Stoners Like It Easy

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Man, if I wanted to work hard, I’d give up weed, piss clean, and sell my soul to The Man for a steady paycheck. And, that just ain’t happenin’ in this lifetime.

If you’ve been breaking your back with old fashioned cannabis seeds, it’s time to pick up a few of these new, easy-going automatic seeds so you can get back to enjoying the good life all laid back and mellow-like. I shit you not, dude – these things are so easy they practically do all the work for you.

Don’t tell me you ain’t heard about these new seeds! They’re like magic. You still have to put them in some dirt or hydro, but you don’t have to remember when you turned the lights on, when you turned the lights off, how long it’s been since you stuck ‘em in the dirt – none of that shit. You know – all that stuff you’d forget about anyways. Told ‘ya, man – this stuff was made for hardcore stoners just like us.

Wanna know the hardest part about these new high-tech marijuana seeds? Picking one out. It’s killer to even narrow it down to one brand. Just so you don’t have to strain your brain, I’m gonna make it easy for you and tell you what to get. Check this shit out!

I’m really digging Auto Seeds – you don’t even have to think about it to know exactly what they’re selling. Everything they have looks good, but if I had to go with just one, it’d be Purple Cheese. Check out that pic and tell me if you’ve ever seen anything hotter than that? If you wouldn’t sell what’s left of your soul for a little piece of that sweet bud, you better check your stoner card at the door and get your ass outta here.

And Purple Cheese ain’t just eye-candy. This babe gets right down to business with deep physical stones that’ll lock you to the couch & keep you there. Ya better pack a cooler & grab the extra-large bag of Cheetos before you toke this shit!

For you weed geeks out there, Purple Cheese is an Indica-dominant mix of Purple #1, Blue Cheese & Auto #1 with high THC & CBD levels (can you spell w-a-s-t-e-d?) and pretty good yields. At under 2 ½ feet tall, this shortie can easily fit on a balcony or even a small closet. And get this – you won’t be waiting around forever to try it out because Purple Cheese does her thing in 80 days or less total – that is NOT the finish time. If you’re not into this kinda thing, that’s smokin!

OK – so I like this one because the trippy colours, but the world is filling up with these autoflowering seeds. Before you know it, the entire planet’ll be weed-friendly and these little beauties’ll be the houseplant of the future.

Don’t harsh my buzz, man – it could happen! Just keep fighting the good fight & voting the good vote. And, in the meantime, be cool & puff, puff, pass.

Later, The Rhino

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