Postman ‘Chuck the Sniffer’ Pleads Guilty to Theft of Mailed Pot Packages

Chuck the SnifferHow often have you mailed a gift package filled with west coast cannabis to a friend in Tulsa, Oklahoma or anywhere else for that matter, to have it go MIA after paying postage? Have you ever wondered or suspected your federal agent postal worker may be harboring and/or withholding your marijuana mail? Of course they are! If your packages have a scent and/or are labeled with green pot leaves you may be vulnerable to the post office stealing and then redistributing your medicine.

A US Postal Supervisor and another employee pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy as part of a plea agreement with Oklahoma prosecutors on Monday. The Tulsa World reports that 47-year-old Laura Mae Campbell pleaded guilty to conspiracy under a plea bargain. Her plea comes after her co-worker, Derek Miller, admitted in January to stealing drugs from packages since 2015.

A search warrant affidavit filed in the case indicated agents received a hotline tip suggesting Campbell and Miller, also known as “Chuck the Sniffer”, were stealing marijuana from rifled packages in Oklahoma.

The “Sniffer” was caught on tape taking packages from the daily mail stream to Campbell’s office. Tulsa World also reports, “Sniff” stated, “I was looking for high-grade marijuana mailed from a state on the west coast that I could remove and steal. Because it was difficult to do this in secret, I approached (Campbell) and asked her to assist for a share of the marijuana I found and removed from parcel.”

Campbell says she didn’t open any of the mail and was just playing lookout for her so called friend, “Sniff”. She said she received “whatever he would give me,” regarding the proceeds from the thefts.

Agents discovered more than 60 pounds of marijuana from Miller’s home and over 10 pounds of marijuana from Campbell’s residence, according to the court affidavit.

So, if you tried mailing any marijuana to Tulsa, Oklahoma between 2015 and the summer of 2017 and it went missing, you know where it went now. Be more cautious and use turkey basting bags. There are people with nicknames like  “Chuck the Sniffer” everywhere!


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