How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card Online

Welcome to NuggMD! As access to medical marijuana continues to sweep across the state of California, many people are asking about the most efficient and convenient ways to be evaluated by a medical marijuana doctor in order to obtain their own medical marijuana card.

How to Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card Online

Medical Marijuana Card OnlineObtaining medical marijuana in California has usually consisted of an antiquated process of calling weed doctors around town to discuss pricing information, requirements and availability. Patients seeking approval must bring their state-issued I.D. along with them and depending on the doctor, medical records may be requested as well. Medical marijuana offices that allow walk-ins may have wait times of up to an hour and can be located in inconvenient and sketchy areas, particularly if the patient has stumbled upon a ‘bargain 420 clinic’ which offers cheaper rates for temporary recommendations.

For new patients who are seeking relief but have never been exposed to medical marijuana, this entire process can be an uncomfortable one. Finding a reputable doctor requires research, and a new patient must be aware of sketchy doctors who are selling licenses, have hidden fees or do not appear to be interested in performing an accurate evaluation.

During a 420 evaluation like the one you’d find online through NuggMD, a reputable doctor takes an assessment of the patient’s health concerns and if approved, gives a written or verbal recommendation which makes the patient legally eligible to obtain medical marijuana. In California, a doctor’s recommendation is all that is needed, however, obtaining a state-authorized medical marijuana card (MMJ card) is recommended when one is traveling or as official proof of legality for law enforcement. An MMJ recommendation should last for one full year and will be verifiable online or by phone.

How to Purchase Medical Cannabis With Your Recommendation

How to Obtain Medical Marijuana CardBeyond obtaining one’s card, the purchasing of cannabis must take place at a licensed dispensary. Not every shop that labels themselves as a dispensary is compliant and purchasing from a shady shop can pose legal risks to their patrons as well. Much like searching for a legitimate medical marijuana doctor, it is important to ensure that the proper research is performed. Medical marijuana dispensaries in California must adhere to tight regulations to remain compliant. Their quality of cannabis, location, as well as their understanding of which products are best for certain conditions are all important factors when deciding where to make those purchases.

New patients are often intimidated by this process due to the overwhelming number of scams and fraudulent activities that tend to surround many 420 offices and so-called dispensaries. As many of them are shut down and or moved to different areas, conducting research and traveling to such offices are incredibly inconvenient, particularly for elderly patients, or those suffering from chronic pain or other ailments. Which leaves many patients wondering how to get a medical marijuana card to safely and legally online?

After all, technological advances have made it easier to do everything from shopping for items to grocery ordering and delivery. Many reputable doctor’s offices are now converting their paperwork to online databases which have allowed patients to easily fill out necessary forms before arriving to appointments, which minimizes paperwork and streamlines the process. However, options to obtain medical marijuana and official cards online have traditionally been both limited and expensive. Furthermore, most of these sites tend to offer very limited information on where it is safe to even purchase medical marijuana.

In response, NuggMD is offering an innovative, convenient, safe and legal option to obtain medical marijuana card evaluations online which will give new patients an increased sense of privacy and expedience in receiving fast relief. Thanks to NuggMD, licensed medical marijuana doctors in the state of California can now evaluate patients and give fast medical marijuana recommendations online. It is a quick, simple and affordable option for patients who are unable to or are generally uncomfortable visiting with a 420 doctor in person.

How Does an Online 420 Evaluation Work?

MMJ Doctor OnlineEasily accessible using an electronic device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone, NuggMD users can create a profile by entering their personal information, along with their health information for review. For those concerned about providing their private information online, NuggMD ensures the safety of all patients’ personal and health information through their secured HIPPA compliant database to maintain strict confidentiality and privacy. Qualified patients spend 10 to 15 minutes speaking with a licensed doctor via video chat who will determine whether a patient is approved.

It’s that simple! If there are general questions regarding the use of medical marijuana or about the process itself prior to getting started, instead conducting research online or consulting with doctors from various offices, specialists are available via live chat directly on NuggMD’s website and can assist new patients through the process.

Upon approval, NuggMD members pay an affordable $30 fee for their evaluation with an additional $9 to receive their official medical marijuana card by mail. All payments are also securely arranged through NuggMD’s website, which allows another level of ease and convenience.

After a patient has received their medical marijuana card online, there are no inconvenient wait times as approved patients are able to legally obtain medical marijuana instantly. As far as access to dispensaries go, NuggMD also has that covered. Their database allows patients to locate licensed dispensaries in their area. Each listed dispensary is rated by customers based on quality and service, making it easy for new patients to get access to medical marijuana right away. Orders can be completed directly through the site, connecting patients with medical marijuana and additional products for use. NuggMD’s comprehensive database makes it simple to reorder products and renew an expired medical marijuana card without ever having to leave home, saving its users tons of valuable time.

Finding a licensed medical marijuana doctor online is now easier and safer than ever before, and for any patient looking for a convenient way to get quick access to pharmacy-grade cannabis online, NuggMD has provided a groundbreaking way to do just that.

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