Sensi Seeds are Stuff Stoners Like

Sensi Seeds are stuff stoners like

Since long before the loosening of prohibition on this land of the free of ours, people have been searching out good top shelf seeds to start their cannabis crops. A lot of people often ask, where do you guys get your seeds from? Are they stuff stoners like?

You might not find the more mainstream brand name cannabis seeds like DNA genetics or TGA Seeds, and Sensi Seeds does more of their own seed and white label seed sales. That means they don’t sell any California or other state specific strains like you might find at places like Cali Connection, but you can find Sensi Seeds at Barneys Farm. But what they do have are damn good weed seeds with lots of helpful information at a good price.

amsterdam seedsAmsterdam Seeds

If you are looking for a place to buy dutch seeds, Sensi seeds is always at the top of the list. Ben Dronkers and his team there have a fantastic selection of seeds for every growing style. The 30 plus years of experience really show through. From beginner to what some would call the “Master Grower” level. Then again, any true weed farmer will tell you there’s no such thing as a master grower. That’s the ego playing tricks on you.

Ben Dronkers has an interesting story, which you can read here on the Sensi Seeds site. He worked on merchant ships back in the 60s. These ships sailed from his home in Rotterdam to all sorts of interesting and exotic locations. From there he tried to design and create his own clothing to sell in a shop he owned. He went to Turkey, Afghanistan, and Pakistan looking to purchase fabric, and that’s when he found hemp. The full story is definitely quite interesting and absolutely stuff stoners like, so make sure to check it out. Ben is quite the jet setter.

Amsterdam Seed Bank

You could also get some NL seeds from places like the Greenhouse seeds or scoop some other nice european bred and grown seeds from a place like Royal Queen Seeds, but if the OG Holland genetics is what you are looking for in the sensiseeds you purchase, then of course, Sensi Seeds is the spot to hit. You can also hit up places like Dinafem seeds, who sell seeds from all sorts of cannabis seed banks, including Sensi Seeds. It all comes down to what you want. Certain seed banks have certain genetics they work best with. These are all some serious seed banks and shops putting out some serious seeds. Seriously.

Sensi Seeds and the Sensi Seed Bank is a dutch seed bank has been around since the mid 80s, and is a full blown cannabis seed bank offering everything from gorilla seeds to amsterdam seeds to autoflower seeds. They are definitely a favorite dutch seed company out of all the amsterdam seed companies out there, and if seeds are what you need, Sensi Seeds USA is the place to be. They even have CBD products and other helpful information! If you have questions about cannabis growing, they also have a forum section full of great ganja growing info.

If you are in Holland, you can even stop by one of Sensi Seeds three brick and mortar locations. It’s like an actual Amsterdam seed bank stocked with the finest Amsterdam seeds. Find out more information on their site They are definitely stuff stoners like.

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