Smokin’ Slogans for Twitter Volume 2

stuff stoners like sex pistols never mind the bollocks coverIn no particular order, the MAKERS of STUFF STONERS LIKE present to you, Smokin’ Slogans for Twitter Volume 2.  Follow us at stoner_stuff dig?

1. We don’t just SMOKE WEED medicinally or recreationally…we SMOKE WEED PROFESSIONALLY

2. Smoking weed is a walk in the park…especially if you’re smoking weed while walking through a park

3. Marijuana will help remove that stick up your ass

4. Life is hard. It’s harder if you’re not stoned.

5. When the judge told us “You’ve all been brought here for smoking marijuana.” We told him, “Okay, let’s get started then!”

6. Marijuana is the key to unlocking your mind

7. Everything tastes better when you’re stoned. Except mayonnaise.

8. if it wasn’t for buying WEED…Americans wouldn’t know SHIT about the metric system…

9. He who laughs last is…probably the most stoned…

10. Against MARIJUANA? Don’t smoke it then. Also, shut the fuck up about it.

11. one good thing about having the reputation of being a STONER is that it’s pretty fucking easy to maintain

12. If you think cartoons are just for kids…you should really smoke more WEED

13. inhale marijuana…exhale stress

14. FACT: Kush means happiness in Hinduism.

15. If Snapple really was made from the best stuff on Earth…it sure the hell would contain a lot more WEED

16. Save the Earth…it’s probably like the only planet with WEED

17. We’re completely STONED and Windows 7 was our idea

18. couples who SMOKE WEED together…stay together

19. if you’re HIGH on life already…just imagine how you’d feel after a couple bong hits

20. Substitute WEED for booze

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  1. Mernahuana

    nice list! luh it. especially the professional line. keep on writing fueled by weed.

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