Qcarbo16—Does This Detox Drink Really Work to Pass a Drug Test?

qcarbo16 Qccarbo16 could possibly help you pass a drug test. There are many detox drinks on the market, including Qcarbo16, that claim to help people pass a drug test by flushing out toxins from the body. Sometimes referred to as Qcarbo16 Detox it’s the little brother to Qcarbo32 which is also used to help people pass a drug test. We have a friend who used it to actually pass her piss test once. She’s not a huge pot-smoker even though she’s a touring musician. This is probably one of the reasons why she passed her piss test with this stuff because she may not have had a ton of THC built up in her system. So she probably would have passed her test with Herbal Clean Qcarbo16 which is just 16 ounces rather than 32 ounces. She might have also passed it without anything. Who knows because she doesn’t smoke a ton? Anyhow you can score Qcarbo16 on Amazon for about 14 bucks. If you’re a light smoker continue reading because this product might just be perfect for you.

If you’re a heavy smoker and you have a drug test coming up in the near future we recommend synthetic urine. Our favorite brand is Sub-Solution because it comes with an easy-to-use warming powder. We can’t begin to tell you how many times people have failed their drug test because they handed over a sample of cold urine. Piss exits your body at about 98 degrees so handing over cold piss is a dead giveaway that you’re cheating. Do this and you’ll immediately fail your drug test. Anyhow if you’re even remotely interested in using fake pee we suggest going with one that includes a warming powder so you don’t have to rely on heating pads or hand warmers or anything like that. Okay so back to the question at hand; does Herbal Clean Qcarbo16 work for drug test?

Qcarbo16 does it work?

Does Qcarbo16 work to pass a piss test? Well the answer is yes—for some people. For some other? Not so much. The people that pass piss tests using this stuff are people like our friend we mentioned above—people who don’t smoke much weed and don’t have much weed to push through their system. According the manufacturers of Qcarbo16 say that their product is “specifically designed for those with medium toxin levels or smaller body mass.” They also go on to say that it will boost the body’s natural detoxification process. So this might be a perfect solution for someone who has a drug test looming in a couple weeks. It’s not for someone looking to pass one in twenty-four hours. We could definitely see how adding Qcarbo16 to a marijuana detox routine could work because it’s not only going to help flush your system with its “carefully selected herbs, extracts and minerals” aka proprietary stuff it’s also a diuretic so it’s going to make you pee.

This peeing a lot thing is kinda key. Let’s quickly talk about this so that you have an understand at what’s at play here when you use a product liek this. This way you might better realize whether or not t this stuff is going to work for you and your specific situation. You may also find other products that might work just as well. Keep in mind that things like cranberry juice and coffee are both diuretics. Now if you remember back to science class a diuretic is any substance that promotes diuresis or the increased production of urine. So like we said liquids like coffee and cranberry juice will do this. Nice thing about cranberry juice is that it’s cheap, easily available and contains a lot of detoxifying properties. If you’re interested here’s how to use cranberry juice to pass a drug test.

Anyhow the point about diuretics is that they also make you want to drink more fluids. So as you eliminate fluids from your body—literally pissing out THC-laden urine—you’ll naturally want to replace them. You can replace those fluids with more cleaning diuretics. Now that’s basically how to use Qcarbo16 to pass a drug test. So we suggest that you use it in addition to a detox program over a group of days.

If you’re down with the program of detoxing marijuana you’ve got to consider your time frame. If you smoke a lot of weed it’s going to take you at least a month to get rid of all that thc in your system if you were to stop today. But if you stop smoking weed right now, take a supplement like Qcarbo16 and add to some exercise and some healthy eating as well as a ton of cranberry juice and water plus detox pills you can really cut down the time it’ll take to pass a drug test. You can read more about the best detoxing for thc if you’re so inclined, but the point is that drinking Qcarbo16 before drug test probably won’t help you pass a drug test if you’re a serious stoner. But it is something to keep in your drug test war chest. However if you follow the Qcarbo16 instructions and incorporate it into a detox program—at least three days—we could see how it would help.

