What’s the Best Online Headshop for Smoking Pieces, Dab Accessories?

online headshopBest Online Headshop to Buy Smoking Pieces and Dab Accessories

The search for the best online headshop is a never ending one. Ah the smell of wandering into a smoke shop or a head shop. Now we wander into a head shop online. They always seem to have that same incense stick smell. Back in the day, one had to hope the town they lived in had a head shop in it, or somewhere near it so people can get a pipe or bong to get their smoke on with. I remember using the hardware store when I was a kid to get the pipe fittings to assemble my first pipe. It was a right of passage of sorts. But in these wonderfully free and modern times we live in, we have the internet. On the internet, we have a vast plethora of choices where to get our smoking pieces and dab accessories.

Best Online Glass Shop

Find a glass shop online, and I’ll find you five more. There’s a lot of choices, almost too many when it comes to finding the best online headshop. If it’s a cheap online headshop, they are most likely reselling china glass, while some of them are just reselling glass from other sites. Some of the best online headshops will have actual relationships established with local artists and groups. It’s always best to support those online headshops, because they tend to support the artists more than the other online headshops.

There’s a lot of automated bullshit on the internet these days, from bots that write shitty articles to bots that crawl websites looking for amazon affiliate links to switch out when they duplicate the content. Lucky for you, you know us, and we know all about the internet, and the best online headshops. Here’s a few that offer various glass warez from various countries. For those who can’t afford the more expensive American made glass, the China stuff usually makes a decent substitute. It’s like riding a moped, as a backwoods gentleman once put it. It’s fun until your friends see you doing it.

So which smoke shop? So many smoke shops.

So in no particular order these are our top six favorite online smoke shops to buy bongs, score dab accessories or any cool smoking pieces that you may need:

Smoking Outlet Online Headshop

Smoking Outlet

SmokingOutlet.net is the Northwest’s largest online head shop and not only offers a ton of expertly manufactured products—were talking hand pipes, dab rigs, nectar collectors, to multi-chamber bongs—they’ve got the best prices online. Smoking Outlet features some really awesome American-made like stuff from glass makers like Illuminati, Lookah and Diamond Glass. They also offer weed grinders, scales and dab accessories. If you’re looking for for USA-made quality-glass these guys have you covered.

online headshop Grass CityGrasscity

Grasscity was started in 2000. they say on their site they take great pride in being the first online headshop in the world. I don’t really care enough, nor have the time to verify that, as I feel like everyone in this industry claims to be the first at everything, while they tote around equipment and ideas that have been busy at it cranking out the dollar bills in a myriad of other industries. I’m probably just jaded having been immersed in that nonsense for the last few years. Regardless, Grasscity has some cool shit at some damn low prices.

online headshop Smoke CartelSmoke Cartel

Smoke Cartel are purveyors of both American and China glass with headquarters and a brick and mortar shop in Savannah Georgia. They hit the game hard and have quite the selection to choose from. We’ve even reviewed a couple of their pieces. Check out the Sesh Supply Aphrodite and Sesh Supply Orpheus reviews here on SSL. I also like that they have a decent knowledge base that helps educate the customers a bit on the different styles they find on the site.

420 Science online headshop420 Science

420 Science is where I first saw the Stax gear at that I’m a fan of. Started back in 2004 when a dude stuck a logo on a jar then called it a 420 Jar. From there it continued to grow. You can read the full story here on their site. It’s actually pretty interesting. They, like some of the better online headshops that have bongs for sale online, have a passion for cannabis activism. All stuff stoners like. They have a huge selection of smoking pieces and dab accessories you can buy online. If I had to pick an online headshop, 420 Science is usually where I go first.

Aqualab Technologies

Aqualab Technologiesonline headshop Aqualab Technologies has just celebrated its 10th year helping medical and recreational weed smokers with what they need. Aqualab is the first place I started getting my healthstones from, and still remains to this day one of the best online headshops to get your dab  and weed accessories and heady smoking pieces from. A head shop for the heads if you will. A smoke shop for the smokey smileys.

The Dab Lab online headshopThe Dab Lab

The Dab Lab was my go to place to cop the good China bangers and a cool dab stick or two on the cheap. Now I just get them in bulk so I can share the disposables with my homies. But the Dab Lab still has a generous selection of decent price glass and quartz and such. Definitely check them out if you are looking for a headshop online that sells some real decent dab accessories.

By Mat Lee

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