Stinger Drink Review

people smoking weedStinger Detox Does it Work?

Stinger drink aka Stinger Detox is today’s focus. Will it help you pass a piss test? Well get to that, but first a friend of ours recently came across the Singer Drink on Amazon. And she decided to put it to the test.

One of the things that we dig most is teaching people how to pass a drug test for marijuana and testing and reviewing products that help like detox drinks and stuff. Check out our latest on The Stuff Detox. Why? Because if these products work as they claim then they’ll most likely keep someone from losing their job or worse their freedom. Now that’s stuff stoners like. Like you’ll read below we recommend using synthetic urine to pass your drug test, Sub-Solution (with its warming powder) is definitely our favorite. But if you’re interested in learning more about the Stinger detox drink then please read on, dude.

Stinger drink 101

You can score a bottle of Stinger Detox on Amazon for about 12 bucks. And exactly half the people on Amazon who submitted a Stinger detox review thought it worked great. When our buddy drank the Stinger drink and then tested herself using a home drug test she passed. So does Stinger detox work to beat a piss test? We’d say yes. So like if your in a pinch and need to pass a piss test immediately and can find Stinger Detox at a store near you then go ahead and grab it. It’ll most likely will work as long as you follow the instructions on the bottle.

PRO TIP—Score a drug test for weed and test yourself prior to the big test to make sure you’ll pass using Stinger Detox.

According to the manufacturer Stinger 7 Day Detox removes all toxins from the body allowing people to not only pass a urine drug test, but also the dreaded saliva drug test and blood tests as well. (Check out this post if you’re looking for information on how to pass a hair drug test.) Most detox drinks for THC don’t fully cleanse the body of toxins. They work as a fact-acting flush giving you clean urine for a few hours. That’s just enough time to pass a urine drug test. However Stinger Detox works differently. It will completely rid your body of toxins if used correctly, however it takes a full seven days to do so—so keep that in mind.

stinger drinkStinger Total Detox

Weed, cocaine, nicotine, alcohol and methamphetamines leave traces of toxins in your hair, blood, urine and fat cells. The Stinger drink speeds up your body’s ability to remove those trace toxins but you have to follow the directions closely to ensure that it works. We’ve read many a Stinger Detox review that said it didn’t work. But we suspect people didn’t follow the directions exactly. Because our girl passed a piss test using it so we’re pretty convinced.

Stinger drink instructions

If you want the Stinger drink to work you’ve got to first stop taking any drugs for at least two days prior to starting the Stinger 7 day total detox program—maybe they should call it the Stinger 9 day total detox program, instead? Anyhow this includes no more weed, of course, but also prescription drugs and over the counter drugs as well. Now take one tablespoon of Stinger Detox in the morning and one in the evening before meals. You could take it with food to help eliminate the jittery feeling associated with caffeine or an upset stomach. Also you want and avoid fatty products like cheese as well. Sorry dude, no nachos and pizza for you. Then just make sure to repeat these steps for the next seven days and drink the rest of the Stinger drink left in the bottle on the last day. If you follow these simple steps while taking the Stinger drink your body will be completely and permanently free of toxins—until you indulge again.

stinger mouthwashStinger Mouthwash

There’s another product made by the same company that is supposed to help stoners pass a mouth swab drug test. You guessed, Stinger Mouthwash of course. It is said to eliminate traces of toxins in the saliva in about 30 minutes. Stinger mouthwash is also alcohol-free. We haven’t tested it so we don’t know how well Stinger mouthwash works. So if you’ve tried Stinger mouthwash to beat a saliva drug test, please let us know how it performed in the comment section below. We can recommend, Clear Choice Saliva Neutralizing Gum, though. We have a direct confirmation from two friends, as well as some comments on our site, that indicate it works. Costly as fuck but it works. Speaking of stuff that works, let’s talk about synthetic urine really quick because it’s definitely the easiest and most surefire way to pass a piss test.

