How To Smoke A Joint 101

how to smoke a jointHow to smoke a joint

For those of you asking about how to smoke a joint, or how to light a joint, or even the ever innocent broad encompassing question of how to smoke weed, don’t be discourage. The only dumb questions are the ones asked by marijuana prohibitionists. Anyhow some of you might be thinking, well duh, you put it in your mouth and light it. Sure that’s the short summary version. But if you really want to take your joint weed game to the next level, you’ll want to keep reading. Just sticking a jay in your mouth and lighting it will surely lead to a joint that doesn’t burn correctly. That’s definitely not stuff stoners like. So read up because it’s always important to know how to smoke properly—especially when smoking with others.

Smoking a joint

In order to know how do you smoke a joint, or how to smoke a joint properly as someone with proper English might say, we need to know what makes a good joint good and a shitty one, well… Not so good. The rolling papers, grinder, flower, crutches or tips, all have a say in how that joint is going to look, smoke, and taste. Not to mention the person doing the grinding and rolling.

weed jointMuch ado about a joint

So what’s the bad? Everything from runs to rips, to joints rolled so tight you can’t suck through them. Even joints with too much oil on them. They look good for pictures, but for real, if you want it to function and actually smoke without getting everyone who comes near it all sticky, put the oil on the inside, in between a padding of flower on top and bottom.

An improperly rolled joint can be a huge pain in the ass when you’re smoking joints, especially if you and your homies all put in on it, and that was the last of the weed. How do you start smoking joint now? Those of us in more cannabis friendly states need to remember that not everyone is in a state that let’s adults be adults when it comes to the choice of plant the citizens choose to use. It’s not always as easy as going down to your local medical cannabis or recreational cannabis shop and picking up some good weed. Let us never forget that.

Weed joint custody

A lot of people scan the internet for information on how to roll a tight joint. I hate to break it to you, but unless you mean tight in the metaphorical slang term, a tight joint isn’t really stuff stoners like. Especially if the weed joint marijuana isn’t all that dry, and a joint roller is used. You’ll end up making the joint too tight, in the physical sense, and will be literally unable to pull any smoke through it. So keep in mind that a tight joint isn’t always a tight joint. If someone told you it is, I feel like they were blowing joint smoke up your dress or something.

Do you need a filter for a joint when one is about to do some joint smoking? Not always, but I like to put one in. It gives the mouth end a little more rigidity so it holds up better when getting passed around, especially if someone ends up trying to suck off the joint. You know what I mean, when a joint is passed your way and the mouthpiece is all dripping wet and shit. Don’t do that. You aren’t giving the joint head, just put it near your mouth and take two, then pass that shit to the left hand side.

smoke jointSmoke Joint! Joints Weed Joint

I like to smoke joint each and every day, but I’m also a spliff guy. I know, hate on haters, but there’s nothing quite like a perfect spliff. Try to get the weed for your weed joint ground up as uniformly as possible. Any large chunks will create a run in the joint, which means part of the joint burns while the other part does not.

The more evenly the weed is ground up and distributed on the joint paper, the better it will burn. I like to start in the middle and work my way outward to either edges. I always put a crutch or tip in mine so I try and leave a little space where the mouthpiece will be. If you can’t roll a joint by hand you have two choice. Read our post on how to roll a joint or get yourself a joint roller. This is how I learned and over time your fingers will become accustomed to the joint rolling motion, and before you know it you’ll be ready to ditch the joint rolling training wheels and roll joints just like the rest of us.

how to light a jointHow to light a joint

Everyone has their own ritual when it comes to lighting a joint. There is no wrong way, unless of course you light the wrong end. But some ways are better than others. I like to hold the flame of the lighter about an inch or so away from the end of the joint I am about to light. I’ll roll the joint in between my fingers while the heat from the flame warms up the end.

When it’s time to actually put the flame to the joint and light it, this will allow for a more even cherry which will hopefully reduce any run that might start. So do that. Put the joint in your mouth, hold the flame to the tip and take a couple of quick puffs to get it started. Take two and pass that shit to the left hand side. Pretty soon you’ll be like me and smoke so many weed joints that it’ll become second nature.

Have any tips or tricks on how to smoke a joint? Let us know all about ’em in the comments section below. man.

By Mat Lee

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