Score 40% OFF a Hand-Crafted Double Tree Percolator Bong by UPC

UPC GLASS BONGHand-Crafted Double Tree Percolator Bong by UPC
Regularly: $100.00
SSL DOPE DEAL: $59.95*

Take life one hit at a time, man. One big, gigantic, enormous hit at a time with this bad-ass 16″ borosilicate beaker bong that’s hand blown in California by UPC Glass. It’s being brought to you by our buddies over at for the special SSL DOPE DEAL price of only $59.95 + $7.95 for shipping. Want specs? You got it:

  • Maker: UPC Glass
  • Height: 16″
  • Joint: 14.5 mm Joint
  • Precision Ice Pinch
  • 4.75″ Beaker Base
  • Double Tree Percolator with 8 arms
  • Hand crafted in California

Remember chemistry class? Remember using Bunson burners, beakers and shit all the while thinking about how cool it would be to transform all that scientific glass into water pipes? Well now you can have your very own beaker bong without any work—all you’ve gotta do is click to take advantage of this week’s exclusive Dope Deal. Don’t forget that there’s a limited number of these available. So get your Cali-made beaker bong before they sell out. Offer ends Monday June 6, 2016 at 4:20 West Coast time. MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD TO PURCHASE.

UPC Beaker BongNot feeling the beaker bong, dude? Looking for glass that’s a bit more heady? Don’t worry because Headshopheadquaters have got you covered. They’re from Spicewood, Texas just outside of Austin—the live music capital of the world and they know their glass. And they carry a ton of glass—everything from Burner Glassworks to ZOB—at excellent prices. The best part? They’re a small-family owned shop focused on delivering the best customer service possible rather than moving merch. Take a look at their killer selection and if you buy anything tell ’em we sent ya.

Beaker Bong*An additional $7.95 for shipping and handling will be charged. For refunds, returns and exchanges please contact Products will be mailed upon conclusion of each week-long flash sale.

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