Best way to pass a drug test

We always recommend using synthetic urine to pass a urine drug test. It’s the best way to pass because it consistenly works. You might think synthetic urine, or fake urine, fake piss, fake pee whatever you want to call it is gross. But clean pee is what’s gross. Fake pee, not so much. It’s toxin free and no matter how much asparagus you it it’ll never smell. Anyhow it’s what drug test labs use to calibrate their equipment so you know it works. if you’re worried about synthetic urine being detected as synthetic, it won’t happen if you purchase a quality product like Sub-Solution. It’s undetectable. We’ve used it ourselves many times. It’s bad-ass because it comes with heating powder to warm it up in seconds and a 200% money back guarantee! Anyhow good luck on your test, man.

Have you tried the Stingers drink to pass a piss test? How about Stinger mouthwash? Leave us your stinger detox review  in the comments section below…

16 Responses to “Stinger Drink Review”

  1. Anonymous

    My husband used the stinger 5x for probationary drug test and failed at home with the home drug test60 mins later. He later that day pee’d clean for his probationary drug test. I believe he took the home test to soon. He followed directions and peed four times before taking the actual test.


    Funny how you say to stop taking prescription medications…

  3. Britney

    does anyone know if alcohol affects th detoxification process i quit using marijuana a couple days before i started an drealized i need to be ore diligent about cheese, but i have been drinking alcohol mostly red wine. will it slow me down?

  4. Griffin

    I have a question I have a parole urine test coming up tomorrow and I haven’t smoked in about 20-23 days. When I did it was for about 2 to 3 days a couple grams of some high grade kush. Do I need to invest in some detox or should I be OK just pissing regular? Oh I should mention I am a big dude 275 to be exact.

  5. Curious

    Can I take The Cleaner 7 Day Women’s Formula, while taking Stinger 7 Day Total Detox? Will it affect the process?

  6. Jessica

    I been using it how it says on the bottle I smoked the day before think it will still work ?

  7. Anonymous

    Stinger does not work.. I followed directions, tested between the second and 4th hour of the duration.. I failed 3 hone drug test in a row… I do not smoke very much either.. do not waste time or money, it don’t work..

  8. charles crump

    am about to have a drug test, am I live ibn the state of Kentucky in which we have to do a drug test to see if we have thc or other drugs
    in our system. Was wondering if the stinger detox drink clears of all toxins in ur system what about pain pills, I take pain pills and have to have them in my system as that is what the drug test is for. I have to have it in my system as that is why am having the test. thanks for the info if anyone has it

  9. Lil_Mama

    I have used the Stinger 5x instant strength detox drink before and if you follow the instructions correctly by your 3rd or 4the pee after you should be clean.

  10. Nicole darein

    Will it hide opiates?

  11. Lauren

    I purchased the 7 day total detox drink, however, I take welbutrin for depression. Will my medication effect the process

  12. Bri

    I take tazadone and carbamazipine. Will that affect it cleaning the thc out of my system? Need an answer quick! Please help anyone!

  13. Andy

    Well i just got back from a lab test..and i tried the Stinger Detox 1 Hour Extra Strength.
    Honestly i was very skeptical of this product due to price of this cleaner.
    But this is was what i did me being a heavy smoker and drinker.stopped smoking 14 days prior to test.
    And my last 12 pack was dranked on a Sunday and stayed sober till the test on tuesday. Followed directions like the box said and did a few prayers.
    Got my results and Passed both test..but from here on out im not risking the chance of going to jail..But i would recommend this to those who are in need to pass.great product..100% guarantee..

  14. Mr. G

    Doesnt work save your money.

  15. Andy

    Yes it does work and this time i smoked the day before test and passed ..and now im off probation
    For those who keep failing sorry to hear that but will still recommended
    I also have papers to prove i passed..😊

  16. Su

    It did not work for me. Really need a job.

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