The One Hitter: What is it? And Why You Need One Now

one hitterWhat is a one hitter? If you are a stoner you most likely know the answer to this question. Actually, if you are a stoner you might need a refresher course just like anybody else new to the marijuana scene. A one hitter has nothing to do with baseball. A one hitter is a device used by stoners while smoking marijuana on the go and/or on the sly. Most stoners have a version of a one hitter in their glove compartment box or accessory drawer next to the bed.

I know since the age of vape it’s hard to remember why would we need a one hitter? The answer is simple, batteries die and vape can be unreliable. Flowers and one hitters are a guaranteed high and resource. I love my vape pen, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I crave the day without batteries blinking dry and me searching for the vape pen everyday as if we were playing hide and go seek. If you are a fan of the vape pen you know you have lost days looking for misplaced pens. And, I am sure you have had days when you need to medicate to have your battery die, and your backup battery can’t be found, and then your backup, only use if in a crisis battery dies leaving you with zero batteries. It happens to all vape users, batteries die when you want and need them the most and our pens go walking when we are not looking. One hitters, however, are a constant and proactive way to insure you are always prepared to get stoned.

cigarette one hitter in useThe big beginning

The classic cigarette one hitter started it all. Way back in the day, I mean way back before there was such a thing as the vape pen and the coveted cartridge, stoners were limited to flower only. And, we only had a few ways of consuming the flower. The cigarette one hitter was one of the first one hitters ever. The horror, I know, there was once a time when you only had flower and if you didn’t want to carry your dirty soda can of a pipe the one hitter was your only option. And, what better way to look like you are not smoking weed than to look like you are smoking a cigarette instead?

The faux look alike cigarettes were available at most gas stations and head shops. The design was pretty basic, a hollowed out porcelain and/or metal tubing capable of holding a pinch of weed. They often filled a need, but like any device in the beginning stages, the OG one hitter was a bit flawed.

The early one hitters were not easy to fill. Weed got everywhere and was tricky to insert into those tiny little holes. Plus, they would get clogged after every use then burn hot. You have to be careful after lighting an OG one hitter not to get burned. It was like an old car lighter afterwards and could easily leave a scar. The tools one used to have to use to get stoned were really quite archaic and you had to live it to totally understand it.

Now the market is inundated with tools and accessories ready to help get THC and CBD into your system. Everybody is smoking herb and the choices are overwhelming. How does one know which one hitter is the best?

One Hitter pipe with weedOne hit 101

When it comes to the one hitter they can be broken up into three different categories. You have your ceramic type, your metal type, your glass type and then you have variations of all three types combined together. When it comes to choosing which one hitter is right for you want to focus on how much do you want to spend first. This will determine pretty quick where you are going to go. After deciding if you want to spend $10 or $30 think about what is most important to you, flavor, durability, or convenience?

Glass one hitters
If you want flavor and don’t want to spend a lot of money you are going to want to go with glass. Glass is always going to give you the best flavor and will always be the biggest pain in the butt to clean. Not to mention the whole breakable thing. But, that’s okay, if you just want a clean flavorful hit on the go, the Kleen Hit, is all for you. They cost around $10 for 3 and they are a pretty sound product. The all quartz design provides more flavor than a plastic, metal or even wooden one hitter. The flat wide mouthpiece functions to cool the smoke a little before it reaches you.

But, they’re made of quartz that will break if you drop it on any hard surface. Probably not safe to just carry in your pocket either. You may need a dug out or case if you want to keep this thing in your pocket or in a bag while you’re mobile.

Metal one hitters
In you want something more durable try the Budbat. It holds a little more than your average one-hitter with a couple of cool features. The nine-hole flame entry makes it easy to light only part of your weed instead of all of it like most other one-hitters. If you’re not trying to conserve the nine-holes increase burning capacity so you can torch it all in one hit. Price is kinda high around $30, but it is made from durable metal so it won’t break easily like glass. Detachable parts make it easy to clean. There is an extra air flow hole for smoother pulls. The fact that the flame is prevented from directly touching the herbs makes the hits less harsh.

Metal meets Glass One Hitter
The guys at Pyptek have used their exoskeleton technology to bring us one of the best one-hitters of 2017. It’s a little pricey for a one hitter, but if you want durability and flavor this may be the toy for you. The metal armor makes the piece nearly indestructible, and the glass gives superior flavor to your favorite strain. It’s a little bulkier than your typical one-hitter because of the metal body armor, but worth it if you like to one hit.

Digger one hitterDigger one hitter
If you are looking for durability, fast and dirty response time you need look no further than the ‘Digger’. As you may have guessed, it digs a bit, but does much, much more. In fact, ‘The Digger’ has a story behind it and this is a stoner story you are going to want to hear. The Digger was one of the first one hitters and Johnny B was one of the first to enter the market.

Jon Braveman aka “Johnny B” or “Johnny No-goo” as we call him is known in the marijuana world as the inventor of the Digger One Hitter and owner of the incredible NoGoo Nonstick Product brand. His story all started one fateful day in the early 2000’s when Johnny was toking it up on his glass one-hitter. He told the story to Cashinbis back in 2013. Johnny B said:

“I like to share that I accidentally stumbled into my dream job at exactly the right time. Years ago, after I had just sold my logistics company, I was sitting in my house in Maine, pondering my next move. I ended up dropping this little glass one-hitter and it chipped as a result. Normally that’s a bad thing, but in this case, it was right in the perfect spot and I noticed it then allowed me to cut through the cannabis much more efficiently than current flathead one-hitters. This made me think to add even more serrations.”

And, that is exactly what defines The Digger and makes it revolutionary, the special little serrations significantly reduce the amount of energy required to cut and tear through your herb. It is also acts as a grinder, pulverizing the leafy material making for a much better and smoother smoke.

Thank goodness for all you dabbers Johnny didn’t stop with just revolutionizing the one hitter world he then turned his focus to those who love concentrates. He saw the dispensaries were wasting lots of product in the glass jars and then came up with NoGoo.  It’s awesome nonstick silicone products like containers, dab mats, dab rigs and water pipes save the consumer and the dispensaries lots of product that was getting lost with glass. NoGoo is the dabbers Target for devices and accessories.

We could go on forever about products, weed, and Johnny B NoGoo, but suffice it to say the one hitter has its place in your accessory drawer and The Digger is a safe choice. One hitters have been around since the dawn of man, but The Digger and it’s serrations were a game changer in 2006 and there hasn’t been another device like it since.

Let us know what is your favorite one hitter?

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