Four Reasons To Buy Glass From An Online Headshop

online headshopThe online headshop is SSL

Hitting up the headshop was a rite of passage. It was an adventure because you never really knew what you were going to find there. Anything from shrunken heads, to sex toys, to stoner paraphernalia. What they all had in common however was that immediate and familiar overwhelming stench of incense the second you stepped inside. You don’t get that with an online headshop. Not yet since smell-o-vision seems so far off. If you find the right place your glass will not only arrive in an nondescript package that doesn’t scream “hey everybody—i smoke weed” and your new piece will arrive in one piece. Nothing sucks more than having your new glass arrive in shards.


So our friends over at the Blazedup online headshop many not have a smelly store but they do provide one crucial thing that stoners like—convenience. You don’t have to go anywhere to score a new piece. Places like this have everything you need from glass chillums, glass water pipes, glass pipes and hand pipes.

Sure it takes longer for your new bubbler to arrive than it does for your pizza or your weed. Sorry if you live in an area where weed delivery isn’t a thing. You’re hella missing out, man. But you don’t even have to get up off the couch to order a new piece. What could be easier? Oh maybe having a curated monthly weed box arrive filled with 420 stuff so you don’t even have to think about. Hover some stoners have control issues and want to pick out their stuff themselves. Those are probably the same stoners that return your birthday present year after year.

Affordable prices

Stoners like expensive glass. What’s not to like when it comes to hand-crafted art. But for daily smoking an expensive piece is a liability. Like paper beats rock garage-floor beats expensive heady bong every time. So that’s where low-priced glass comes in. You don’t worry about breaking a bowl that cost less than ten bucks. What’s that about—the price of a gram of weed these days.

Just because prices are cheap doesn’t mean the glass is cheap. We put our boy Mat Lee to the test. No wait that came out wrong. Mat Lee put a low-cost quartz banger made from China up against a really expensive American made banger and guess what? These both hit equally well and lasted long enough that mat took like 75 hits off each one and there was no difference in taste in quality of clouds in stress to the glass, etc. So sometimes you get what you pay for—a decent piece of glass made overseas that’s going to last just as long as something three times its price.

online headhops changedHuge selection

Prefer to dab? Of course, man, we understand. You’re tot trying to let everyone in the immediate vicinity know that you’re smoking flowers, right? You could spend a ton of some expensive dab rigs and components like bangers and shit. And that’s cool. But for that daily use kind of stuff we recommend something that’s affordable so you can still afford to buy some good shatter once you’re pricey piece shatters. But you can’t always find a selection of affordable glass at the brick and mortar headshop—that’s why we really dig the online places. They have a huge selection.


Sometimes you just don’t want to have to leave the house and interact with another human. That’s fine, man we feel ya. The online headshop is the perfect solution, man. Because it’s nice to just sit behind the lap top or get on your phone during your lunch break and browse some bongs.

In a few days a new glass bong or crazy new electric dab rig will arrive at your door step in a box that looks like it could have come from any old store. Only you know that what’s waiting inside will get you super high.

Have you ever purchased glass from an online headship? What was your experience like? Did the piece arrive in once piece? What’d you get and who did you get it from? Let us know in the comments section below.

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