMO – Best Hybrid Concentrate
  • Papaya Sauce – Best Indica Concentrate
  • Pinnacle Vape – Alien Rock Candy – Vapes & Pens
  • Sled Dawg – Best Sativa Concentrate
  • Starburst OG x Dosido – Best Hybrid Concentrate
  • Wedding Crasher #18 – Best Hybrid Concentrate

Stuff Stoners Like
Check this out—we’ll be reviewing Apex’s fresh new subscription products as they come out. So stay tuned for detailed pictures and descriptions of each and every new delight—including how they were manufactured and produced as well as the individual story behind each of the boutique farms that grew the original starting material. And if you’re lucky we may have coupon codes soon. Fresh concentrates delivered directly to your door—now that’s stuff stoners like.

What are your thoughts on cannabis concentrates and freshness? Have you noticed that fresher concentrates have superior flavor? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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