5 Best Glass Bongs On Thick Ass Glass Online Headshop

Thick Ass Glass Glass Bong Hero ImageTop 5 Glass Bongs On Thick Ass Glass

So you want some thick ass glass. Looking for the best online headshop? Maybe you’re looking for some cheap bongs online? There’s a ton of nice bongs for sale on the interwebs, but today we’re going to focus on the thick quality glass from the Thick Ass Glass online headshop. That’s right, they sell bongs online of good quality, and cheap glass bongs. Whatever you like, whatever the price, they have you covered—from the best weed accessorizes to the dopes dab accessories including one of the cool dab stick collections we’ve seen yet. Where are the best bongs online? Well one of our favories is ThickAssGlass dot com.

Here’s 5 of the best glass bongs and the best bong brands on the thick ass glass online headshop. Best bongs forever man. You may find some choices more appealing than others, and it definitely all depends on the style of perc and shape of the glass bongs that suit your fancy.

Thick Ass Glass Faberge KleinFaberge Klein 14 mm female joint
The first rig on TAG online head shop that caught my eye as I was browsing the online headshop looking for a bong for sale was the Faberge Klein. It’s a bit spendy, but there’s a version that comes in BluV, which I have a sweet spot for. The fab klein style is an epic classic, which makes this rig fantastic for a daily driver. Plus, did I mention it’s UV? Yeah, BluV.

Thick Ass Glass Double Netted DiscDouble Netted Disc to Spinning Splash Guard
I like this one in the Slyme version, and for the price you won’t find a better deal on any other online headshop. This beast of a bong is 17 inches with an 18 mm female joint, it would definitely be a fine addition to any quality glass bong collection. It’s thick glass, so you know it’ll hold up to all of your clumsy stoner friends handing the shit out of it. You can also hit me up if you need a heady UV 18 mm male bong bowl. I have a few from B-Hold Glass still in the collection. I’ve never taken bong rips out of a double netted disc but it looks like something that would diffuse the shit out of some water.

TAG 30 inch Beaker
Well it’s not exactly a beaker, but flask bong just doesn’t have the same ring to it now does it? But what it does have is 30 inches of holy shit I can’t believe I just took a bong rip through that thing. Being the fan of blue that I am, I’m showing you the blue label variant, but this 14 mm female joint frenzy is ready to get you and anyone else that comes within it’s reach fired up all day and night. Are these dab bongs? Is it a percolator bong? Yes and yes, it’s whatever you want it to be. It could be the headiest vase in your dorm if you want it to be. Whatever you decide, just know it’s going to be some thick glass.

Thick Ass Glass HMK Glass Mini BeakerHMK Glass Mini Beaker
Another cool style that is right up my alley. If I’m a fan of BluV, I’m a fanboy when it comes to opals. Crushed, set, encased, whatever. As long as they have the fire, I’m staring. This HMK quality glass is just under 9 inches with a 14 mm male joint and matching crushed opal bowl slide. Definitely a sexy smooth flower bong to add to the collection.

Thick Ass Glass Pulse Glass Limited Edition Dalay Dab DroidPulse Glass Limited Edition Galaxy Dab Droid
Probably my favorite piece in this set, and also probably because I’m such a geek. This rig stands just over 5 inches with a 14 mm female joint. It’s a 1 of 1 and comes with a male stopper for cleaning. The worked galaxy shit is some spacey looking glass, and if you have a chance to scoop one, I definitely recommend it.

ThickAssGlass also has an app for Android and iPhone. Both of which are stuff stoners like.

By Mat Lee

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