Select ELITE Cannabis Oil Extract Vape Cartridge Review

Select Carts BuddhaVape cartridges are stuff stoners like. They’re as convenient and easy to use as they are potent. The problem is that many tasty funky. Some are a brash mix of various strains producing a muddle flavor and uneven effects. What’s worse? A lot contain a concentration of pesticides and various other chemicals used for growing as well as processing the flowers used in the product. Plus a lot of current vape cartridge manufacturers are utilizing thinning agents—some taste terrible like plastic or synthetics and some are a lot more harmful to the body than others. So with all the options available It’s really difficult to know who makes the most pure and potent product on the market. So who do we trust when it comes to vape carts? The answer for the last few months has been the Select Elite distillate line of vape carts that are flavored with nothing but all-natural, single-strain cannabis terpenes. They’re bursting with high-powered THC and intense flavor to stimulate your taste buds and your senses—so stuff stoners like.

Select ELITE carts are for the type of connoisseur that really appreciates a highly-refined, great-tasting product that’s super potent, absolutely contaminant-free and packed with flavor. Their top-shelf cart looks sophisticated because it is sophisticated. The Elite line incorporate a Japanese cotton wick that kicks ass all over anything silicone-based—not just for health but flavor reasons too. Plus this wick just seems to deliver a more superior hit than most vape pens you fill yourself—and we’ve tested a lot of them. Select’s carts never delivered a harsh hit. Total win.

PRO TIP—make sure to dry hit the Select cart a few times before installing them on the battery and puffing away. This will prime the cart and the organic cotton wick to ensure a solid and consistent hit as well as prolong the life of the cart.

Pen and OG KushSelect take their pesticide and contaminant-free product commitment very seriously. They pride themselves on sourcing only organically-produced cannabis grown by specialized growers. These unique farmers do not spray anything on their plants. No pesticides, no growth hormones, no funky fertilizers—nothing that will compromise the finished oil. Instead they use sophisticated integrated-pest-management techniques borrowed from time-tested agriculture practices. This allows these growers to prevent issues without nasty chemicals that stick on the plant and make their way into the product or damage the soil or water system. We’re talking techniques like leveraging companion plants and predatory bugs to thwart harmful pests and keep plants in harmony with nature. These growing technique lead to an all-natural, pesticide-free end product that’s nothing but cannabinoids and terpenes. Plus Select works closely with their processing lab to ensure very high standards. They actually test and finish each vape cart by hand to ensure quality before anything ever leaves the building.

Beginning with top-notch starting ingredients is what really gives Select carts a competitive edge in the end. You get top notch flavor with each hit. That’s because their terpenes are extracted via low heat and pressure to preserve flavor and integrity. Plus because the carts are filled with single strains the taste is super lush and unique to each plant—you get nothing be the true essence of cannabis flowers.

Blue Dream SelectSo far our favorite flavor has been Grand Daddy Purple. But if you love the flavors and aroma of good flowers you’ll definitely appreciate any of these since they’re flavored with nothing but terps. Plus they’re super potent. They clock in the 80 percent THC range on average. And because each strain contains a different array of terpenes that all have unique healing properties. This makes it easy to determine which remedy is best for your situation—whether you are looking for specific relief from some sort of ailment or just from a long day— and stick with it. That is if you live where these things are available—Oregon and California. Sorry rest of the world.

We’ve tried several of the different strains available including OG Kush, SFV OG, Green Crack, Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Durban Poison and loved each and every one. Like wallets, keys and cell phones—we don’t leave home without a Select cart. Oh yeah they come in .5 and full 1 gram sizes and run about 26 and 52 bucks respectively. A gram should last you about 150 six second hits according to the package. Totally worth it. We’re talking a super smooth luxurious inhale that’s clean, crisp full of flavor and very potent.

Pen and SFV OG KushWe’ve coupled our carts with Select’s standard 280mAh battery. It’s got no buttons. Just inhale like a joint and it turns on automagically. We can’t stress enough how much we love the simplicity of this model vape pen battery. Especially when we’re stoned. Select also carries high-grade batteries with more power. They offer a pro model that clocks in with 340mAh and an adjustable one that has 400mAh.

Bottom Line
If you’re looking for the most sophisticated top of the line vape cart—Select’s Elite distillate is your best choice. You can trust that it has no Propylene Glycol or other harmful propellants or pesticides. It’s completely contaminant free. Plus the cart contains no cheaply manufactured parts that’ll break down or contain chemicals that’ll leach into the concentrate. After several months of testing Select carts we’ve been consistently pleased with the potency, the flavor, the craftsmanship, the array of strains—the list goes on. Total stuff stoners like.

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  1. Warren Bobrow

    I absolutely agree about the Select Elite 510 Cartridges. They hit beautifully, have a deeply potent high and bring you towards enlightenment. I say towards- because only you can be enlightened. This is a marvelous way of taking that path. I tasted the Cherry Kush, brimming with ripe fruit, cedar, stone fruit jam and a richly potent stone. Then I tasted the Cookie Wreck, again- quality and great terpenes leading the charge into a highly introspective experience. The next cartridge was the Durban Poison. This stuff is definitely the sprawl offering notes of roasted stone fruit marmalade and cut tobacco on the finish. It’s gorgeous stuff and I cannot say enough about the high. It’s a beautiful experience- almost like taking a particularly good mushroom cap in Miami during Rum Fest- at the Broken Shaker- completely blotto.


    Select Elite 510 Cartridges, I have been faithful to this brand. the tast 4 I bought, One I took back, didn’t work right out of the box. I returned the same day. On Dec 4 2017 I bought two one Raspberry, and one Grape Ape. When I finished the Raspberry, I went to my Grape Ape. I have vaped less than 1/2 half of a 1 gram. Now it dosen’t work. I can’t exchange it, because they only take returns within 5 days.I bought them @ 1000 Obie St. Eugene Or (541)505-7275. I only make 1,342. After I pay my bills, I only have about 375.00, for food, and other expenses. I’m OCD, ADHD, PTSD, I had cancer I have a total hip replacement.I also have insomnia, Know I won;t be able to sleep. Please make this right.

  3. fuck corporate weed

    Fuck Select! You know what stoners like? Corporations not run by Rapists!

    or started by stealing money from old women!

  4. Jon

    The Elite Carts are much better vs the standard Selects. Much higher viscosity extract in the Elites

  5. Jon

    Black Lime Special is what I’m enjoying right now

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