Qcarbo16 instructions  
Speaking of the Qcarbo16 drug test instructions let’s just quickly go over them? According to their website you’ll want to shake the bottle really well of course and then drink the entire contents of the bottle. Next you’ll refill that same bottle with water and drink that entire bottle at a comfortable pace they say. They also say that drinking more water can be helpful. So we encourage you to drink a lot more water too. This will help flush your system. Don’t overdo it though. Unlike marijuana you can overdose and die from too much water. So be careful—we’ve heard of people dying from overdosing on water as a result of radio station contests. You’re not trying to die, dude. You’re just trying to pass a piss test. Oh and the last part of the Qcarbo16 directions is to urinate frequently. Like we said pissing a lot will only expedite your body’s natural elimination process so that you can quickly say bye bye to that THC that could be holding you back from your next job or whatever.

So just make sure to read and follow the directions on the bottle so you know exactly what you’re doing and stuff. Don’t rely on this product alone to help you pass a sudden drug test unless you’re a lightweight and super part time smoker. It makes sense, right? Because thc is primarily stored in fat cells if you smoke a lot of pot and if you are a big person—you’ll have a lot more thc in your body. So this might be one reason why this product is not right for you. Of course there are a ton of products that are made just for you. And we’ve probably covered them all. We’ll drop a few below so stay tuned.

For a really great break down on all of the products and methods available to beat a drug test you should check out our post on how to pass a drug test. This not only covers all the various products you can take it also discusses other drug tests that you might face. We’re talking about the hair drug test, the mouth swab drug test aka the spit drug test and we’ve also covered how to pass a blood drug test. However if you’re going to get one of those you’re chances of beating it are slim, dude. Plus you’re probably in some serious trouble. So good luck with that. =)

If this Qcarbo product isn’t right for you then let us now suggest some alternate routes. You can temporarily flush your system using some other drinks or pills. There are drink available that work as fast as thirty minutes and will keep your system clean of any marijuana metabolites long enough for you to pass a drug test. We’ve written about these guys before and recommend Rescue Cleanse 32oz. If that sounds like too much liquid to consume we suggest the one shot concentrate. Now don’t confuse these things with Qcarbo. Those are meant to be used right before a drug test to temporarily rid your system of toxins like THC. The Qcarbo line of products are meant as longer-term detoxifying solutions. So make sure that if you go ahead and buy them that you understand what you’re getting. Be patient.

herbal clean qcarbo16

Online reviews

Since this stuff is so popular and there are so many Qcarbo16 reviews online we decided to do a little research. Crowd-sourcing is a great way to understand whether or not a products works. It’s great for buying decisions like this. Lots of people have left comments on our site regarding a breadth of drug test products that we’ve covered. Those are probably the most valuable thing we offer when it comes to helping people solve their drug test issues. They are honest to goodness reviews that you can trust because they’re left by ordinary stoners just like you.

Anyhow according to Amazon 57% of the people who purchased Qcarbo 16 from their website left a 5 star review. Four, three and two star reviews were left by just a small amount of people. We’re talking 6, 5 and 5 percent respectively. And of course 27 percent of the folks who’ve left a review have given this stuff a single star rating—meaning it sucked. So more than half of the people who purchased this stuff gave it a successful review. You can see what that top review said about it in the graphic we provided above.

So this stuff works a majority of the time—according to these folks from Amazon. It also fails a bit more than a quarter of the time. So if you’ve tried this stuff please let us know how it worked out for you in the comment section below. You can see how valuable your opinion is to us as well as the cannabis community at large. Let us know if it worked?

So according to reviews on Amazon.com more often than not this product seemed to work for the person reviewing it. Keep in mind that it’s intended for lightweights and light-smokers and that it’s not guaranteed. At least according to the largest online retailer this stuff failed more than 25 percent of the time. That’s why we always suggest synthetic urine. That stuff’s foolproof. It works every time.

