Roy Jones vs Vladimir Putin to Bring Brittney Griner Back Home

By Thom Hunters—Former 4-time world championship boxer Roy Jones Jr. is currently working behind the scenes to free US WNBA Star Brittney Griner,  saying he’s willing to travel to Moscow to bring her home.

Jones says, “If [Brittney] was my daughter, I would want somebody to do the same thing for me.”

Griner has been held in a  Russian jail for around 4 months and could face a decade or more in prison because authorities at an airport near Moscow claim the star hooper attempted to bring hash oil into the country.

Jones  says there is a path to bringing Brittney home … via a “prisoner exchange”. He didn’t offer many details beyond that but does have a history with the leader of Russia.

Jones became a Russian citizen in 2015, with the help of Vladimir Putin.

There was just too much vagueness in his quotes to make it seem like something that would happen. It seems like a long shot but call me an eternal optimist that Roy can make this happen. He’s no stranger to miracles including working a draw against Mike Tyson in his last televised fight. 

Jones says  one of his buddies is very close to Putin.

“One of my guys is like — he’s the right-hand man to the office of Mr. Putin, so he’s high up on the political scheme. He’s a reporter and he usually does most of the reporting for Mr. Putin so he can go make direct contact with whoever necessary to help me.”

Griner deserves to come home, and how that happens probably doesn’t matter to her family because they want their child back in the states. It’s a sticky situation, but one to keep an eye on because if Jones can make it happen, he will be the Griner family’s hero.

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