Puffco Peak Pro 3d Chamber Review

Tom Hunters,

Review by: Thom Hunters
When the Puffco Peak Pro arrived on the scene it answered many questions left by its predecessor the Puffco Peak, giving the Puffco fam base a smoking device that could handle everyday use, is sleek and took the concentrate world by storm replacing everyday pieces with this sleek low profile sophisticated piece of technology. But could this second generation work even better? Welcome the 3D chamber.

The updated 3d chamber claims faster heating times, better airflow and more flavorful terpene profiles. Is it worth the $100 investment? YOUR friendly neighborhood reviewer gives it a resounding YES!

The bowl heats up roughly 33% faster than the original, which translates into longer battery life and efficiency when it comes to materials. I was able to clear a bowl in 3 cycles whereas it took 4-5 with the OEM chamber. As far as flavor is concerned, the 3D chamber seems to elevate the terpene profiles masking for a nice blast of terps in every bowl. Lastly (but certainly not least) I have found the 3D chamber easier to clean than the original. A few turns  with a cotton swab seems to do the trick. In case of stubborn stains, removing the chamber and soaking in 99%  isopropyl alcohol.

SO I’m sure you’re asking the same question in your heads as I am. Is it worth it? If extracts are your thing (like ‘ol Tommy here) the answer is yes. You will make back the investment within your first year, and just being able to really rip it makes it all worth the hundred dollars. Do what you have to tp save the hundo and get yourself a 3D chamber. 
-Tell them Tommy sent you😊

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