Alchemy Vaporizer Pen Review

Vaporizer PenNew Take On The Old Vaporizer Pen

Dark Heart Nursery cornered the market. Now one of the most recognizable brands in Northern California and the revered suppliers of premium clones have launched a brand new product that takes a whole new approach to the vaporizer pen. And guess what—it’s not necessarily designed with the typical stoner in mind. Wha? Be patient, man. We’ll get to that.

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The new product is called Alchemy. The new approach? Combine cannabis with techniques gleaned from aromatherapy, herbalism and the culinary arts to deliver a full sensory experience—one that soothes, relaxes or inspires the inner you. And like we said, the target market ain’t stoners or cultivators. It’s over-worked soccer moms, the over 50 crowd, people who work more than 50 hours a week, etc. You know the kind of people who are too busy to realize that they need to smoke weed—er uhm…we mean that weed can help them relax or help them ignite a spark of creativity. A product like this is a nice mellow introduction to marijuana—like starting with a blended chocolate Frappuccino and working your way to jet black coffee with a couple extra shots. It’s also perfect for peeps who’ve long forgotten how wonderful weed could make them feel.

Vaporizer Pen from Dark Heart Alchemy
Vaporizer Pen and four flavors from Alchemy

There are four unique Alchemy flavors—Awaken, Relax, Inspire and Explore. Each contains cannabis and various terpenes like chamomile or citrus to deliver the experience they’re named after. They’ll apparently also boost physical, emotional and social well being as well. We’ll review each and every one of the new flavors soon. But first it all starts with The new Alchemy vaporizer pen starter pack. The packaging looks like something you’d find at a Whole Foods supermarket or in a Yoga studio. Instead of containing scented soap or some beauty product it’s filled with an easy-to-use vaporizer pen battery and a USB charger. Yep, you’ll have to buy the cannabis cartridge separately.

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The vaporizer pen battery wand is sleek, light and has a really cool etching on the silver cuff. It’ll intuitively shut-off after eight seconds to make sure the heating element doesn’t burn out—its red lights will twinkle right before the auto-shut off is activated. If the battery is depleted the LED lights will twinkle right as you inhale. That reminds us—there’s no button to press or accidentally switch on in your pocket. To activate the vape pen all you need to do is attach a cannabis cartridge and inhale. How easy is that?

How exactly do you install that cannabis cartridge onto the vaporizer pen? First remove the protective cover from the bottom of the cartridge. Pull off the one under the tip. Now thread that puppy right onto the pen and you’re good to go.

How’d it work? Flawlessly, man. We first charged up the vaporizer pen and then attached an Alchemy oil cartridge. The first hit was intense—tons of vapor. You might want to take little puffs to avoid burning your throat or coughing fits. Because it’s got 510 threading you can attach a competing cartridge as well and it’ll work like a charm. Stay tuned for upcoming reviews on those Alchemy flavors.

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2 Responses to “Alchemy Vaporizer Pen Review”

  1. Robin

    I purchased inspire and it has lasted me 5 weeks of smoking and only half gone. I love the mellow high. The fact that it does not smell like cannabis and has a wonderful flavor and is no muss no fuss. I have been smoking from it every day for 5 weeks and am just now just having to charge the cartridge. This is not for the smoker who wants a knock you out high but great for a mellow still get something done experience.

  2. Jeff

    Unfortunately, the pen has proved to not be too good. I’ve had two pens malfunction or crap out within a short period after purchasing. I’ve practiced the correct methods with it, but the battery fails pretty quickly.

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