How to Smoke a Blunt Properly

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How to smoke a blunt

With so many ways to get blazed these days, we sometimes forget about the old school roots of all this dope stoner engineering. I fondly remember the daze of smoking a blunt in the back alley behind class, then being all nervous as fuck that everyone was going to smell it on me. I probably should have just gone home. I was going to, but then I got high.

What is a blunt?

Besides the obvious definition of objects that aren’t that sharp, because they are blunt, allow me to put this bluntly. If you ask me what is a blunt, then I will tell you a blunt is basically a cigar filled with weed. See, back in the day we used to have to cut a cigar open and remove it’s guts in order to replace them with something a little more tasty. Like cannabis.

These days we have blunt wraps of every flavor and size imaginable, all vying to be the blunt wrap that gets your weed all wrapped up. It’s all the wrap, with none of that shitty gas station cigar “tobacco” they sweep off the floor and reconstitute. I’m a huge fan of smoking spliffs personally, and I don’t go near that shit. If you want a good spliff, my recommendation and daily is Peter Stokkebye Danish Export. You might like another tone of tobacco in your spliff, but for me, this is perfect.

So now you want to know how to make a blunt? I’ll tell you first off, you don’t make a blunt yo. You roll a blunt. Do you want to know how to roll a blunt? Well then keep reading.

How to roll a blunt

People ask a lot, dudes, how do you roll a blunt? I’m going to assume that you already have your blunt wrap ready to go. So you can decide if it’s just a wrap that needs weed added, or if you have to do a little cigar surgery and disembowel your wrap before it’s ready to use. You basically roll this just like you would a joint or a spliff, only bigger. You should also take care to keep the blunt wrap someone moist, if it’s the kind that tends to crack or split on you. If it does and you don’t want to start over, just use a little piece of rolling paper gum to seal up the weak spots.

Just like with a joint, once you put your cannabis in the blunt wrap, start at the middle and work your way to the outer edges while doing the classic rolling motions with your fingers. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should probably start with trying to figure out how to roll a joint before you move on to bigger fish like how to roll a blunt.

So we start in the middle of the blunt to make sure she doesn’t get too pregnant looking. This will also help to ensure a more balanced burn with less runs to deal with. Once you get the roll a nice consistency, just like you would with a joint, lick the top flap, then roll it over and let the saliva or water make the seal.

You’ll also want to cook the joint as soon as you finish licking it and sticking it. This will help seal the blunt so it doesn’t come apart in your hands, or whilst passing to the left. As with anything that involves hand eye coordination, practice makes perfect. The more you work on rolling a blunt, the better your blunt rolling skills will be.

Now you need to know how to light a blunt. It’s basically the same way I like to light a joint. By starting with the edges of the tip and the flame slightly further away, gently kissing at the edges of the blunt wrap. Once those are all smoldering red, then hit the flame to the tip, while slowly rolling the blunt in your fingers. This will help get a nice even burn with less chance of the dreaded run. That’s how you light a blunt. There are few things in life more enjoyable than a nicely rolled up blunt and a sunrise to watch while smoking it.

how to roll a bluntBlunt v joint

Do you go with a blunt or a joint? What’s the difference between joint and blunt? Or put differently, what’s the difference between blunt and joint? Personally, if you are looking for good info on how to smoke properly, you need to first consider a few things. How many people will be participating in this smoke sesh? Are they all down to smoke a blunt? Unlike smoking joints, blunts aren’t something that everyone enjoys. They can be a bit more harsh, and like I mentioned earlier, a bit harder to roll. But sometimes a joint just doesn’t cut it.

I would say a joint is good for single use, or for sharing with up to 3 or 4 people, depending on the size of the joint and how much these people smoke. But if you are talking 4 or more people who are all good with that blunt life, then obviously the blunt is the way to go. Set and setting should also be considered. You might not be able to get away with smoking a blunt where you otherwise could smoke a joint. It all depends on where you are and what the ruling governance says you are allowed to do there. I know right? I thought this was America too…

Blunts yo

So you want to know how to smoke a blunt for the first time? Perhaps you want to get some practice in before you go out blunt smoking with your friends. Blunt etiquette is also something that should be considered. Any time there is a meme made talking about something like this, it’s always wise to listen. How do you smoke a blunt? Meme’s will definitely tell you how not to smoke a blunt. Whenever you search for something like that, just put the word meme after the search, then look at the images. There’s so much information out there on how to roll blunt, and all the things to watch out for, I’m glad to be able to toss this info into the mix.

Memes are there to teach us important life lessons. So what can we learn from these memes? Passing a wet blunt is a huge faux pas. As is coughing your brains out in front of other people like it’s the first time you have ever smoked weed. But the main thing is the moisture level of the blunt. There’s also fun and creative blunts people have gotten really good at rolling. Blunts and joints in all shapes and sizes. I love stoners!

Unless you are dating the person who just passed you the blunt, or the person you are passing the blunt, chances are nobody involved in the blunt sesh wants anymore of the other person’s saliva on their lips than they have to. For some reason, that shit just creeps us out to no end.

bluntsHow much weed is in a blunt?

This is again going to depend on the person rolling it, and how much weed they have on hand. The more cannabis we stoners keep on us, the more we tend to smoke. It’s just one of those things. I do the same thing with Rockstar’s. I drink them like it’s my coffee in the morning and throughout the day. If I have to keep going to the gas station to buy a couple, I don’t drink near as many as if I had a whole case just sitting in my fridge.

I would say no less than a gram and no more than well… That depends how big your blunt wrap is. I’ve seen people stick together several blunt wraps to create something that resembled a paper towel. A blunt of that size and caliber will obviously require much more cannabis than your normal every day backwoods or swisher blunt.

What is a Swisher you ask? It’s just another kind of cheap gas station cigar or cigarillo that people like to use to roll blunts with. Just like Backwoods is a brand. This is a brand. If you want to know how to roll a swisher, it’s exactly the same way. Same with the raw blunts, or other types of smoking blunts. It’s just another way to make a weed cigar. If you want to know how to roll a perfect blunt, well then like I said before. Practice makes perfect, and perfect blunts are definitely stuff stoners like.


Do you know how to smoke a blunt properly? Give us all your blunt tips and tricks in the comment section below, man.

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