Pre-Royale ‘Royale G’ Grinder Review

Tired of carrying around an awkward, heavy, metallic, weed-grinding contraption that doesn’t fit in a pocket or a purse? Well, the PRE-ROYALE’S, ‘Royale G’ grinder is like the Gucci of grinders and separates itself from the competition with a dope design, a slick scooper, and removable mesh screens. 

First Impressions of the Royale G
The Royale G comes in a cool lil’ black box. And it opens to reveal two separate pieces—the grinder and a storage compartment. You can combine the storage compartment and the grinder or keep them separate. At first sight, you can tell this is not your typical grinder. The Royale G has splashes of gold in all the right places and feels very comfortable in the hand. Grinding the Royale G takes very little effort and the size of the herb grinds are quite even. This helps in producing a smooth burning blunt or joint.

The SCOOPER is a Serious Game Changer
Gotta say, my favorite part of this grinder is the scooper. Didn’t know I needed a scooper until now. Damn, now that I think about it—I’ve needed a scooper for the last 25 years. This thing’s a game changer. I can’t believe I have been smoking pot without it. No longer, this scooper is now a part of my daily cannabis consumption activities. Seriously, this very simple addition to the grinder made loading a bowl so much easier and efficient. No lost pot and no sticky fingers!

The Royale G doesn’t only have a great scooper. It also features a fantastic design that maximizes kief collection and removable stainless steel mesh screens to easily unclog kief built up over time. 

Our test unit came in the Diamond White color. Sorta had a silver look to it. Kinda dug it. The grinder is also available in a sleek black matte version which is really dope as well.

Final Thoughts
The Royale G grinder has got it all, it’s efficient, visually pleasing, and highly ergonomic feeling. What more could you ask for? This grinder is a definite statement piece and a nice addition to any stoner’s stash of accessories. Priced at just under $70, if you want to impress your pot-loving pals this thing should do the trick. 

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