Spliff, Blunts, Joints What’s the Difference?

blunts and jointsSpliff, blunts, joints what’s the big diff?

Spliff, blunts, joints we love them all. And we’ll smoke ‘em all. But there is a difference between the three. So get stoned, make a sandwich and get ready for some insight into the world of blunts, joints, and the ever-popular spliff.

When it comes to a spliff, joints or blunts the difference mainly lies in their contents. Another key differentiator among a spliff, joints and blunt is the material used to roll ‘em. However location is extremely important. There are distinct global differences in terminology. A joint in Europe means something completely different than a joint here in the states. However, to put it bluntly, a blunt is a blunt no matter what continent you’re on. Confused? Don’t be, dude. We’ll straighten you out.

Let’s define these three ways to smoke weed, point out some key terms you should be aware of, talk a little about their differences and then learn how to craft ‘em. Ready? Let’s do this.

Shape your cone jointSpliff

You’ve heard Bob Marley and Peter Tosh talk about the spliff, right? But do you know what is a spliff exactly? A spliff can mean different things in different parts of the world. Here in the states as in Jamaica a spliff is a cannabis cigarette or just a large joint. In Europe a spliff is a combination of weed and tobacco. Actually sometimes you’ll hear the same concoction being called a spliff here in the states. So whatever.

Anyhow in Europe it’s more common to see marijuana mixed with tobacco. Why? Well because they have terrible taste. And because some say adding tobacco to weed and rolling it in a spliff cuts down on the smell of weed. We’re not talking a lot here but adding a strong scent of tobacco to your herb does add a layer of discretion. Also the high from a spliff is more mild because the tobacco displaces the wed meaning there’s less weed in it. Suffice to say that defining spliff is difficult. So if you come across one, just ask what’s in it before you take a hit. Problem solved.

Joints 101

What is a joint? Before we go there let us start by saying that joints are awesome. They are our favorite way to consume cannabis because they’re cheap and unless expensive glass bongs they don’t shatter when they hit the garage floor. Plus we sell the first and only rolling papers intended for weed use only. Okay so what are joints exactly? Joints are basically marijuana cigarettes, dude. Sometimes you’ll hear them called pre-rolls in dispensaries and sometimes you’ll hear rookies refer to them as weed joints but that’s just plain redundant and ridiculous.

We’ve got some great tutorials on how to roll joints. Read up on this post if you’re looking to learn how to roll a joint. Here’s how to roll a cone joint and here’s how to roll a cross joint. Start with rolling a basic joint, before you move on to those advanced shapes though.

PRO TIP: Get stoned before you roll a joint. That way you won’t be jonesing to smoke and your hands’ll probably shake less.

Stuff Stoners Like Rolling papers
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Rolling papers

Rolling papers are commonly made out of hemp, flax, rice, or other non-wood substances. We recommend stuff stoners like rolling papers. Our signature skins are the first rolling papers made for stoners by stoners. You can get two packs delivered to your door for $5. We’re talking free shipping, dude. We even toss in a free Stuff Stoners Like sticker in each order. Anyhow our papers are additive-free, unbleached and 100% organic and crafted from the finest pure hemp available on the planet. They’re so thin you can see right through ‘em making them slow burning and not too slick to roll. You know how Raw Rolling Papers will leave that dirty residue on your fingers after handling ’em? Stuff Stoners Like papers don’t do that. And because they’re made with an all-natural gum they don’t come unstuck like Raw’s either—even during the most hardcore sesh and no matter how hard your friends fumble the joint.

Joint roller

If you can’t roll joints well then hide your head in shame. Next grab a joint roller aka a rolling machine. Lots of stoners dig the raw rolling machine or the Zig Zag version. Don’t know how to use one you say? Okay here’s how to use a joint roller even though we hate ’em. Grind up your weed, open the joint roller and drop the weed onto the li’l plastic hammock looking thing. Now close the joint roller. Give the li’l hammock a gentle spin, not too much or you’ll pack the weed too tight and have a hard time drawing smoke through the joint. Insert your rolling paper between the rollers with the gummed side facing toward you. Now roll the paper towards you and stop when you can see the glue strip. Lick the strip and finish rolling. You’re done. That’s how to use a joint roller. Easy, right? Now throw that dumb rolling machine in the trash before someone sees you and start practicing rolling joints the right way, dude—it’s a skill all stoners should know.

ways to smoke weed_bluntWhat does blunt mean

If you’re wondering what is a blunt or what does blunt mean you’re either hella stoned or have been living under a rock. Blunts are the preferred method of cannabis consumption by all “Pimps”, “Playas”, “Macks”, and true “OG’s.” Blunts are super popular, suffice to say. So what is a blunt you ask? No, it’s not a hollowed-out cigar. The official definition of blunt? Blunts are basically a cigar that’s been gutted, filled with weed, then re-rolled. Speaking of cigar that’s why you’ll hear the terms backwoods blunt or backwood blunt because it’s rolled using the popular backwood stogie.

Blunt vs joint

Coke vs Pepsi. McDonalds vs Burger King. Blunt vs joint. You can’t have two similar thangs without people wondering which is better, right? That’s why we went to twitter with a series of joint vs blunt contests and twitter polls. Or was it blunts vs joints? Either way, dude, if there’s one thing we took away from our blunt vs joint twitter poll it was that a whole fuckin’ lot of our followers dig them blunts. One of ’em went so far as to dub the blunt, “heaven in the shape of a cigar.”

Anyhow when it comes to the blunt vs joint debate why did our readers prefer blunts? First off they claim that blunts are the only real way to smoke weed in public. Plus compared to joints blunts last longer, taste better, are easier to roll, give bigger hits, don’t go out as much as papers, they’re thicker, don’t run as much, they look tastier and they can contain much more herb than you can fit into a joint.

Rolling a blunt

Rolling a blunt either involves carefully hollowing out a cigar, filling it with weed and rerolling it or the purchase of a blunt wrap. Lots of companies have gotten in on the blunt game launching a bunch of flavored blunt wraps. These things make rolling a blunt a lot easier and a lot less wasteful. Plus like candy, they come in all different flavors; Mango, Peach, Strawberry, Grape, etc.

Smoking a blunt

The rapper Wiz Khalifa ho allegedly smokes $10,000 worth of weed a month, hates blunts nowadays. “I don’t smoke any blunts,” he told Complex mag. “I used to smoke blunts, but when you smoke the quality of weed that we smoke, you want to taste all that weed. You don’t want the blunt to get in the way. Plus blunts are real bad for you. They make your body ache, you be coughing up brown shit. I need my voice. I don’t want to have blunt damage.”

You think that’s harsh, Curren$y—who has sorta inspired this new-age blunt backlash, says FUCK BLUNTS! “Blunts make your back hurt and everything. Don’t shave years off your life with them blunts,” he has said.

Anyhow hopefully after reading all that shit you’re a bit more educated on the difference between a split, joints and blunts. Let us know which of the three is your favorite in the comments section below.

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