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Chewy Grinder Review by Mat Lee
The Chewy Grinder is stuff stoners like. If you’ve been following my Instagram feed, or the new Hot Box live sessions on HotBox.Earth, you’ll have seen it. I did a quick unboxing and first look at the beginning of the week. Now that I’ve had more time to spend with it, I’m ready to share with you my full review.

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So, a while back my good friend sent me a link to a picture on Instagram of this crazy contraption that held your weed, but then at the push of a button whirred to life, spitting out a line of ground up flower all nice and neat. I couldn’t resist myself, so I sent them a message and a couple of weeks later we had ourselves a Chewy Grinder. Anyhow this thing is how to grind weed with the least amount of effort and the most amount of style.

First, let’s talk features and price. Right now, you can scoop the same plastic model I have for $50, or you can get the metal version for $100. They both hold up to two grams of herb, and run on a 9 volt battery. According to the website, you can get ten hours of use from one battery. I’ve been using mine all week, every time I smoke a spliff, which is about 50 times a day. Ok, it might not be that much, but it’s definitely a lot, and I haven’t had to change the battery yet.

The plastic is your basic run of the mill polycarbonate, and the blade is carbon steel. It’s also extremely sharp, so make sure you always use the tool and not your finger when messing around with the inside. The metal version of the Chewy Grinder is a machined aluminum body with the same blade and capacity. I did notice the plastic cover on mine start to crack a little bit, but not anything to worry about yet. Although I did get mine for free. If I had paid for it, I would definitely send it in for warranty once it breaks completely.

Chewy Weed Grinder

Chewy Grinder in Action

So how does the Chewy Grinder work? As you can see from the video, it works pretty damn good. It’s fun having something that grinds and spits out weed like a pepper grinder. You can put a dash of weed on your spaghetti, or your pipe bowl, on a spliff, or go all in on a joint. I also read somewhere that you can use it for other herbs, and even pepper. While I don’t recommend doing this if you are going to use it for cannabis afterward, it’s good to know that cool kitchen technology like this is making it’s way to the cannabis industry.

When the Chewy Grinder is brand new, it grinds through weed like a champ. But the more flower I ran through it, the more I noticed things start to get a little sticky. That’s definitely to be expected when dealing with cannabis, which is why they give you a handy cleaning guide video on their website. As long as you keep the Chewy Grinder fairly clean, you shouldn’t have any issues. You’ll also figure out how to work the buttons so you get a nice consistent grind. I like to give it a few seconds going each way, then tap it a bit. Repeat as needed.

Chewy Weed GrinderI also noticed that if you take care not to feed the Chewy Grinder fat buds with large stems, it works much better. That’s not a negative point at all, and the same exact thing I do with my normal hand powered grinder. I’m just not a fan of smoking stems I guess. I always cringe when I see someone take a bud and cram it into a bowl without taking the stem out. They just don’t taste that good, and while you are losing weight, you aren’t really losing much in the way of cannabinoid or terpene content. So de-stem that shit before you toss it in the Chewy Grinder.

Chewy Weed Grinder Final Thoughts

Overall this little pocket beast with teeth is stuff stoners like for sure. It’s way more low key than breaking out a grinder and pulling out a bag or jar of weed to get a spliff or joint twisted up. Preload your herb and toss the Chewy Grinder in your pocket and you’ll be ready to twist one up no matter where you might find yourself.

For stoner stuff to uhm, I mean Stuff Stoners Like, I’m Mat Lee.

3 Responses to “Chewy Grinder Review”

  1. Forcebewithyou

    After a month with the Chewy grinder I would say pass on buying. It clogs up constantly and doesn’t fully grind a load of product. Also the cost of the chewy is outrageous.
    Plus there’s no way to review the Chewy on the manufacturers website so the company’s transparency us questionable

  2. Carl

    I was disappointed that the Chewy kept clogging up, but the company sent out a video to registered users showing how to clean and lubricate (very important) with a swab and coconut oil. Now it works like a champ. The coconut oil seems to make the metal repel the finely ground herb, and lubricating all the working parts, including the little web strap, has my CHewy running great. Just clean it regularly

  3. Mat Lee

    I agree on the cleaning, and I’ve made a video about how to do that. I also just broke mine the other day, so I’m not sure if it was the coconut oil that did something to the glue on the strap, but the strap came undone and sent the spring and pushblock flying. I’m waiting on a metal replacement so I can shoot some more footage. I’ll say this, after using it for as long as I did, it spoiled me. Having to grind weed by hand is kind of bullshit now lol.

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