But how did this Qcarbo stuff rate on other websites? We found a few reviews on marijuana.com where people said that this stuff worked for them but they used them in combination with a detox program. One person drank this stuff in addition to a ton of cranberry juice over several days and was able to successfully pass a piss test. See what did we tell you about cranberry juice, dude?

We also found a thread about this stuff on the 420magazine website in their 420 drug testing section. We’ve basically already covered everything that was said in the thread about using this stuff to pass a piss test. It takes time, it’s for people who don’t have a lot of weed in their system, it’s a great addition to an established cleansing program—you get the drift. It’s literally for lightweights.

Of course we found a few people who said that this stuff didn’t work for them. There were a couple Qcarbo16 Mega Strength Cleansing Formula reviews on Amazon that said the same thing—it didn’t work. Why? Basically because these guys took it right before a drug test thinking that it was going to work. Like we said this stuff isn’t really a same day detox drink—it takes a bit more time for this stuff to work. We also suspect that these people also had a lot of drugs in their system. And not all of it was weed probably. Lots of people are tested and then subsequently busted for things like opioids. With the raging opioid epidemic and our leader’s inability to see that marijuana is a better alternative to treating pain than opioids it’s no surprise, right? We blame big pharma for the problem. But we digress. Let’s save that discussion for another day, eh?

Ensure Qcarbo 16 works

So here’s one way to know for sure if Qcarbo16 works. Get yourself a home drug test, drink some Qcarbo and then test yourself. Seriously though. Go online or run on over to the drug store and grab a home drug test kit and test yourself. You might be able to pass a piss test right now and not have to do a damn thing. So if you’re not a huge stoner grab yourself a test. Even if you are a super stoner testing yourself is one great way to know for sure whether or not you’ll pass your piss test. Using fake pee? Test it first. Clean pee? Test it first. Going the detox pill route? Test yourself to see if you’ll pass your test first. This way you can walk into the drug test lab with the confidence knowing that you’ll pass. Confidence is huge, man. Drug testers are really looking for this above all else. It’s kind of easy to spot the guy who looks intimidated. It’s also easy to spot the dude or the woman who’s walking all funny because they’re trying to smuggle in some clean pee.

So in addition to testing yourself here’s another tip. If you’re going to smuggle anything anywhere—practice. Like they say, dude, practice makes perfect. Jimi Hendrix didn’t just pick up a guitar and start wailing away. He practiced his ass off first. Need help practicing your smuggling? Playmobil has a smuggling playset. We’re not kidding. We know this because we reviewed it. Anyhow practice smuggling your fake pee. Wear two pairs of tight underwear and slip your vial of fake piss in between ‘em and stroll around your house. Telling you, man. It pays to practice.

In the end we can say that this stuff Qcarb stuff works like it says. Well according to the interwebs that is. Also according to our buddy who used the sister product to pass a drug test. If you’re a small person and don’t have a lot of THC in your system and have some time to prepare you can most likely use this stuff to pass your drug test. It may even work that day. Who knows? However if you’re a chronic toker or a bigger person you might want to try something else. For you we would suggest something like fake or clean piss—you know like from a friend who doesn’t smoke pot.

So to recap this Qcarbo stuff works, yes. Your mileage may vary, however. Just make sure you follow the directions properly and know exactly how to use this stuff in combination with another detox regime if you give it a try. Also let us know if it worked for you in the comments below if you do. Danks.

Have you ever used Qcarbo16 to pass drug test? Please let us know, man. Give us your honest review in the comments section below. Your opinion is very valuable to an entire community. We want to collect as many Herbal Clean Qcarbo16 reviews below as we can get. They may help another stoner just like you land their dream job or whatever. And that’s total stuff stoners like. Sharing is caring, yo. Puff…puff…pass and be kind.

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