Vaportech Trifecta Vape Pen Review

Vaportech Trifecta Vape PenVaporTech Trifecta 3-in-1 Vaporizer

The VaporTech Treifecta vape pen is pretty dope. Looking for a wax pen or a dry herb vaporizer and can’t choose among the two. Have no fear. This fancy li’l vape pen isn’t a one trick pony. She’ll vape different shit all day. The Trifecta can transform into thc e liquid pen, a dry herb vaporizer and a wax pen simply by swapping out the tip. Why choose why you can have all three, right? Is this the best vaporizer we’ve tried yet. Well…

Vaportech Trifecta Vape Pen
The Vaportech Trifecta Vape Pen can be used with eliquids, flowers and concentrates

The Trifecta vape pen starter kit includes:

  • VaporTech Trifecta Vape Pen
  • e-juice tip
  • flower tip
  • Concentrate tip
  • User manual
  • USB cable
  • Wall charger
  • Silicone concentrate container
  • Plastic mouthpieces
  • Stuff Stoners Like sticker
  • Stuff Stoners Like rolling papers

We gave one away. Check the video above. Like we said the VaporTech Trifecta Vape Pen is pretty dope. With it you can vape concentrates like shatter and wax and all the other popular shit as well as dry herbs and e-liquids. We don’t fuck with e-liquids so we don’t know what to tell you about that shit, but we don’t recommend using the dry herb tip. It’ll char your weed not really vaporize it. And it’s only good for a couple uses before it gets too gummed up to function.

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Anyhow, when it comes to concentrates this thing works great. It’s a lot like the PowerPen or the Kandy Pen and comes in similar colors. And performs just as well. Click the big button five times and this thing is ready to get stoned.

Visit for more detail and check these guys out on Facebook and Instagram for more information about this vape pen as well as all the others they’ve got available and tell ‘em StuffStonersLike sent ya.

27 Responses to “Vaportech Trifecta Vape Pen Review”

  1. Mikey A

    I want and need this pen because my dabber is about to go out, it lasts about 5 tokes, so it’s time for a new one. Please hook a fellow stoner up! Thanks!

  2. Kolby Daum

    I would love to get this vape pen because they are too expensive to get.. Especially this quality of vape pens. I would love to be able to show off my vape pen to all my friends and just have mever had or tried vaping.

  3. Tj Howard

    I would love to win this vape because it would get me feelin happy.

  4. Kristin greer

    Followed both . I’d love one of these to stay medicated because having two little ones at home having to go outside to smoke is sometimes a hassle . Quick and convenient

  5. Eric

    Damn i want this vape, its beautiful

  6. Danielle Hendrix

    Would love to try it! Thanks

  7. Erin Adams

    I really want a vape, i have Asthma so it would probably be healthier and smoother with a nice vape. I would buy a vape, I just dont have money

  8. Sara Garcia

    I really want this because it is really versatile!

  9. Wesley Benson

    I really want to win this because my friend has one and it is AWESOME

  10. sammy Lee

    I would really love to win this vape to give to my mom so she can medicate! Thanks for the chance!! I know my mom would love this!

  11. F Reed

    I’d like to try this
    I’d use this for pain management, and I’m on limited budget
    i’d be able to try various brands to find the right one

  12. Jade

    My vaporizers always break because I’m too poor to buy the quality ones

  13. Anonymous

    Great prize guys, I’d love too win so I can begin vapping. I heard it’d a much tastier way of smoking even though it’s not technically smoking haha. Anyways, good luck people. PEACE and may one lucky stoner win 😀

  14. Jason

    Shoot you forgot to add my email address and name whoops haha ^^^^ that’s mine haha DERP!!!!

  15. Yummerbunnu

    I need this because I’m the only person not using a vape pen. I fail as a stoner!

  16. Trblemker

    I need one because I’ve never had a vape pen!

  17. Katrina

    I would love to get a chance to win this vape pen because I’ve been trying to kick the habit of smoking cigs and I find vape pens have been the best way to help me out with that. Just haven’t been able to get my hands on one of my own.

  18. Trevor McCormick

    I need this pen because I can’t find a quality one that doesn’t break after two weeks, G pens are weak.

  19. Russell


  20. Earl

    Because it’s really nice

  21. Paul

    It looks like it works well

  22. Jim

    It would be healthier

  23. Robert

    Looks great!

  24. Rasta Serg'

    I’ve never had a vape pen…I would share it w/my stoners✌️Share the love please!

  25. Rebecca

    I really need this. My pen needs a new heating chamber and my mom just broke my sister’s bong (which I was borrowing). Now I’m scowering the internet trying to find a duplicate bong because it holds sentimental value to my sister; the guy who gave it to her says he made it but I know that’s bs. I’ve already found the same design just minus the lettering. It’s a 4+inch bong and has bold vertical lettering “420” on the neck. If you find it give me a heads up!
    I’ve had a rought day, lol, I could really use a pick me up. ✌

  26. Alicia Burns

    This pen would make it so easy to smoke concentrates, no need to worry about having a torch on you. Also really enjoy the quality of vaportech!!

  27. Janet

    I should win this dope vape pen because after so many broken low quality pens I need to be reminded how dope vaping is!

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